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The night had started peaceful enough, David talking on the phone, me finishing my ‘homework’ a.k.a. college applications and had just crawled into bed. On the verge of falling asleep I was ‘awakened’ by screaming and gunshots.
“Blast you David!” I muttered, “You and your stupid ‘save the world from zombies’ game.” Shoving my head under my pillow I tried to fall back asleep. A few seconds later my door flew open I jumped and saw David. I was about to yell at him but stopped when I saw his face, his expression was one of true terror. At that moment I knew that this was not a game and something was not right.
“Jay!” He shouted voice full of urgency. ”Jay we have to go, right now!”
I thanked my lucky stars that I didn’t change into my pj’s and ran toward my brother. He grabbed my wrist and began pulling me. Jerking myself free, I demanded to know what was going on. He said two words that froze my heart.
“Terrorist attack Jay, it’s a terrorist attack. Now COME ON!!!!!!!”
Cursing softly I grabbed my 72 hour backpack and ran out the door David following close behind.
Bullets flew, people dropped dead, screams filled my ears. David tripped and clutched his leg in pain. I whirled around and knelt beside him. He had badly twisted his knee. I shoved my arms under his armpits and began to drag him toward safety. He shrugged me off and said,
“Forget it Jay, if you drag me neither one of us will survive.”
"NO!!!!!!! I'm not leaving you David!" I scream and begin to drag him again.
Once again he shrugged me off pulled me down to eye level and said, "Jay, it's not worth it. Now listen to me I want you to go to London and find Randy...."
"Randy? Who's th-"
"You'll know him when you see him. Trust me. Now GO!"
He gave me one last hug and then shoved me off, pushing me toward safety.
Tears filled my eyes as I ran off. My legs seemed to have a mind of their own. They ran faster than is humanly possible, in long precise strides, surprising the living daylight out of me. David’s words pounded through my head.
‘Run Jaycee! Go to London, find Randy. Don’t look back, don’t stop. Run Jaycee!!’
A bullet whizzed past me, inches from my face. I screamed as another missed me by 2-3 centimeters. Adrenaline burst through me as I veered sharply to the right, but adrenaline and fear can’t keep you going forever. After a few minutes my sides ached, my legs felt like Jell-O, and lungs burned. “If…Only…I…had a…pair of…wheels!” I panted, stumbling. Regaining balance quickly I ran towards my only hope for escape; the forest. Another bullet whizzed by me, taking an inch of my hair with it. Terror grasped me with its icy fingers, and pushing the last bit of energy into my legs, I sprinted into the leafy grasp of the forest.
Half running, half stumbling, I hurried to a favorite hiding spot of mine. I reached my destination, scrambled up into the tree and slid inside its hollow trunk breathing heavily. Frustrated screams aroused around me and I held my breath, heart pounding. After 15 antagonizing seconds they ran off. I waited 10 seconds longer to make sure they were gone. Being extremely cautious I poked my head outside.
Buildings burned, people lay in dirt dead or dying. Mothers begged for their children to spared, and then I saw David. Pure terror filled me as I saw him trying to crawl away and eventually give up. Then two men walked over to him. They kicked his gut, hard, and then pulled out a shotgun. Horror filled me as David sat up, look up clutching his stomach, and then look down. The assassin shrugged his shoulders and pulled the trigger. The gunshot echoed in my ears and I screamed,
His face clenched in pain, and shock as he fell to the ground. His hand covered his bleeding chest and then flopped uselessly to the ground. He had died.
“David…” I sobbed, sinking back into the hollow trunk. “David I’m sorry…, so, so, sorry….” The scene replayed inside of my head and would not stop. Crying harder I listened to the dying screams. 1 by 1 they faded until it was completely silent. “I’m sorry Davey…” I said one more time. Weariness took complete control of me and I cried myself into a deep, dreamless sleep. My only wish was that I had died with David.


Awwwwww thanks! Sure thing I'll check them out right now! Sorry I'm late on this! So bad at responding!
I really love your story! And also you are so loyal to your readers. That my friend,mass a good author. And how you apologized. I truly respect you.
check out my stories too? Ty! Byez!
I love it! please update! =)
Oh my gosh I love this story!!!! Please update :)
To my loyal subscribers, I'm so sorry that i haven't updated in a month!! I feel terrible and apologize, I just haven't had the time, I hope you can forgive me!!