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In Our True Words - Young

Nobody would hurt you

They loved her, it was noticeable and now people started to see that girl that the One direction boys loved dearly. Of course they was scared, even thought it was Harry's baby it was still there girl who was carrying the child.

She was only young and a kid herself, what would people think of them? The fans? There parents? But I guess they didn't care it was all about protecting her now and the unborn child.

The press would be like flys around a rubbish bin so there have to be Sparkys extra body weight and move everyone out of her way. That was the trouble with fans, press and any person like that, they are so nosy and just want to feel the bump which carried the baby.

Most celebrities had to but extra body guards around them just to protect the mother and baby, the husband's never liked how the press was reacting to this. It was pure violence until they got that front page snap. But the boys was going to do everything they can to keep Sparky safe, every time she goes out now there would be at least two of the boys with her.

So today for a changed Liam said if they liked to go out for there dinner, Niall of course said yes cause if it was something to do with food he would basically be your slave. And so Sparky went upstairs to get changed, she got changed into one of those really nice maternal dress which Gemma, Harry's sister, got her and it fit beautifully over her pump figure.

Put on converse shoes because she still wants to be young and the blue matched the dress. So why not?. She grabbed a jacket out of the wardrobe and slipped it on, checking that her hair was at least ok before making her way downstairs to the living room.

She stood at the doorway of the living room before a very leather covered Zayn turned around, he smiled at her and then saw the little bump. He walked towards her and kissed her once, looking down at her feet.

"Nice shoes, but you havent done the laces"

She looked down. Shit she forgot. As she was going to bend down to tie them Zayn stopped her, couching down to do them for her.

"Dont worry Sparks i know you cant do them wt the moment"

He got back up and watched Louis at he entered the room, Louis was the one driving so they couldn't leave before Louis was ready. Sparky looked at the boys, they were all very hot in the leather jackets and cool shoes. Then where's Harry? She looked for him and then had arms wrapped around her, she turned her head to see a rockstar Styles.

She smiled and kissed her before Louis said they were leaving, Liam went first out of the door to see if there was anybody outside like fans or press, he got to the bottom of the drive and looked throught the gate and down each side of the street. He turned around and put his thumps up to Niall who then said the clost was clear.

All of them made there way out of the house, Louis opened the car and Zayn and Niall got in first. Just as Harry opened the door for Sparky an old lady poked her head over the fence.

"Alright dears?"

Sparky looked back to find it was there neighbour, she was so nice and gave Sparky an apple crumb once when she wasn't feeling well.

"Yeah we are fine Mrs Withers"

"Going somewhere nice Sparky?"

"Yeah there taking me out of dinner"

The lady started to smile and Sparky then waved at her, getting into the car. But she heard Mrs Withers say something to Harry.

"You look after her Harry"

Harry turned around and faced her.

"Nobodys going to hurt her i promise"


I know its been so long since ive updated this but I was stuck on where i wanted this story to go.

So Harry keeps promises?

They all dressing up leather type?

(Well done at the brits last night. Boys won gobal susess award again and the video. Did anyone see Harry? He went for a wee apparently)


Omg u updated :)



There us "Take me home album" first part of the story and "im too young" is the second part.
What is the name of the fist part of the story.. The one before this and take me home album?
update pls love it