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The Heart Of UK, Or The Crown Of USA?

Sassy, Yet Classy

Kimberly's POV:

We all lined up at the intercontinental buffet tables, in order to be served with different verities of perfectly cooked and well adjusted dinner options. I flicked one of my hair bangs with my hand and placed it behind my ear, as I smiled to the Chef, who poured a little bit of broccoli soup in my platter. EVERYTHING LOOKS DELICIOUS I NEED TO HAVE EVERYTHING! NO KIMBERLY WAKE UP AND REMEMBER WHAT PAUL INSTRUCTED!

I walked back to my table and placed my plate, as I went to sit down; but that didn’t happen because someone patted my shoulder from behind.
“Excuse me, but I couldn’t ignore that you stole something very valuable from me.” Oh dear god here we go! The green eyed boy asked me this really confusing question. STEAL! I DID’NT STEAL ANYTHING! WHO ARE YOU TO ACCUSE ME LIKE THIS! UGH GET AWAY YOU ARE BLOCKING THE OXYGEN SPACE AROUND ME! “I’m sorry, I didn’t get you?” I asked as I furrowed my eyebrows and leaned my head to the side. GOSH HE LOOKS BETTER THAN ANY CANDY BAR I HAVE EVER HAD! “You stole my attention, and it doesn’t want to come back to me anymore.” He drew a smirk that I could slap off his face easily, but I can’t or else I would be causing a scene and a view of inappropriate behavior. I just sighed and turned my back to sit on my chair, but he had to pat the back of my shoulder again! “What is it do you want now Sir?” I asked super annoyed as I took my phone in my hand; I also managed to cross my leg on the other. WHY DID I HAVE TO CROSS MY LEG! LOOK AT HIM NOW; HE IS LOOKING LIKE A WILD BEAST AT THEM! OH WELL YOU CAN LOOK BUT YOU CAN NEVER TOUCH YOU LITTLE PERVERT!

“The name is Harry, how about your name and your number?” I jumped a little from his awkward reply; is he trying to be flirty?! I don’t have time for this... “My name and number aren’t available to be handed out. Now, if you don’t mind Sir, I need to have my dinner.” I gave him the most plastic smile ever, he gave me another one in return; then he snatched my precious I-Phone from my hand. HOW DARE YOU!! KIMBERLY DON’T OPEN YOUR LITTLE CURSING MOUTH! CALM DOWN AND REMEMBER YOU DON’T NEED TO CAUSE A SCENE!! He entered some digits and gave it back to me directly. “Your phone number is now available, but your name still isn’t, do you mind giving me that now or should I look for it?” He was so persistent as if I would give him the time of day!

“(I stood up from my seat and crossed my arms against my chest) People with faces like mine, don’t sell out personal details to people with attitudes like yours. You want to know my name? Work day and night to find it out, but it won’t come out from my mouth. Now if you’re done invading my privacy and making my soup cold; could you possibly evaporate Sir?” I couldn’t stop myself from giving him the medicine that he deserved; he looked stunned and as if I gave him a slap on the face. OH YEAH DON’T MESS WITH ME ANYMORE! “Stop calling me Sir. My name is Harry, and if you want to play hard to get then be my guest; I’ll be waiting for your name when the board strikes Game Over. Have a pleasant evening.”I didn’t expect him to be this tough of a cookie to crack! SERIOUSLY HOW COULD HE FIGHT ME WITH THE SAME STYLE AS MINE!?! CHILL OUT KIM, HE ISN’T WORTH THE WASTE OF YOUR TIME. HE LEFT SO JUST SIT DOWN AND DRINK A LITTLE WATER TO COOL OFF.

Harry’s POV:

I never expected an attitude this powerful, she was almost going to knock me off and declare her victory; but the poor thing doesn’t know that I always get whomever I point at... I can’t deny that her beauty is different from all of the rest of these girls; her eyes are crystal blue, her hair, mouth, waist, long legs... ARGH! EVERYTHING ABOUT HER IS SAYING TOUCH ME STYLES! I need to get her, and fast!


Oh ya!!! Kimberly gave him the proper atitude reply that smashed his hope a little bit, but Harry isn't giving up; clearly from the description he mention in his point of view!! Kimberly is so pissed off and she needed to calm down after that flirty encounter with Styles!! :D:D She finds him attractive, but she hates his guts! Don't you just love how she thinks? <3

What will happen next? What is Harry's next move? Kimberly choosing a certain song? Whisteling? Secuirty Gaurds all over the Stage?


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Guys I swear I love you all so much hand I am really happy you are so overwellemed with the story, you brought me tears of joy really <3 I promise that I will consider a sequel, but I still am no sure. If not, then I will create a new story hopefully soon with a breath taking story line which I'm sure you will all love <3 I love you so so much and without you the stroy is nothing <3 God Bless You all and thank you for wishing me luck for my university studies I really appreciate it so very much <3 xoxo
Love the ending❤ it's amazing how I said at first start another story! And you did we both brain stormed and one incredible story of course written by the best you^-^ love this girl,
This can not be the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
REPLY IF YOU AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!