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New In Town


"Wanna go to the pier tonight?" Harry asked me after our quick make out sesh in his car before school. It's finally the end of a long first week of school and I'm excited to take my mind off of my classes.

"Girls night" I pout. "You should hang out with Ryan and Owen?"

"Yeah I probably will, and Aubs, have fun with the girls! I feel bad for hogging you all the time"

"You're not hogging me!" I laugh. "Well we should go before we're late" I say after I notice it's almost 8:30 and school will start soon.

"Wait!" Harry grabs my arm as I'm about to get out and steals one last kiss.


"Okay Ryan just texted me that they are bored at his house and they want to know if they can come over?"

"I don't know, Soph, I thought we were having a girl's night!" I whine. Slightly because this girl's night is actually fun, but mainly because I know Harry is there and I don't want Maddie to throw herself at him while he's here.

"C'mon... They said they have beer!" She begs.

"Fine!" I give in.

After about twenty minutes, Ryan, Harry and Owen show up. I can't help but cringe each time Maddie scoots closer to Harry in the hot tub. I can see Harry slide away with our her realizing, but I just want to tell her to back off my man!

"I'm gonna go inside to get another beer, does anyone want one?" I say while rising out of the water. I can't stand watching Maddie anymore.

"I'll help you grab them" Harry says after everyone asks for one.

"Harry you have to leave, I can't watch Maddie throw herself at you anymore!" I run my hands through my hair as we get in the house with frustration.

"Aubrey, I think we just need to tell them. If she's really your friend, she'll understand, yeah?" I can tell he's getting annoyed to that I insist on keeping this a secret.

"I can't"

"Why not? How do you know she won't just be happy for us and find a different guy?"

"Because... I just know" I say before taking a seat on the couch in the basement. Harry soon joins me as I bury my hands in my face.

"It'll be fine"

"No it won't Harry! I did this to her last time too!" A tear falls from my eye.

"What do you mean?"

"She liked Ethan.. But the first time he asked me to go out on a date, I said yes. I can't do that again, I know she hated me for it"

"Oh.. We won't tell then, it's fine" he tried to comfort me, but I just can't help my emotions. I should've just told him why from the beginning. I mean I didn't lie, but I should've told him everything. Maddie and I are obviously still friends after that, but I know she resented me for it. She got over it, but what if it happens again? I know I would be pissed.

"C'mon, lets grab the beer before they get angry out there" Harry smiled while holding his hands out for me to get up.

Before grabbing the beers I wipe my eyes and make sure I look like I haven't been crying. Why does this have to be so complicated! Why can't I just date Harry with no problems.


"Aubrey wake up!"


"Me and Sophie are going to breakfast. Want to come?" I'm awaken by Maddie.

"Yeah sure.. Where are the guys?"

"They left at like seven, I guess they had an early practice" Sophie informs me.

"That sounds terrible" I laugh as I rub my temples. Last night got pretty crazy. I guess we decided to celebrate because we had finally made if though our first week of senior year by drinking until we passed out.

"So I've decided Harry isn't worth my time anymore" Maddie randomly says during breakfast. I practically choke on the piece of pancake I just ate.

"What made you change your mind?" I ask, trying to contain my excitement.

"I don't know, I'm just not feeling it anymore"

"More like because he doesn't like you!" Sophie adds and receives a glare from Maddie.

"I'm kidding Mads, sheesh!" We all laugh.

I consider coming clean with them for a second about Harry and I, but I finally decide to wait so it's not too suspicious.. But hey, at least I know this will all soon be over!


Oh my God I love everything you write! I've read all of your stories and girl, you're AMAZING! I wrote a story which I posted over a week ago yet it's not being really succesful haha I got a comment the other day which made me so happy and that's why I'm commenting here for you so as to make you happy as well! You're so talented and creative!! Thanks for writing and posting!!!

How could she do that??!!! And in the middle of that EXTREMELY romantic setting!!! Actually, I do understand why she did it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it!!! just read this whole story today in under 3 hours!! Now on to the sequel!!

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HOLY COW :( this made me cry soooo sooo hard :( they were soo perfect :((( perf story babe, i love it <3