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Bite me

Louis knew what he father would say about her and how she was a discratice to there world, but how can he get rid of her, she is amazing and so hot. But its not just the looks that Louis likes but also her personality, he hasnt met anyone like her before and she fastains him completely.

But a Dracula should take a human out hunting with him should he?. But Louis did.

He lifted her up onto his back and walked out of the drive way, he walked until he reached the forrest at the back of the house and then ran quick. The speed was unbelieveable like a racing car or a cheetah, he was amazing. Running through the forrest late at night, it was midnight the time Louis cames out to feed himself.

He could survive off human food but it wouldnt fill him and so he went out and hunted stuff like deer or give sometimes if there was a human walking through he would bite them. But he just hoped no one walked through and kick him off his hunting skills cause he dont want Isla to see him like that.

He run them to a spot in the forrest, the forrest was cold, dark and gloomy. Well it would be at night but even in the day you might not have any sunlight what-so-ever and this was the perfect conditions for Louis, it was like this back home. Being in the forest was a terrifing place and here is Isla thinking she was safe with Louis, but she was wrong.

Louis placed her down and she sat down on the forrest floor moving towards a tree to lean on, he looked down at her and smiled, she was cold only had her dressing gown to help warm her but she didnt want a fuss cause Louis was in the mood to bite something. Louis saw how cold she was and toke off his jacket and gave it to her, she hugged it quick and then Louis' head turned quickly.

The sound of twigs snapping and braking, Isla couldnt hear anything but saying that her hearing isnt good like Louis' it, he looked at her and she saw them eyes, the goldern brown turned into deep red, the fangs were out and ready.

All Isla had to do was nod and Louis was gone, chasing whatever it was. A few minutes later she heard an animal sound, the dying voice of a deer and then she knew he had found something.

What if she was the animal?


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Just think about the last line, what does she mean by that?

'What if she was the animal?'


Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)

I really like this story

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@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC