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LOST AND STILL FINDING(larry stylinson) - Comments

thanks for reading and staying!

Well, it has been the death of me!

JASLKDJGFLSKDJG these 119 chapters are gonna be the reason i fail schools,m fkjsdhabfkljsadhgf

I should be thanking you for writing such an interesting story. I love how its so unique and not like the other typical stories on this site. There much more depth to it. The chapters always keep me on my toes. PS I love love this chapter and Harry is trying to be brave and intimate with Louis.

well, thankyou for sticking by. really appreciate the effort! xx

Thank you for the updated chapter i love it i'm glad it's taken a little bit of a happier aspect despite so much difficulty in their relationship. I know you been busy it's okay I'm just happy you haven't forgotten this story. I love reading each and every chapter. :)

This chapter was interesting how you gave us more perspective on Harry's therapist by comparing her to Louis. I really didn't pay too much attention to her before this chapter.

thanks love!

Very cute chapter. I like the bonding over parents and pizza and a movie.

Omg best double update ever!!! It had everything in it. I can't wait to see how you end this story. I like the idea that you put in your story about intimacy isn't always sexual which is true. I like that your slowly reacquainting Harry's sexual relationship with Louis.

well, when you're horny and you can't even touch the person in front of you, who you wish to be intimate with, seduction is the only thing left!

thank you so much! i appreciate that i could make you feel something!

I love how you always keep me on my toes with each chapter. Lol Louis was pretty seductive in this chapter. :)


thankyou so much! love it when you comment.

I do love this chapter its so cute and giddy. :)

I will indeed keep reading. I can't wait for the next chapter so excited to see what happens next.

Louis actually has a hint about Harry's virginity (it's mentioned in the previous chapters) but there's still a chance of getting a twist in the relationship. Keep reading!!

Is Harry actually going to tell Louis he's not a virgin? If he is I wonder how Louis will take it. I do love this chapter Harry is in such a happier state. I did hope it would turn out like this on a happier note but I don't want to jinix it either lol.

thankyou so much! i write for you guys only!