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In Our True Words - Young


It was a lovely thought that the boys had to take Sparky out for dinner, it was as they called it 'date night' and this rarely happened for all of them to go out cause usually there always crowded by fans and can't do nothing.

But tonight the boys was going to make Sparky special, it was like a big present for her for what she has made the band become like as in the boys are so much closer now thanks to Harry meeting her in the park and also getting ready to be a mother so young as well.

But the trouble with that is that the paparazzi can't process that in there little heads so they tend to follow them and get more of the story, but they never leave Sparky alone: its always her so she's gets all the nasty comments said to her.

But with the boys with her tonight they will protect her like there bodyguards and keep hands away from her miniature bump as the boys know that this pisses off Harry, but Harry keeps his nerve and grits he's teeth together to forget about it but in he's eye its harming the bab which of course starts off Harry's anger system.

Now he loves the fans but when it comes to he's girlfriend and he's baby he is over protective. The other boys create a circle around her as they walk to the door, there once in they can break away from each other, she's safe. A waiter comes over to them.

"Hello do you have a booking?"

Liam walks to the waiter.

"Yeah its Payne"

Liam must of done it under he's name as Payne is a common last name for a lot of brits, the waiter ran her finger down the book until she found he's name, stepping from behind the country ter she escorted them to a booth.

The sits where a red velvet color and the table oak, it was a proper little table. They all fitted in and Sparky accidentally hit the bump off the table, Harry was the first to react of course.

"Honey you got to be more careful"

Niall looked at Harry.

"Mate calm down she does know, she's been carrying that for 7 months"

Niall picked up the menu and started looking at it, Sparky looked at Harry and he lipped 'sorry', she leaned forward and kissed him. It just felt right to her being here maybe she was ment to be here this point in time sat in a booth in some posh restaurant with the world most famous boy band with her and a small bump to show how much she loves them.

Most fan girls would want this is happen to them but it is bloody hard work living like this as she can't do nothing now as she is pregnant.

Life can get boring but looking around at these 5 boys faces it makes life worth every second of the day.

Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry.

What else could you want?


Sorry its been ages. Been updating other fanfics and doing essays and skyping everyone's asses.


Omg u updated :)



There us "Take me home album" first part of the story and "im too young" is the second part.
What is the name of the fist part of the story.. The one before this and take me home album?
update pls love it