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Face Down


Because of Aaron, Aspen thought no one could ever actually love her, until she met the violent and beautiful Harry, and her life would never be the same.


Aaron Winter

Aaron Winter

Aspen's cold-hearted boyfriend, hates Harry

Aimee Charolett

Aimee Charolett

One of Aspen's best friends, Niall's girlfriend

Amber James

Amber James

Aspen's best friend, Mason's girlfriend

Aspen Shadows

Aspen Shadows

Aaron's girlfriend, falls in love with Harry

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Falls in love with Aspen, hates Aaron

Leah Valerie Shadows

Leah Valerie Shadows

Aspen's new baby girl, born premature, biological father is Aaron

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

One of Harry's best friends

Mason Shadows

Mason Shadows

Aspen's older brother, Amber's boyfriend

Meleena Starr

Meleena Starr

In love with Aaron, wants Aspen out of the picture, use to be best friends with Aspen

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

One of Harry's best friends, Aimee's boyfriend


  1. Defiance

  2. Green Eyes

  3. This Means War

  4. The Kiss

  5. The Reaction

  6. Home Sweet Hospital

  7. And Stay Out

  8. Too Perfect

  9. Meeting Louis

  10. The First Time

  11. The Hookup

  12. The Move

  13. A New Beginning

    Aspen spends the first day of her new life moving into Harry's place...and his heart.

  14. Danger in the Darkness

    Aspen's first night at Harry's doesn't go quite according to plan.

  15. Who Let the Dogs Out?

    Aspen and Harry discover the source of the crashing noise.

  16. Attacked

  17. Regaining Trust

  18. Getting HER Home

    This is for Carissa! Hope you enjoy it!

  19. Fatal Attraction

  20. Secrets

  21. Nightmare

  22. Tests

  23. The News

  24. Visits

  25. The Confession

  26. News

  27. Complications

  28. Eclipse (All Yours)

    After all that's happened to Aspen, it's hard to accept life with a child. What will it take for Aspen to accept her baby?

  29. Not an update!!

  30. Finally a Family

  31. Facing the Inevitable


Glad you're enjoying the story! Don't worry, I'll keep icedragon456 focused. ;)

I just started reading this story yesterday and i already love it!!!!
harry and aspen should totally take custody of leah, that jerk aaron dosen't deserve leah
update soon please♥♥♥♥

@hailey colleen should read this book

Haha your welcome:)

Thank you, Carissa! Even though I'm not the main author or anything, it's really nice to know that there are people as excited for icedragon456's stories as you are. It makes me really happy. Thank you. :)