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Ayah Gabrielle

Ayah Gabrielle

Ayah Gabrielle

Im literally the girl whos on her room doing nothing but writing famfics and bloghing all night. The girl who hates the world.... no.... not really but i hate any of them.... Theyre crap!!!! Im alone so talk to me whenever you like!!! Read and rate my stories if u want.... Im a good friend so i want anyone to be my friend :D

Love you all!!!

I get lost on SLFL Manila so I don't see any of them.
Hahahaha, laugh at me.
I'm pathetic.

BTW I love green just like Michael and I'm obsessed with Cal and Mikeeyy
I just dont know why I am so...

if I can dye my hair it would be green of course.


Never Talk Back To A Gangster

Never Talk Back To A Gangster

R Romance Comedy Action

"My love is like the wind, you can't see it but can feel it."


10.0 4 Votes
Operation: Break Calum Hood's Heart

Operation: Break Calum Hood's Heart

PG-13 Romance Drama Teen

In the game called "LOVE" the first one who falls is the loser.


Completed ✓
9.0 12 Votes