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In Our True Words - Young

The meaning of love

Everyone's been there, Some more than ofters.
Me, Ive been there five times,
At the age of 12 i was loved by one.
One that i thought could never love at all.
But he's soul was warm with passion, But he's mouth was for fame.
But i couldnt help myself.
He was famous and i was not.
We wasnt made for each other at all.
But our heart said so!

He was danger, I knew that.
Taylor Swift's worst enermie.
Everyone saying that i was making a big mistake
I thought so myself.
Until one night in the bathroom, The waves gently ripling though the tub.
One single kiss i was falling for him hopelessly.
A smile on he's face made me see the real him.
He was not a player or a womanzier.
Like people said.

I was kind.
Could'nt help to fall in love with him.
I loved him more than my best friend.
I cant say that.
But that night i laid there in my bed.
Whispered to myself he's name.
"Harry Styles".
My boyfriend.

My next lover was different from him.
He's name was Liam Payne.
Not evil or bad, Not even wrong thing with him.
He was a teddy bear.
Even if he was really serouis at times.
And my boyfriends bandmate.
There was some different that made him, Him.
No cheeky smile or green eyes.
Not like Harry.
He was like me.
brown curly tamed hair and brown dark eyes.

Next was a boy from Doncaster.
He was the oldest but the shortest.
You could say the wise one.
But that soon changed.
He fell out with his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, for me.
8 years different in age.
The cheeky one, the funny one.
But soon turned out be the loveable one.
Nickname 'The tommo' meant one name.
The Doncaster born.
Louis Tomlinson.

Shortly after was a blonde.
Full of laughter and cheer.
But full of cursing and true team worker.
With a Ireland flag hanging above his door.
Creating the word '#Crazymofos'
He was down to earth.
Maybe a bit to down.
But nobody counted him as a member but a joke.
Whos Niall Horan?
The Irish lad from mullingar.

The last counts himself às 'bradford bad boy'.
More like full of charm.
Sweet and innocent.
He was mixed between two religions.
A high voice for blasting notes.
Falling for Perrie Edwards, but ended up falling for younger.
Call him a terrorist? Bomber?
Well the only weapon he uses is that voice.
A voice to kill nations.
Bradfords own.
Zayn Mailk.

I fell for all of them because how they was.
Not what they look like.
It wasnt about the fame and forture.
One light, One dark.
All completely opposite from each ofter.

This is the story from start.
How One Direction fell in love with Sparky.


A great start to the chapter of Sparky :)
Comment, Sub it, Rate it :)


Omg u updated :)



There us "Take me home album" first part of the story and "im too young" is the second part.
What is the name of the fist part of the story.. The one before this and take me home album?
update pls love it