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It Takes Patience

Chapter 32: As They Suggested...

*Harry’s POV*
When I went to sleep, my dream started off perfect. Reagan was there in my bed and we were under the covers. She sat up and kissed me then got up to go downstairs to the kitchen. When I went to follow her, the layout of the house changed and we were no longer in the house that I lived in now. I stopped in my door way when I heard Reagan and realized where I was.

“Harry tell me a secret.”
Reagan appeared in the hallway now standing right in front of me and when I went to reach for her she disappeared.

Reagan was gone, but I still could hear her voice echoing down the hall. When I finally stepped all the way out of my room in the hall way and walked down it a bit, there was broken glass on the floor, the vase that I broke. I stopped in my tracks frozen, unable to move any further. I know what was in the other room. I went to the kitchen instead of the living room and saw myself sitting in the corner. When I made eye contact with myself, I jerked up out of my dream.

When I looked at the clock this time, it was 7:26. I had been to sleep for exactly four hours and twenty-one minutes. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and tried to ignore the rapid pace that my heart was beating at and decided to text glasses. Maybe Liam is right and I should tell her, just about bad dreams of course...
To: Glasses
Wake up glasses, I’m alive as I told you I would be.

Two minutes later she text me back.

From: Glasses

Thank you H. I was starting to get worried. How do you feel? And just because you lived this time doesn’t mean that you will a third time. Don’t do it again!
To: Glasses
Stop being so fucking annoying it’s too early for that. I feel like I need you... to ask you something that is...

My phone started ringing and a picture that I snuck of Reagan that day that she got mad at me for not looking at her popped up. She’s so...annoyingly cute? When I answered the phone and glasses started to talk, I immediately felt a sense of calm come over me and the restless feeling from the dream that I had started to go away.

“What did you want to ask me H.?” She sounded so sincere like she cared, but what if this is all just for her internship? I started to get agitated again. The day has barely started and this is already my third mood swing.

“Harry? Are you still there?”

“Yeah, sorry...”

“What did you want to ask me?”

“Noth-” Before I could get the word out Reagan cut me off.

“What did we just talk about yesterday Harry? Tell me the truth. You wouldn’t have told me you had a question to ask if it was only nothing.”

“Fuck, alright fine!.... How do you get rid of bad dreams?” As soon as I asked the question I wished that I could rewind time and take it back.

“You had a bad dream again? What was it about?” She’s so pushy! Why can’t she just answer the damn question? And what does she mean again?

“What do you mean again? I never told you about a bad dream before.”

“That night when I came to visit you in the ER you were having one. You were kind of thrashing around in the bed before I woke you up, and the way you woke up. You had to have been having one. What was it about? It’s easier to help you if I know what the dream was about.” I opened my mouth and shut it again. I almost told her, just like I almost told her the day that I was in her apartment.

“I can’t-”

“Harry will you just say it!” I’m getting really tired of her cutting me off.

“Damn it glasses if you would let me talk and shut your mouth for once then maybe we can get somewhere! I was going to say I can’t tell you over the phone and I’m already tired of talking about it today. Tomorrow my family is coming to visit. Gemma is graduating Uni so it will kind of be like a party. There is no sense of inviting you seeing as how you will be here following me around anyway, but you can bring your friends I guess. I’ll tell you about the dream then...” This is terrifying. I keep saying things that I want to take back. There is no way to tell her about the dream without telling her what happened. Fucking Liam and his great ideas!

“Don’t curse at me Harry! It’s too early in the day for that. I will tell Laurie and Channel about it today. I’m sure Laurie will be excited to see Niall again, they talk all the time. You can tell me tomorrow and I’ll give you a break today. I’ll call and check on you later, but text me if you need anything. And don’t forget to take your medicine”

When Reagan hung up, panic began to set in. She will never talk to me again after tomorrow.

*Reagan’s POV*
I decided to give Harry a break from me shadowing him today, plus I needed to decide how I would break it to Peyton that I couldn’t be his girlfriend. This can be good for me, a day for just me and Channel to hang out seeing as how we haven’t had any real best friend time since she got here. While Channel was in the shower, I decided to make breakfast for the both of us and planned on going out exploring parts of London that neither of us had seen before.



“Did you bring that blue collared shirt that I always steal from you at home?”

“Yeah, it’s in the bottom drawer in the dresser by my bed.” I flipped our pancakes and checked on the bacon that I put in the oven and heard Channel’s feet pad into the kitchen. When I turned around I could have died.

“What are these Reagan?! And why did you get so many?” I had totally forgotten about the condoms I had stashed in my drawer in case Harry was over again. Channel looked amused and started to read what was in the box.

“Ribbed for her pleasure, pure ecstasy, warming charged orgasmic pleasure, oh and magnum. You little whore!” I tried to take the box away from Channel but she was too fast.

“You and Peyton have been doing the do and you haven’t told me?!”

“No, Channel!” I tried to reach her, but she jumped out of reach again.

“Well you’ve clearly been considering doing it. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt since the box isn’t open. You and Peyton already, I thought you just started dating?” I got up off of the floor and turned off the stove top and the oven so that I didn’t set the apartment on fire and burn our food. When I turned around to answer Channel I could feel a lump forming in my throat. I sat down on a kitchen stool and took a deep breath willing something to come out, but nothing.

