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Sinning ⇼ Harry Styles

Chapter Three.

“So…” Roxanne’s voice trailed off. “Are you going to tell me who gave you that love bite?” She urged. “You left before I could answer you and you refused to pick up the damn phone,” She paused, handing me a set of matching bra and panties. “Those would look good on you,” I took them without paying attention, knowing I wouldn’t get out of purchasing them. I glanced around the small shop, feeling nervous.
“It… It doesn’t matter,” I muttered. Roxanne raised her eyebrows as she brought a straw to her mouth, sipping her diet coke.
“Did you know him? Do I know him?” She inquired, handing me a few more sets of lingerie whilst gathering some for herself.

“No,” I lied. “I-I just met him… And it… Just happened,” We made out way to the register, standing in queue. I could tell she doubted my words, but didn’t want to push it. I did kiss someone after all… What’s so bad about spreading the truth? Roxanne nodded slowly.
“He didn’t take advantage of you?” She asked. I shook my head.
“I wanted it to happen,”
“Alright,” She held her hands up in defense as we exited the store. “Don’t forget, films at mine tonight. I’ll try to pick you up, but if I can’t I’ll send Louis or something,” I nodded slowly, getting into her car and focusing on the silence that fell over us while she dropped me off.

Once I got home, I snuck away to my room, lying on my bed and staring at the ceiling as my mind wandered to Harry. Closing my eyes, I imagined our kiss again, pretending my hands were his and gently grazed them down to the hem of my jeans. Before I could go any lower, there was a knock on the door.
“Eva, dinner!” Mum called, causing me gasp and rip my hand away. I stared at the cross on the wall, speechless.
“I’m sorry,” I whispered to the object, getting up and joining mum for dinner.


“How was Roxanne’s?” Mum asked suspiciously, seeing that I had returned so late, she had already been fast asleep. I smiled brightly.
“It was really fun! We babysat her little brother and took him out for ice cream. Then we watched some telly until her mum got him,” I lied. “Sorry I was home so late, I didn’t think to call,” Mum nodded slowly, thankfully not seeing through my lies, and joined my smile.
“That’s great, honey. Listen, I’ve got to go to work. I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t stay out too late tonight!” She scolded as Lily, Jason, and RJ came inside. “Jason is staying tonight, so you’ll be alright,” She stared at me warily. “Be careful,” She told me, I nodded.
“Bye mum,” Within seconds, she was out the door and I plopped down on the couch.

“Hey girl,” Lily smiled; sitting next to me. “If you’re not more careful, your mother will have your head,” She warned.
“What?” I asked with a small laugh, biting at my bottom lip.
“The love bite. You’ve got to be more careful,” Her voice trailed off as she moved all my hair to one side. “Keep your hair like that and she’ll never notice,” I smiled, thanking her quietly.


The doorbell rang, causing me to jump up from the couch and say goodbye to Lily and Jason. As I pulled the heavy door open, I was more than surprised to see Harry standing there, smiling brightly.
“W-What are you doing here?” I asked in a hushed tone, shutting the door behind me and leaning against it.
“Roxanne asked me to pick you up,” He smirked turning towards the large black car that sat in the street, gesturing his hand towards it. “After you,” He smiled. His hand found my waist, assisting me as we walked to his car. He walked me to the passenger side, yanking the door open and grabbing my small hand to help me up. As I buckled my safety belt, he pushed my hair back, examining the bruise with a small smile. Closing the door, he calmly walked over to the other side and began driving.

After a while of silence, Harry’s phone chimes and he read the text; taking his eyes off the road and causing my fear to increase. His eyes were back on the road in seconds; his hands tightening on the wheel and his eyes darkening.
“What?” I asked timidly, biting my lip.
“Roxanne cancelled,” He stopped at a stoplight, staring intently at me. “I could take you home if you want,” He suggested. “Or you could come over,” He smiled at his own personal joke, his left eye dropping in a wink. “Whatever you want, dove,” My throat dried at the intoxicating, dimpled smile he shot me.
“I have nothing better to do,” I whispered before I could stop myself. His smirk widened as he drove on.


