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In Our True Words - Young

Present time! (Niall)

Sparky finally ate her breakfast and we grabbed her hands and pulled her up. Liam grabbed her dessing gown and she jumped on Zayns back, we told her to cover her eyes. We didnt trust her so we put a sock over her eyes.

"Boys im not wearing that" She looked at Louis' sock in disgust.

Louis suddenly perked up and looked at her, she was all ready on Zayns back.

"It was gonna be my sock or Harry golden throng"

Sparky looked at Harry and she just pointed to the sock. I tied it around her eyes and Zayn carried her downstairs, when we got near the living room Zayn put her down and held her hand. Zayn let go of her and walked to where we was standing, Sparkys hands was crazy trying to find us.

"Boys..boys? This isnt funny"

Louis whispered in her ear.

"Take the sock off"

Sparky didnt wasted no time and took it off, she opened her eyes and saw presents on the floor, a big banner. She put her hands over her shocked mouth, Harry kissed her cheek. All the sudden she started crying and we thought it was proper crying but it was happy tears.

"Boys this is perfect thank you"

She lauched into my arms and i spun her around, she hugged all of us and turned back to face the presents. She walked around the sofa and sat on the floor, she saw a flash and turned around. It was Liam with a camera, its not everyday you see your girlfriend turn 13.

I sat on the sofa, so did Harry and Liam, Zayn sat next to Sparky and Louis sat on the arm. She went for Lou Teasdales present first and looked at Zayn. He told her that it was Lou's and she thought Lou forgot her birthday as well.

She smiled and opened it slowly, when she got it open it was a box with a tag saying 'You might need this'. It was a deep box and Sparky opened it, shutting it quickly. We looked at each ofter and Sparky turned around, she was stunned.

"You dont need to see this"

Zayn grabbed the box off her and she fighted him to get it, Zayn opened the box and started laughing. Sparky blushed and put her head in her hands, Zayn passed the box to Louis and he just shouted out what it was.


We all laughed and Sparky grabbed the box off Louis. She put it to one side.


OMG! Lou got her condoms? xxxxxxx


Omg u updated :)



There us "Take me home album" first part of the story and "im too young" is the second part.
What is the name of the fist part of the story.. The one before this and take me home album?
update pls love it