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Back home (Felicia)

Felicia POV

Im Feli, if you dont know me im Lottie's daughter, Who is Louis' sister. Im a good girl even thought im a dracula kinda werid i know but im different and different is good, i dont like my family that much, only my uncle Lou and my aunties cause they love me and think im so damn funny.

I dont think i am really but im not gonna lie for them, sod them.

I have this MEGA crush on the cute ghost boy Liam, do you guys know him? he is so fucking hot. I dont see him as much now or Louis, Liam got sent to haunt this girl and Louis is suppose to be watching him making sure he doesnt cock up, But thats Louis he never watchs anything.

When i was little he was babysitter me but lost his eyes in some newspaper and i happen to play hid and seek really well, lets just say he couldnt find me for a ay and mom was mad at him. Funny to me though.

If you are wondering what i think my uncle is like i will tell you and how i met the girl that Liam was suppose to haunt cause baby i know alot of this shit.


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NOTES: Felicia knows what happen between Louis, Liam and Isla. She is mad when she finds out Liam likes Louis AND Isla, but not her.


Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)

I really like this story

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@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC