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The Nurse


.............. Days are passing with time, but not for our beloved Harry Styles... He's stuck in a rigid room, lying in one position at all times. What might be the change to this system, and will the human statue of Harry move or will it stay still in the end?...............


A new story line, with a massive intellectual reflection of romance, drama, and thrilling events.

Quote: Rebeca: " You are a good listener aren't you? I would pay anything to hear you talk instead of me for once..."


*Harry Styles

*Harry Styles

A Member of the One Direction Band (Main).

*Rebeca Lane

*Rebeca Lane

Main Charater.

Angela Bennings

Angela Bennings

A Nurse at the Hospital/ Close to Rebeca.

Chloe Lane

Chloe Lane

Rebeca's Aunt.

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

A Member of the One Direction Band.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

A Member of the One Direction Band.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

A Member of the One Direction Band.

Nicholas Bates

Nicholas Bates

Rebeca's Boyfriend.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

A Member of the One Direction Band.


  1. Day One

    Day One. (1st Chapter)

  2. Prince Trapped In A Coma

    Prince Trapped In A Coma.(2nd Chapter)

  3. Facts Of Life

    Facts Of Life.(3rd Chapter)

  4. Bumping In Excitement

    Bumping In Excitement.(4th Chapter)

  5. 3 New Directions?

    3 New Directions?(5th Chapter)

  6. Announcement

    Announcement.(6th Chapter)

  7. Think Carefully

    Think Carefully.(7th Chapter)

  8. Imagine This

    Imagine This.(8th Chapter)

  9. My Decision

    My Decision.(9th Chapter)

  10. Promise Me One Thing Though?

    Promise Me One Thing Though?(10th Chapter)

  11. How Does He Know Her?!

    How Does He Know Her?!(11th Chapter)

  12. I'll Be Gentle I Promise

    I'll Be Gentle I Promise.(12th Chapter)

  13. Surprise?

    Surprise?(13th Chapter)

  14. No More

    No More.(14th Chapter)

  15. Well This Is New, Right?

    Well This Is New, Right?(15th Chapter)

  16. Why Do You Hate Me?!

    Why Do You Hate Me?!(16th Chapter)

  17. A Key For Me

    A Key For Me.(17th Chapter)

  18. Please Rebeca?

    Please Rebeca?(18th Chapter)

  19. Please Just Calm Down

    Please Just Calm Down.(19th Chapter)

  20. I Promise Myself

    I Promise Myself.(20th Chapter)

  21. Um, Rebeca?

    Um, Rebeca?(21st Chapter)

  22. Reception Attraction

    Reception Attraction.(22nd Chapter)

  23. Strike One To: Taylor, Strike Two To: Rebeca

    Strike One To: Taylor, Strike Two To: Rebeca.(23rd Chapter)

  24. What!?

    What!?(24th Chapter)

  25. Hecky Power

    Hecky Power.(25th Chapter)

  26. Stay

    Stay.(26th Chapter)

  27. Don't Change the Subject Mr.

    Don't Change the Subject Mr.(27th Chapter)

  28. I Will Never Be Able To See You Anymore.

    I Will Never Be Able To See You Anymore.(28th Chapter)

  29. Who Was That?

    Who Was That?(29th Chapter)

  30. Are You Mad At Me?

    Are You Mad At Me?(30th Chapter)

  31. Date Night Part 1

    Date Night Part 1.(31st Chapter)

  32. Date Night Part 2

    Date Night Part 2.(32nd Chapter)

  33. Harry...!?

    Harry...!?(33rd Chapter)

  34. I Don't Want To Get Your Dress Dirty

    I Don't Want To Get Your Dress Dirty.(34th Chapter)

  35. And...?

    And...?(35th Chapter)

  36. Switching Plans

    Switching Plans.(36th Chapter)

  37. Changing Facts

    Changing Facts.(37th Chapter)

  38. Miss. Lane!

    Miss. Lane!(38th Chapter)

  39. The Reason

    The Reason.(38th Chapter)

  40. I Don't Like The Idea

    I Don't Like The Idea.(40th Chapter)

  41. The System Change

    The System Change.(41st Chapter)

  42. 3 Flowers From London

    3 Flowers From London.(42nd Chapter)

  43. Knock, Knock

    Knock, Knock.(43rd Chapter)

  44. Speak Up Now!

    Speak Up Now! (44th Chapter)

  45. Not Now

    Not Now. (45th Chapter)

  46. Protective Lover

    Protective Lover.(46th Chapter)

  47. The Queen

    The Queen. (47th Chapter)

  48. You're The Boss

    You're The Boss.(48th Chapter)

  49. Let's Go Zayn

    Let's Go Zayn.(49th Chapter)

  50. Excuse Me!?

    Excuse Me!? (50th Chapter)

  51. Here We Go...

    Here We Go...(51st Chapter)

  52. Cupcake

    Warning: Sexual Content!(52nd Chapter)

  53. Who?

    Who?(53rd Chapter)

  54. It's My Becky's Time

    It's My Becky's Time.(54th Chapter)

  55. Reunion

    Reunion.(55th Chapter)

  56. I Need To Breathe ...

    I Need To Breathe ...(56th Chapter)

  57. May I Come In?

    May I Come In?(57th Chapter)

  58. Open Up To Me

    Open Up To Me.(48th Chapter)

  59. Why Are You Frustrated Harry?

    Why Are You Frustrated Harry?(59th Chapter)

  60. The Plan

    The Plan.(60th Chapter)

  61. Different Reasons For Tears

    Different Reasons For Tears.(61st Chapter)

  62. The Sum Up Of Tonight

    The Sum Up Of Tonight.(62nd Chapter)

  63. Don't Be Late?

    Don't Be Late?(63rd Chapter)

  64. Not Happening

    Not Happening.(64th Chapter)

  65. Make That Three

    Make That Three.(65th Chapter)

  66. Could You Please Hug Me?

    Could You Please Hug Me?(66th Chapter)

  67. Everything Around Me Is Telling Me To Cry

    Everything Around Me Is Telling Me To Cry.(67th Chapter)

  68. Decision Taken

    Decision Taken. (6th Chapter)

  69. I Love The Way

    I Love The Way.(69th Chapter)

  70. Stay Or Go?

    Stay Or Go? (70th Chapter)

  71. Greed

    Greed. (71st Chapter)

  72. Boiling Insides

    Boiling Insides.(72nd Chapter)

  73. Lucky

    Lucky.(73rd Chapter)

  74. A Box

    A Box.(74th Chapter

  75. Fashion Clash

    Fashion Clash.(75th Chapter)

  76. Splash!

    Splash!(76th Chapter)

  77. Plan

    Plan.(77th Chapter)

  78. The good News Is

    The good News Is.(78th Chapter)

  79. Jackpot!

    Jackpot!(79th Chapter)

  80. Too Much, Or Nothing

    Too Much, Or Nothing. (80th Chapter)

  81. The Nurse

    The Nurse. (81st Chapter)

  82. ATTENTION!!!



Are you going to make a new story? Ive read all of them and I'm in love with your writing
this story has been awesome!!! <3