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Reviews & DUMB Fan-Fic Moments - Comments

Hahaha, I have just spent the past half hour reading all your chapters. Not only is this hilarious but now I have something to look forward to!!

Subscribed and voted love <3

InValid InValid

XD like OMG you're so right! Which normal person would do that? Just give number to someone who just spilled its coffee on you! Normal reaction would be if he would be angry or if he would just go past her

hahahha OMG lol I also really hate that

Could you review Once In A Lifetime, by Mrs Clifford? I would really appreciate the feedback!

Mrs.Clifford Mrs.Clifford

Best thing I have ever read

Haha, preach sister! You never fail to crack me up :)

Can I have a review for both my stories "I should have known" and "boy meets girl" to see if I should start writing again?

Lol, I like your sarcasm and humour :)

Hey , can I please have a review for my story 3 AM . :)

I posted a similar story almost a year ago, went on a hiatus to because I had writer's block and now it's friggin' everywhere. I seriously just want to delete it now.

Your little blurbs crack me up! I was laughing so freaking hard.. like.. God. My favourite was the first one.. I was dying. You should be a judge. Because I would personally pay to have you judge me.

Hey, do you think you could pretty please review my story "P.S Fuck You"? Only if you can and have the chance to, of course :) It's no rush to be honest. Thank you!

I wish there was a like button on here :))

This one made me laugh, like seriously laugh. Your so funny.

Mrs. Hood Mrs. Hood

Hi. Your Dumb fanfic moments make me laugh all the time. They're perfect and on point. Speaking of perfect, can you review my story Picture Perfect when you get the chance? It would mean the world xx.

Okay so take it down. I don't appreciate it.

Can you do a review for my fanfiction Loner?

AshtonIsBae AshtonIsBae

Would you pretty pretty please review my story, "Mainstream"?

I meant the Beany_Baby girl. :) Lol