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New In Town

Dying To Live

It's been almost a week since my parents left, and Harry and I have been perfect. I know nothing can ever be perfect, but I would say these past days have been pretty damn close. I don't know what I did to find such a great guy like Harry. He is not only my boyfriend, but my best friend. We spend almost every minute of the day together, but don't get sick of each other. He makes me so happy... It's almost too good to be true. I know it's horrible to think, but I feel like I'm just waiting for something bad to happen. I have never been so happy on my life.


"Are you almost ready?" I can hear Harry groan from my room.

"Yeah just a minute!" I say with toothpaste foaming in my mouth as I try to brush my teeth and curl my hair. Today is the first day of senior year, and I'm actually pretty nervous. The pressure is on to do my best in hopes to get into Stanford, but I still want to enjoy this. It's my last year as a kid pretty much! But I can't help but think how nervous Harry must be... He is basically the new kid. But then again, in the last month, he's become friends with almost everyone in our grade, so he will have no problem in that aspect.

"Okay let's go!" I say as I grab my bag from the bed.

"Why does it take you so long!" He chuckled as he follows me down the steps.

"I want to look nice for our first day! It takes time to look this good" I laugh.

"You don't need to wear makeup, but you do look beautiful" my cheeks flush as he kisses my temple.

"Thanks Harry" I smile. I'm honestly still not used the compliments Harry gives me. "Are you nervous?"

"No, well not yet. I've only been inside the school once"

"I'll show you around! Do you even know your schedule yet?"

"No, I have to go to the office when we get there"


As we get out of his car and make our way through the parking lot, Harry grabs my hand into his out of instinct, and at first I don't notice.

"Harry, remember?" I yank my hand from his.

"Oh sorry.. I don't think anyone saw" he quickly apologizes.

"It's.. It's fine" I stutter.

"What's wrong?"

"I just feel terrible. You are too good for me. I'm sorry I'm making you keep us a secret."

"Aubs, don't worry, I think we should too. I don't want anything to happen between you and your friend" he quickly reassured me.

"I just wish we didn't have to... I love you, Harry" I say quietly before entering the large school
"Not as much as I love you!"

I'm so thankful that he understands... I feel like shit making us hide our relationship from everybody, but I feel like that is how it has to be. I just really hope he doesn't think it's because I'm embarrassed of him or something, because that's definitely not the case! I wish more than anything we could tell people, but I know Maddie will be furious.


"How can I help you?" The old, sweet lady asks from the front office desk.

"Hi I'm Harry Styles, I'm new to the school and I was told to get my schedule here"

"Oh yes, just a moment" she slowly stands up and turns to the filing cabinet behind her and shuffles through the paper.

"What classes did you take anyway?" I ask before she turns around and hands him a half sheet of paper with the schedule.

"These ones" He smiled and handed it to me before reading it.

"Harry we literally have all of our classes together except when you have strength and conditioning, I have yoga!" I say with surprise.

"No way?" He asks before grabbing the sheet from me.

"Yeah!" I laugh. I never thought Harry was one of those dumb football players that paid the nerds to do his homework so he could play, but I never thought he was smart! And not to sound conceited, but I am taking every advanced class offered, so I was a little shocked to see him with the same schedule. I didn't think it was possible for him to be anymore perfect for me.

"I guess you'll have to deal with me all day too then!" He smiles.

After leaving the office, we both walk to our honors physics class and I point out certain things in the school on the way.


"Aubrey, honestly where the fuck have you been?" Sophie asks me as she, Maddie and myself lay our yoga mats down in the gym for our yoga class.

"Well my parents were home for a bit, and I don't know, just around" I lie.

"We miss you! Can we please have a girl's night this weekend? I need to vent! Ryan is just, I don't even know. He is like leading me on, but you know how he is" Sophie laughs after she realizes how serious she just sounded.

"Yeah I'm in!" I say. I have to admit though, at this point I would much rather cuddle up with Harry and watch a movie, but Sophie and Maddie are still my best friends, I can't lose them. That's the whole reason Harry and I are keeping us a secret, so I won't lose them.

"That sounds perfect." Maddie joins in. "Speaking of perfect, you should invite Harry to our girls night, Aubrey"

"What?" My heart drops at her comment.

"I saw him in the hall and he told me you guys have all of your classes but this one together. You could say I'm jealous, Aubs!" She laughs and I immediately know she meant so she could hang out with him. I awkwardly join in on the laugh. For a second I thought it was because she found out...

"It's called a girl's night for a reason, Mads!" Sophie saves me from replying.

"I suppose, but he really needs to make a move on me soon" Maddie jokes and I try to hide the disgust from my face. "Aubs have a party so I can get him drunk and finally have him"

"Maddie! You are not doing that!" I say with out thinking.

"What? It's not like I haven't done it before! I mean look at him, he's like an angel" she jokes. If she wasn't laughing while saying these things, I would have just told her right then and there we are dating so she would shut up. It's weird how her even talking about him drives me crazy. In the month I've known him, I've been to enough parties with him to see all of the girls that throw themselves at him. I trust Harry, but I don't trust all of the girls trying to hook up with him..

"And maybe you should try doing that. You need a man... Are you over that dick yet?"

"I will not get a guy drunk just for my pleasure!" I laugh. "And yes, I am over Ethan, that ship has sailed!"

"We can figure out who your next guy will be on Friday" She says as she pokes my side.

This is going to be harder than I thought. Between Maddie still trying to pursue Harry and them trying to find me another guy... I don't think I can handle it! But I also can't lose Maddie, and I know if I tell her she will be angry. Even though he would just be another hookup to her, we all know how girls can be when a guy is involved!


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Oh my God I love everything you write! I've read all of your stories and girl, you're AMAZING! I wrote a story which I posted over a week ago yet it's not being really succesful haha I got a comment the other day which made me so happy and that's why I'm commenting here for you so as to make you happy as well! You're so talented and creative!! Thanks for writing and posting!!!

How could she do that??!!! And in the middle of that EXTREMELY romantic setting!!! Actually, I do understand why she did it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it!!! just read this whole story today in under 3 hours!! Now on to the sequel!!

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HOLY COW :( this made me cry soooo sooo hard :( they were soo perfect :((( perf story babe, i love it <3