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In Our True Words - Young

Sparkys birthday morning :) (Harry POV)

30th Apirl 2012

I woke up early this morning, we all did. Of course we didnt want to but today was Sparkys 13th birthday, we had a cake and balloons ready in the cupboard. We had to keep it secret from her. I looked at the clock and saw it was 5:36am, i woke up Zayn who was laying on my feet AGAIN! I kicked him hard but not hard so Sparky woke.

"What?" he whispered.

"Get Niall up" I whispered back to him.

He looked at me confused and i shown him the date on my phone, then he knew it was Sparkys birthday. He woke up Niall and i woke up Louis and Liam. We crept out of bed slowly, trying not to wake her at all, Liam fell on the bed and we all froze on the spot, Liam looked at Spark and she moved but didnt wake.

Liam then looked back at us and shook his head mouthing 'Thats close', he got up and covered the bedsheet over her. We got our dressing gowns and shut the bedroom door quietly, the last thing we saw of her was her sleepy face, we smiled and shut the door.

We walked down the stairs and when we got to the bottom we had to make a plan of how we are going to do this. Louis and Niall were blowing up the balloons and putting up the decortions, Zayn got dressed and went to fetch the cake from next door because the lady next door said she would help.

I brought her presents out of the cupboard, she had presents off everybody. Including us 5, our 5 moms, our 10 sisters, Nialls brother, Ed Sheeran, Jesy and Lou Teasdale. She had loads, i looked at the pile and i thought 'how the hell am i gonna do this?'.

I started with the big presents first and started a pile by the fireplace where Louis was putting up a sign 'Happy Birthday Sparks', I went back and got more. It felt like chrismas eve when we was putting the presents around the tree, Zayn came back with the cake and put it on the table.

He started to get the cards out of the draw and place them around the cake, the cake had white iceing and inside it was pink. On top it had her name and age. Zayn came to help me with the presents, our presents was the ones in gold paper, our familys was pink, Lou's was blue, Ed was orange because he said she will remember cuz of his hair and Jesy's was purple.

Our presents was right at the front. Niall went up stairs and sat on the landing watching our bedroom door just incase it opened and Sparky was coming down. We finished and it was 6:13, we started to make breakfast for ourselfs and Louis made Sparkys 'birthday breakfast'.

He put it all on a tray and headed up stairs, we followed behind. I pushed opened the door and Liam opened the curtians, Sparky opened her eyes and looked at us. Then she looked at the clock and saw it was her birthday, she sat up and Louis put the breakfast on her lap.

"Happy birthday baby"

Louis kissed her and she looked at him.

"My ageing is not happy"

Niall smiled at her and shook his head, Zayn just took the piss.

"Your ageing? What are you 150?"

But she always had something to defend her.

"That would make you 153, Zayn, your still older"

We watched her have the breakfast and we talked alot about our birthdays, we completely lost track of time and saw it was 9. We didnt care though, we had all day to have fun. We was still in the UK for her birthday, we had just started the 'Take Me home' tour just after the Brits.

We won the Gobal Success award, Sparky enjoyed the night but when she saw Taylor Swift perfoam she looked at her like shit when Taylor looked at me. Sparky even came to sat on my lap while she was walking out to present a award, Taylor looked at her and Sparky just kissed me then looking back at her.

She was pissed off, she even asked the people who run the place to keep us far apart. I think she was more terrified of meeting Sparky then me, but Sparky did look beautiful that night. A long white dress which shown half of her boobs and her hair all curled.

Saying that she has changed her hair colour now, she was a brunette and still is but she added navy blue tips and on her fringe it was full blonde. I think she looks ever so sexy and looks more mature now, i do love this woman so much it hurts.

Lets just hope she likes my present..

"Happy Birthday Spark"


What a way to start the story, So it Sparkys birthday!

What do you think Harry got her because he said he 'Hoped' she likes it?

Thnxx for reading xxxxxxxxx


Omg u updated :)



There us "Take me home album" first part of the story and "im too young" is the second part.
What is the name of the fist part of the story.. The one before this and take me home album?
update pls love it