“Well?” I closed my eyes knowing that I wouldn’t be able to look at her once I said his name, if I could say it that is.

“H-Harry.” His name came out in a mumbled whisper.

“What about Harry?” Channel looked at me confused and it pissed me off that she was going to make me say it.

“Harry, Nel! I got the condoms because I was with Harry.” It felt amazing to tell her the truth, but at the same time it was weird letting someone else in to mine and Harry’s secret even if she was my best friend. Channel stood there wide eyed and dropped the condom box to the floor.

“You didn’t Rea!...Did you?” I raised my eyebrows and looked away from her feeling tears threatening to fall and my cheeks redden.

“Oh my God Reagan! Seriously? You should know better than that! You’re putting your whole internship on the line, and not to mention a thirty-thousand dollar scholarship they’re offering you! And the fact that you didn’t feel the need to let me know hurts even worse.”

“I know all of that! Don’t you think I know that, Channel? Do you have any idea how hard it’s been for me here? I haven’t said anything to anyone because I know that I fucked up! And I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you. I really think that at some point I would have had to though because lying to you and sneaking around has been too much.” Channel looked at me and sat down on the couch resting her elbow on the armrest and her head on her hand.

“How long has this been going on Rea?” Channel’s tone dripped with dissatisfaction, and that hurt worse than having her shout at me. I would rather hear her yell. I walked over to the couch and sat next to her and started to fidget with my fingernails.

“We’ve been fooling around for a week and a half or two weeks, maybe more I’m not sure exactly. We’ve only had sex twice though. I knew it was wrong when I was doing it, but I couldn’t stop myself. I have no self-control around H. and that scares me more than losing the internship and the scholarship.” When I looked up at Channel a grin started to cover her lips.

“What?” Channel’s grin is infectious and I find myself smiling back at her.

“You know I have to ask, how was it? Does he fuck you like he’s crazy? I’ve never had crazy dick before so you have to let me know. How big is it? And will I ever get to see this ‘Greek god’ of the psych hospital?” Channel laughed at the expression on my face before I hit her with a pillow on the couch.

“He’s not crazy Channel shut up! It was intense both times, the last time way more than the first time though. And I thought he wasn’t going to fit, it’s so big. The first time was the night you got here”

“Oh my God! So the time when I told you that you were walking funny?...” I rolled my eyes and nodded at her provoking a squeal to come out of her mouth before she slapped her hand over it.

“And when was the second time? Last night wasn’t it? The ‘emergency’ wasn’t it?” Channel put air quotes around emergency and I confirmed her question again.

“Yes, but I wasn’t going over there for that, it just happened. There really was an emergency, but I can’t tell you what it was I have to keep some kind of form of professionalism here.” Channel nodded her head in understanding and the questions continued to come. I told her everything that I could that has happened between me and Harry and I felt relieved to get it all off my chest. I love her. No matter how bad I mess up she is always here for me and in my corner, and I for her. When she doesn't like it she calls me on my shit, but that’s exactly what I need.

“Does Laurie know?”

“No and you can’t tell her. I love Laurie, but she’s friends with Peyton. I don’t want to put her in that awkward position. Plus, I don’t know what to do about Peyton yet either. He’s so sweet Nel, and I don’t want to hurt him. I like him, just not as much as I like H.”

“You don’t know what to do with Peyton as far as what? How serious can this ‘’relationship’ be? You’ve been on what three dates with him? Look Rea, we’re young and there is no reason to be strapped down to one person right now. It’s fine to play the field. You just have to be more careful in your situation because who you’re choosing to play the field with and what is at stake. You may not want to hear this right now, but of course you’re gonna like Harry more. You had sex with him for Christ sake. And if you break up with Peyton then what? You really won’t be allowed to do anything with Harry until the summer is over anyway, and by then you will be back home. I’m not saying sleep with both of them, but I’m not saying make yourself available to only one person either... It’s your choice babes. I’m just giving you an idea.”

The rest of the day was filled with sightseeing and shopping with Channel. I told her and Laurie about the party tomorrow and they both agreed to come with me. Opening up to Channel opened up my eyes to the possibilities of my situation. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with Channel’s little suggestion.


Hiiii! I have an update for you because I love you all. Thank you so much for you're wonderful comments and messages! You guys are the reason I love creative writing. I will probably not be able to update the next chapter until tomorrow. I have to edit some things and keep the suspense alive aha! But, as always I love you all for reading and be sure to leave me comments and vote and hey, maybe even share it with your friends if you are enjoying it. Thank you again guys :D xx


I have read this story loads of times just wish you had finished it it is absolutely amazing. So so good

I'm sorry I just saw this comment! I'm definitely going to update the 3rd part of the story! I'm so sorry that I'm taking a while. Its just because I'm at school but I PROMISE I will finish it xx

Are you going to update on this story please I need to know what happens please update and I hope they stay together and with a happy ending they deserve it

Oh my gosh! I just saw this and it made my night! Thank you so much! Please continue to comment as you read and I'll respond to you. Comments make me so happy lol xx

God! This is soooooooo amazing!

Cate Cate