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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction) - Comments

Hey I have read your stories and subscribed to them and. Ang wait until they are updated. Hope everything is okay thanks


haha.. you took your time. It's not a crime :) I hope you are well :)

Am I 10 months too late? :( Don't hate me.

On it, love. :)

Please update this story. I need to get back to this.

Hey love, how are you doing? We miss you here.. :) (just saying haha)


I really like this fic please keep updating!!

Hey and hurray! You're back! You just made my day :) Thanks for the chapter!

hey! you are definitely right! It's been forever since your last update.. Your story is so so good! I like the main character.. strong, smart and not easily manupulated into being Harry's toy! The plot is complelling as well and I can't want to find out what is all behind Louis being so into Aria.. Well done, girl!
Wish you luck with your finals next week! Fingers crossed!
Happy Easter!

Thank you so much, love! <3 It's been forever since I got in the site. You have no idea how emotional and ecstatic your comment made me.:) I'm really grateful for the encouragement even though I do not deserve it. I'll try to update soon as I have my finals next week. I'm dying to update. Thank you so much for your support, hon. <3

Hey, I know you said that you are busy and you are focusing on your priorities which is more than understandable! But your story is great and deserves to be continued and finished. I hope you will update it soon. Thank you for the brilliant story and unique plot!

I've been off for a while and just saw this! I hope I see more soon!!

i think will get worse for Aria. ryan is here which means more people in her house. which means harry cant go to her place. n no harry and aria smut. lol. love the update. keep the story big please.

YAYYY! You are back!!! I absolutely love the update. it was so good. i hate olivia and feel like ryan returned because he found out about louis and aria through his mom. i hope things pick back up with laria even though im enjoying haria at the moment. keep the story at its original length. dont shorten it.


Im sry im late 2 say this but I rly hope u cud sort ur trbls out 4 gud n will b back 2 updating the story regularly. :) n the story is perfect n so r u plz don't b hard on urself

I absolutely detest Amy's mom. She's a total bitch. Now I understand why Amy turned out the way she did and bullies Aria? But I'm still a little confused about the exact reason for Olivia hating Aria's mom.

I can't wait to see what Amy has up her sleeve this time. And I love how jealous Harry is getting! Such a bae! Gah.

As for you Lil Missy, I think you've bashed the story and yourself long enough and need to stop. Your story isn't mainstream or typical or whatever you say it is. It's one of the best on this site! And your position in the first page proves it. :) For me, it isn't about just a unique storyline, it's also about how you keep the readers' interests piqued till the very end. You definitely know how to do that. :) So, again both your writing and your story is perfect!

NO!!! Though I totally understand how demanding schedules get! I'll stay a subscriber and hope that one day I'll get a notification that this story has an update! :) You two are very good writers so even if you are stopping these don't stop all together :) xx

KateR26 KateR26

Hi! I just wanted to say this story is amazing! I just started reading it like five hours ago and i'm already caught up!!! I love u both! Bye!