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In Our True Words - Young

What did i get? (Sparky POV)

AHHH! I cant believe im 13 now, OMG, i still cant imagine it. I loved the presents that i got from everyone and if you was wondering what the boys got me Harry got me a charm for my pandora bracelet, it wasnt a random charm it was a 1D charm and his had a cat because sometimes i called him the Cheshire cat out of Alice in wonderland and he does like cats as well.

Louis got me the charm of a carrot so theres no suprize there at all, i still remember back in the x factor video diarys that he said he loved girls who like carrots and everyone started sending him carrots. Niall got me a 4 leaf clover to say he is lucky cuz he is Irish and i think that was sweet.

Liam got me a wolf charm cuz he is from Wolfehampton, not far from where i used to live back then. Zayn got me a heart charm and i dont know why he got me that but i think its because he is trying to show that they all love me and that love will never die.

Anyway thats what the boys got me and i was so embrassed at Lou Teasdales present, a pack of condoms. Really Lou?. Ok the boys dont use them cuz.. i dont know ask them, but i know cuz they fuck me so yeah!.

Ed got me his CD and just to take the piss he said to play it loud when the boys are around and start singing to it, which i will do. I love what Jesy got me thou and that was 2 tickets for me and her to go and see Katy Perry live at the O2 arena, i love Katy so much and i have all of her albums.

I cant wait until the party tonight though and everyone is coming around, including Lottie, Gemma and Safiaa. So its gonna be a good night tonight and i cant drink cuz the boys wont let me even though its my birthday. :(


What would happen at the party?

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#Sorry about the delay, ive been on holiday for 11 days to Turkey and only just been back 24 hrs.


Omg u updated :)



There us "Take me home album" first part of the story and "im too young" is the second part.
What is the name of the fist part of the story.. The one before this and take me home album?
update pls love it