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Helping Her Out The Darkness..

He raped somebody and he is a womanizer!?

Sarah's POV

Then Jack felt to the ground. A boy knocked him down. He saved me :) !
"Is everything okay?" He asked me. His voice is amazing!! "Uhhmm.. y-yeah i g-guess.." Why am i stuttering!? Come on! "Okay, are you sure?" "Yes, i am!" Hes protective and i like that.

"So... Who are you.. I'm Harry Styles." "I'm new here. I'm Sarah Tomlinson." He looked at me. He was shocked. Why!? "The sister from L-louis T-tomlin-nson?" "Yes, is that a problem? What's going on!? Why is everybody afraid of Louis!? What did he wrong!?" He was scared.

"H-he r-raped so m-many girls! And y-you don't k-know the problem!?" He did? Why!? I didnt know that! "I didn't know that! I'm sorry.. I'll go talk to him as we're home okay?" I smiled to me. "Okay, love"

"Oh and by the way you look stunning!" I blushed. "I can tell you the same. You're cute to! And thank you for saving me!" "Anytime Babe. See ya later!" "Okay!" He called me babe!! AAAHHH!!

Okay i have to go to Louis. I really need to talk to him! WHERE IS HE!!? "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON COME HERE NOW!!!" I shouted to him. He's so mean to people! "YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER SARAH FUCKING SHY TOMLINSON!!" Oh now i am mad at him! NO ANGRY!!

"Don't you dare to fucking call me that!! I HATE YOU! YOU NEVER RESPECTED ME AND YOU HATE ME!! YOU NEVER PROTECT ME AND YOU NEVER WILL! WHY AREN'T YOU LIKE HARRY STYLES!?" He was shocked. Why!? Did i say something wrong?

"HARRY STYLES, MY SISTER, IS A WOMANIZER!!" Then he walked off and his lads followed him. What!? A WOMANIZER!? I have to talk to Harry NOW!


Chaptaah 2!!!

Love yaa guys <3




I just want a happy ending for them. And also if you can write next of the married and already have kids like in 2 years and that they are happy sorry if you can see I like sorry with happy ending

She has to survive I want her to survive and I want her to wake up so her and harry can get back together please


I just did :) Enjoy!

Please update I want to know what happens