“Would you like a drink?” He asked, rifling through the kitchen. “I’ve got vodka and beer,” My eyes scanned the flat with fear. I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t this. Maybe blood on the walls? Upside down crucifixes? A dead body in the closet?
“No… Thank you, though,” He nodded, eyes meeting mine. They were dark with intensity. I smelt a faint perfume lingering on the couch and wondered how long it had been since the girl was here. Certainly she didn’t live here… Did she? “Do you live with anyone?” I asked, looking around the space. There’s nothing feminine about the place.
“No,” He said. “Do you want a tour?” I let out a dry laugh. What else is there to see?
“Okay,” I nodded, his arm snaking around my waist.
“The usual,” He gestured around the kitchen and living room before leading me up the stairs. “The bathroom is right through there, my closet, and this is my room,” His voice deepened, eyes narrowing into me.

I raised my arms cautiously, crossing them over my exposed chest, embarrassed.
“You know, Eva,” He began, surprising me that he hadn’t called me dove. “I’ve envisioned what it would be like to get you in my bedroom,” He tugged my body closer, pressing our chests together as he looked down at me. “Have you been thinking about me, too?” I couldn’t stop myself from nodding. “And what do you do when you think about me?” He pressed, his hand travelling down my waist. “Do you touch yourself?” He asked.
“I-I… Never… No,” I rushed, the memories of the near occurrence flashing in my mind.
“I want to do something,” He almost growled.
“What?” I asked cautiously, my throat as dry as a desert and no matter how much I swallowed from my nerves, the dryness didn’t go away.

Instead of replying, Harry grabbed my hand and began walking backwards, sitting on the edge of his bed and pulling me in between his long legs. I hesitated, trying to pull away, only to be pulled by a stronger force.
“Come here,” He whispered, setting a hand on the back of my thigh, encouraging me to straddle his lap.
“I-I-” I began, my breathing becoming rigid. “Harry-” He cut me off.
“It’s okay dove,” He cooed, pulling me forward so I had no choice but to straddle him.

As my weight settled on his thighs, he leaned back, peeling off his shirt. I couldn’t stop my eyes from travelling down to his defined chest. My mouth fell agape as I met his eyes again, causing him to smirk, brushing the hair out of my face. Before I had time to react, he pressed his lips against mine, his hand gently settling on the back of my neck. His plump lips continued to move against mine as his tongue slipped into my mouth, gently gliding over my tongue before pulling back, taking my bottom lip in his teeth.

“What are you doing?” I whispered as he connected our foreheads, unbuckling his pants with one hand.
“I want you to see what you do to me,” He stated. “I want you to watch me,” I couldn’t help but gasp as he touched himself over his underwear, a throaty moan escaping his lips. As I tried to scramble to my feet, he pulled my head back to him. “It’s okay,” He whispered again, soothing my nerves. My small hands travelled to his curly hair, finding themselves intertwined as I gently massaged his scalp. “I want you so bad,” He whispered, biting his lip. “Just the thought of you makes me hard,” He chuckled as I gasped, continuing to rub himself. My hands moved from his hair to his shoulder as I peered down at him. “Do you want to touch me?” He asked. I nodded, surprising myself.

My hand shook as he guided it down his chest and to his underwear, gripping his fingers around mine as he showed me how to move. He kept the pace slow as he moaned, his chest moving fast as his eyes screwed shut.
“God, Eva, you’re going to make me cum,” He strained. I attempted to pull my hand away, only for him to tighten his grip on me. Only seconds passed until I felt him throb in my hand and I watched a dark, wet patch cover his underwear as I pulled away, I noticed his chest was twitching and he was forcing his eyes open. “Fuck,” He whispered, breathing heavily. As he gently ushered me off his lap and stood, he grabbed clean clothes. “I’ll drop you off after my shower,” He spoke without looking at me, retreating into the bathroom and shutting the door behind him. As soon as I was alone, I clambered off the bed and got on my knees to pray. Dear God, please forgive me.



Yeah I totally get it haha, was in the same position a few weeks ago and literally neglected my story for like a month :') good luck with your finals :)

Omg thank you so much! I'm currently working on finals at college so I'll update when I can, but I'm super busy atm!

exiiliious exiiliious

Okay I made the mistake of reading this because I needed something to feed my obssession with your other story and I literally hate myself because now I need more of this the same way I do with Pretty Girl! You are such an amazing writer like legit too many feels for me to cope...


Ana Hemmings' Ana Hemmings'

I hope your mom gets through it!!!!

exiiliious exiiliious