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Little Black Dress

♡ Chapter 33 ♡

Claire's POV (Diana's Aunt)
Fuck. That Harry kid keeps getting in the way! I went in to visit Diana about 5 times, but every time I did he was there! The doctors said he never left! I was going to put poison in her IV, but that stupid kid would have seen me!

Now I need to kill her another way... and it needs to look like an accident.

I heard a knock at my car and it was the bimbo bitch... Lexi. I nodded and she opened the door.


"SHUT UP YOU BITCH, OR I'LL KILL YOU!" I said getting out my gun. She instantly shut her mouth.

"Now, let me think. Can you get everyone to vote for Diana as prom queen?" I asked

"Y-yes." she replied

"Good, you do that, and I'll get you out of trouble." I said to her smirking.

"O-okay." she replied scared for her life.

"Now go." I said shooing her away with my gun.

She practically ran out of my car, hoped into her's and left. I can already see the news paper headlines.

Dead Prom Queen.
Diana's POV
I walked into the house and instantly tripped over my feet. Why am I such a klutzy dumb ass?

"Easy there love." Harry said chuckling and helping me up.

"I missed this place." I admit.

"I missed visiting you here." he said smiling.

"Can you stay the night?" I ask pouting.

"Sure, let me call my mom and ask." he replied pulling out his phone.

"Okay I'll just be upstairs." I reply walking towards the staircase.

I walked into my room and changed into a crop top and some booty shorts. Moment's after Harry walked in.

"My mom says I can-" He stops mid sentence and checks me out.

"Diana, please change. I can see your stomach." he says in a serious tone.

"What's wrong with that?" I pout getting on the bed sitting on my knee's.

"Here put this on." he says pulling some pants and a t-shirt out of my wardrobe.

"Nope." I reply.

"Diana, you have no idea how hot you look right now. I know you're not ready so please don't make this difficult for me." he pleaded.

I slowly lay down on my bed and stretch my arms so that my crop top revivals a small part of my black lace bra.

"Sorry I didn't hear you, I was yawning." I reply smirking.

Harry walks over and moments later he's hovering over me face to face with me.

"Put these on." he says angrily. He's so hot when he's mad.

"No." I reply, making him get even angrier.

"Don't make me put these on you myself." he says smirking. Ha he thinks he's won.

"Sure. Be my guest. I'll help you with the first part." I reply siting us up and taking off my top.

"W-what are..can you...um." I smirk to myself at his loss for words when I notice something rising out of his jeans. I can't help but laugh.

"What's so funny?" he asks.

"Excited I see." I reply laughing.

"Fuck it." he says before pushing me back down on the bed.

He quickly gives me a hard and passionate kiss, our tongues fighting for dominance, before he works down my neck. I moan lightly and dig my nails into his back. He starts to nibble and bite wherever he can, leaving marks up and down my neck. My bra is gone in a matter of seconds and goes to work on my breasts.

Am I going to have sex with Harry? HOLY SHIT? Is this happening. I quickly panic and he can tell.

"Love I know you're not ready for this and we can wait." he says smiling.

He's perfect. He cares. He's giving ME the choice and I respect that. He's the one that saved me from Lexi. He's the one that I find hope in. He's the guy in my dreams. So why am I holding back? WHAT'S HOLDING ME BACK?

... nothing.

I roughly kiss him and he picks up on the fact that I want to go through with this.

"You sure love?" he asks.

"More than ever." I reply.

Harry took off his shirt in a swift motion and then went back to kissing me. I fumbled with his belt so he helped and took off his own pants.

We were kissing so passionately that when he applied soft pressure to my aching core, and I let out a quick moan from the surprise. I bucked my hips and adjusted my body to meet his fingers even more. Harry slowly slid down my yoga shorts and tossed them to the side. I was nervous when he hooked his long fingers into the hem of my panties and slid them off.

"No worries love, I can make you feel so good." Harry hungrily whispered in my ear.

He grinned on me a little bit before he burred his face in my aching core. His tongue went in and I moaned his name, and it only got crazier from that moment on. He kept using his tongue and his fingers making me repetitively scream his name. I was about to hit my climax when he stopped.

"Sorry love, don't want you to get too excited before the main event." he said smirking.

"Harry really?" I asked angrily.

"Sorry, I'm just teasing." he replied seriously.

"I know, but now cut the crap. I need you." I said huskily grabbing his face and kissing it hungrily.

Harry got the message and quickly leaned over and grabbed a foil packet from his jeans. He opened it with his teeth and slid the condom on his huge erection. He was lined at my entrance and gave me a concerned look.

"Ready darling?" he asked.

"Yes." I replied.

He slowly went into me and it hurt. Not as bad as I thought it would, but still painful.

"It get's better love, just bare with me." he whispered before connecting our lips.

Slowly the pain starts to fade and unimaginable pleasure takes over.

"H-harry, ff-faster." I moan.

He chuckles a little before beginning to move and I try to meet his thrusts, moving my hips with him. I moan loudly and he does too. The feeling so much better than anything I had ever experienced before, it's so strange and new to me. It's also strange yet so right to be doing this with Harry.

Harry increases his pace, thrusting in and out without mercy. The feeling is indescribable but so amazing. It's like I'm in heaven.

"I'm close." he mutters

"Me too."

"One, two..." he doesn't even finish before we both release.

It takes him a minute but he catches his breath and plops down next to me.

"That was-"

"Amazing." I answer.

"Diana, I love you. You know that right?" he asks.

"No shit." I reply laughing "I love you too." I add.

I slowly get up and put on some pajama shorts and a tank top. Harry takes off the condom then slides on his boxers before climbing into bed with me. I feel his warm arm wrap around me and I instantly feel less alone and cold.

"Goodnight love." Harry saying quietly into my ear.

"Goodnight." I reply smiling.

I closed my eyes and I still couldn't believe what had happened. I had sex with Harry Styles. The boy who bullied me, who I used to hate...who I love.


So...they banged. Got some. Yeeyee. <--- ignore my awkwardness

Umm.. happy? I just thought it was time since they've been together for like forever now!


Are You Happy They Banged? (I'm quite blunt)

What Do You Think Is Going To Happen At Prom?

ღ Alice Rose ღ


@Nialler's Baby
I'm pretty sure that quote is from tfios

I know i'm late reading this but yea. I just finished chapter 21 and you used the quote 'and in this moment we are infinite' from Perks of Being a Wallflower and I love that movie so much. And i'm about to cry because the movie was so sad..... But i Love this story!!!


Okay so I read this like 2 years ago or sumat and I lost it coz I didn't have an account and I forgot the name but oh. My. God. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUIS AND I STILL FANGIRL ABOUT IT AND CRY AND LAUGH AND UGH. Just saying ur an amazing writter and don't ever forget that xxxxxx

Harry just jinxed their prom night.