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My Brother's Bandmates - Comments

TONS of school work, promise a double update tomor

Thanks for all the nice comments
I will update tomorrow

OMG I can't stop reading this!!

catchfire catchfire

Yes! Please keep zayn <3

Yes! Please keep zayn <3

I ship Harry and Emma. Why I don't know


i will in a little bit

Please update!

@StylesWife grow up

Where not going to check out your new story if you don't update.

when will you update?? so good!

I like that on the character list thing for Harry it says: has a couch for Emma.

Lol, I know it's a spelling error but it's still kinda funny, love the story btw

Just wanted to say I really like this story I have a story about Liam and Harry falling for the same girl it's called two directions check it out please x

Hey! Thanks for the shoutout! Your storiy is beautiful and your readers seem to be lovely, I hope they will have the great chance to read Badass soon!!!

hi mafee! its andrea bby I miss you! I was going to ask you if you could read my story that I am now working on please! just click on my name is the only story that will come out haha) ohhh btw uuupdateee!!! Text me!

Are you gonna update anytime soon??

Aww thanks that's so nice!! I will read your story!! Thank you again! Just for this comment I will update tomorrow