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The Heart Of UK, Or The Crown Of USA?


****The Next Day (At 7:45 pm) ****

Kimberly's POV:

Let me just tell you what happened later after my phone call ended with Sandra yesterday. The Doctors came to a conclusion that since Harry can walk and he is perfectly alright, he can leave the hospital whenever he wishes. And obviously we made him leave at the same moment of that announcement, sure he was groaning a little because of the minor bruises and scratches, but he was walking perfectly thank god. I stayed with him the entire time at home, and everybody came by to his place to make sure he is alright for tomorrow’s engagement party. Simon Cowell also paid Harry a visit and he promised that he will try his best to attend the engagement party of Perrie and Zayn. I told Perrie that my friend is coming as well, and she and Zayn said that it was completely fine and they would be honored to be having the queen of USA, aka me, and her 1st runner up, who’s Sandra, at their little party. Thank god that Harry took his medication and he slept, so I was sure that I could leave him with a relaxed conscience. I kept talking with Perrie through texts all over the night discussing what the wardrobe category was and she even addressed me the house location and all the other details; which I resent to Sandra.

“I just hope that the bride to be won’t be envying you tonight, look how magnificent you look! I am so happy that you and Harry are back, you’re glow is back on your face.” Trevor was with me in my room, as I was checking myself in the mirror (http://www.polyvore.com/stealing_all_eyes_with_glitter/set?id=97789795). I knew that this was the dress that spoke out sophistication. I love dressing up in this style; I always try keeping it simple to the extreme. “Trev, are you sure you don’t want to come to the party? I can call Perrie or Zayn and they wouldn’t mind at all?” I asked Trevor for the last time, just to make sure if he changed his mind about attending with me. “I’m sure, don’t worry I need to go sightseeing and do some calls to website engineers. Not to forget, I also need to locate a good photographer. You go and have all the fun tonight; and please send my regards to the bride and groom from my behalf.” I hugged Trevor, and I made my way out of the suite to hop in the Limo.

“(I gave him a piece of paper that had the address) Albert, could you please take me there?” He nodded and started the engine. “I’m sorry for the last time you drove me to the hospital, I didn’t mean to yell I was just freaking out and my mind wasn’t calm.” He smiled through the mirror and kept driving. THANK GOD HE UNDERSTOOD, I REALLY HATE YELLING AND BOSSING PEOPLE AROUND, BUT MY BABY WAS IN A CRISES AND I HAD MY REASONS TO FREAK OUT. I swiped my phone unlock and I read a message, which I wasn’t aware off previously:

From: Harry S.

Sent at: 8:10 pm

“Where are you? The party started love! Btw, your friend arrived already. Hurry up because I miss you : ( xoxo <3 ”

*End of Text*

I smiled at my boyfriend’s message and replied to him that I was on my way.


Aren't we all just glad that Kimberly and Harry are finally back together? They really seem like the platinum couple of the century right? And see how Trevor noticed that she is glowing? It's all because of our lovely prince. <3 Let's see what will happen in the Party! :D


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Guys I swear I love you all so much hand I am really happy you are so overwellemed with the story, you brought me tears of joy really <3 I promise that I will consider a sequel, but I still am no sure. If not, then I will create a new story hopefully soon with a breath taking story line which I'm sure you will all love <3 I love you so so much and without you the stroy is nothing <3 God Bless You all and thank you for wishing me luck for my university studies I really appreciate it so very much <3 xoxo
Love the ending❤ it's amazing how I said at first start another story! And you did we both brain stormed and one incredible story of course written by the best you^-^ love this girl,
This can not be the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
REPLY IF YOU AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!