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"It will be like breathing with me"

Dear diary,

I never though of saying this in my being but i think deep inside this cold worthless body of mine im falling for Isla. I dont know what it is or what has she done, i know i bitten her last night but during that moment i felt alive again but i dont know how it feels to be alive like her. Least nobody takes the piss out of you then, even if you are a human a bad word cant be worst like what i get.

People of my world still hate me they think that i hurted Liam a 100 years back for my fathers pride but they dont know about us, finding out Liam had feelings for me and then what happened the other day with us pair and Isla.

I just want to scream but i know what i want, maybe if i did lose Liam i couldnt live with myself however it would be different if i lose Isla. I love her, i really do and when the time is right she will know that at the moment we are just like friends with benefits.

Although, the 'i love yous' which we have pass to each other are so powerful that our love can be true but imagine me telling this is my father? What a cracking visit that will be. It will be like 'Hey dad! You know that girl that Liam was suppose to haunt, change of plan instead we are shagging her and telling her we love her.' What a nice visit that will be.

But they can never find out about Isla because then they will be twice as mad not only cause she is a human but cause im in an arranged marriage, im soon to get married to the person that i dont love.

Her name is Lady Eleanor Calder, very posh indead and the title 'Lady' to her name is because she apart of a very high ranking family from a place called 'Laylie', her father is the brother of the King there.

And if my father found out about Isla.. She would be dead never to come back as a ghost or anything else because they would reject her. The Kings of our county, my father and the others deturman who comes into our world and they would reject her sending her to the next world. Its very compilcated to understand.

But i told Isla this before 'It would be like breathing with me'...



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OMG Louis likes Isla! (So happy, even though im writing this)

And he is getting MARRIED to Lady Eleanor Calder, whats gonna happen there>?

Thoughts and feelings below, maybe some ideas of what you like to happen???


Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)

I really like this story

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@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC