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In Our True Words - Young

We party hard! (Harry POV)

So we have just said 'Happy birthday' to our beautiful girl, she started crying when she saw the cake. Her make up was running down her eyes and at the same time she was laughing, we wanted the best birthday ever because this was the first birthday we have had with her.

This time last year she would of been out on the streets, making her way down to Londen where i would of met her in the park. To see her happy face made me beleive that she desevres use as much as we desevres her.

When she blowed out the candles we all clapped and cheered, it was a great atmospeare. She loved everything the went on and afterwards we went in the back garden where everyone was waiting for her, more friends. When some pulled them party poppers Sparky put her hands over her ears, she hates the sound.

The coloured string went on her, she was swimming in colours tonight, i swear she has never looked so beautiful then she did tonight. Wearing a black short dress and her hair all natural, she hates her natural cuz its really just wavy and curly at the ends.

I dont know if she has mentioned this.. but i might as well remind you she dyed her hair at the start of the tour, its know blue at the tips of her light brown hair and she know has a blonde fringe. Personally, i thought she looked sexy and hot without the colours in her hair but then again i think she looks smoking with the colours.

Sparky walked out onto the patio infront holding my hand, Gemma looked at me and smiled. Gem was looking at our hands, she couldnt believe i fell in love with her nearly a year ago. When i told my mom, Anne, that i was with a 12 year old she fliped like mothers do, Robin on the ofter hand was happy that i found someone to care for and look after.

But he wasnt so proud when he found out the boys was with her as well, Gemma was the first person to understand how i felt and craved about Sparky. Yes! I do crave her.

Back to the party, the ballons were shot up into the sky and hanging on the fence panels. Her face was completely stunned. The lights under the canoph turned on and i turned her around to face the door, i pointed on top of the door, she started to happy cry. The banner on top of the door said in big massive writing.

'We love you Sparky, Happy birthday girl'

And it had everyones name written on it who came to the party tonight, she turned back around to face everyone and she saw her best friend. This is the best friend from back in Birmingham and she promised not to say anything to her mom or anyone else, Sparky let go of my hand and ran towards her.

Her friend was called Sian and she was the same age as her, for a while cuz she is 14 this year. Sian picked her up and spinned her around, they were both crying and Niall looked back at me and mimed.

"How did you find her?"

I answered back.

"Sparky had her number in her phone still"

Zayn looked at me, it been so long and all this time Spark had her number but she never even texted her to say she was alright. Us boys just smiled. We loved seeing her happy and talking to a person she knew apart from us.

All the sudden music started to play and Sparky started screaming like she knew the song, Sian got dragged onto the floor with her and Sparky grabbed Lottie, Sofiaa and Fiz to join her and danced. The adults were drinking and Spark did aloue them to as well.

She made a playlist when she was planning her ideal birthday party and well.. i found it and this was the list..

- Earthquake by Labrinth
- Dirty dancer by Enrique
- Dancing queen by abba
- Viva la vida by Coldplay
- Single laides by Beyonce
- Love the way you lie by Rihanna
- Thrift shop by Macklemore
- Wings by Little Mix
- Your body by Chirstina aguelga
- What makes you beautiful by US (I knew she would)
- Scream by Usher
- Va va voom by Niki Minaj
- Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

and one song which i was so suprized to see was

- By my baby by Ronettes

And she got that song from one of her favourite films of course 'Dirty dancing', but im really shocked she didnt put 'Time of my life' on there. But still for the last song she dragged me up and made me dance with her.

The dance was slow and passionate, she had her hands around my neck and my hands were on her fine arse. We moved to the music. She pulled me in for a hug and we still swagged, she had her head on my shoulder and then i felt her mouth against my ear.

"Thank you.. For everything, Tonight, my party"

I smiled against her and kissed her neck, she giggled back.

"You dont have to thank me baby, Only if you make it up to me"

I pulled back and looked into her face, she shook her head and looked at everyone else. I love it when she bites her lip and trys not to smile, i kissed her forehead and looked back at her.

Sparky knew what was gonna happen after when everyone had gone, When it turned 1 in the morning everyone just about gone even Sian. Sparky just waved everyone goodbye and shut the door and us 5 was standing behind her with our arms crossed.

She turned around and saw us standing there, she had wide eyes and then she started whistling walking past us. We watch her every move and then all the sudden she stopped whistling and bolted it up the stairs, we legged it after her.

"You bloody get back here YOU!"

Nialls irish accent echoed though the house, Sparky started play screaming up the stairs shouting things.

Oh we are gonna have a GREAT NIGHT :P

Tell you soon.


OMG! What a birthday present at the end of the night :o

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Omg u updated :)



There us "Take me home album" first part of the story and "im too young" is the second part.
What is the name of the fist part of the story.. The one before this and take me home album?
update pls love it