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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction)

Chapter 43

“Maid-girl did this to you? You’ve gotta be kidding me! That is so embarrassing, Dalia!” Amy observed the damage on her friend’s head and grimaced.

“I didn’t know she’d be so dangerous, A! Plus, she had an accomplice!” Dalia whined and moaned when her head throbbed from the pain.

“Urgh! So did you as far as I remember!” Amy looked at Jenny, who chuckled nervously before looking down at the ground sheepishly.

“You guys are such an embarrassment! Can’t you do anything properly? I should just banish you from the group!” Amy sat plopped back down on her bed, and started browsing through the magazine.



The two girls were on their knees, begging Amy for forgiveness. Even the church walls had never heard a plea as desperate and honest. Amy rolled her eyes at how annoying they sounded as they went on and on about how sorry they were and how they would never do it again. Her mind had wandered off to another thought. Morgan was becoming more daring by the day. And Amy needed to put a stop to it.

“Okay! Shut up! I need to think!” Amy got up and paced the room. Dalia and Jenny also got up, following Amy’s movements. The queen stopped, spun around in irritation and put her hands over hips.
“What the fuck do you guys think you’re doing?”

“Umm- Following you?” Dalia chimed in, confused by the annoyed look on Amy’s face.

“God! Can’t you do anything right?” Amy balled up her fists by her sides and let out a small scream.


The two girls scurried away in fear. Nobody dared to make the queen angry after all. If they did, it would lead to nothing but destruction.

“Wait!” Amy turned to them as a smirk started pulling at her lips. “You guys might not be completely useless after all!”

"Morgan, take number 5." The bald man with the round belly bellowed, making Aria jump as she took the order of another customer.

"Y- yes, Mr. Belfast." Aria quickly scribbled down the order and moved onto the next table. She spoke, smiled and waited as patiently as they needed her to be. And she could tell that her efforts were paying off when the customers left her an extra tip.

She had also noticed how some of them had eyed her, and she had been extremely uncomfortable when one of them had slipped a piece of paper along with the bill, with his number written on it. However, what she hadn't noticed was the eyes of her employer following her every move. Noting and calculating.

Aria bid goodbye to the girl she had become friends with on her first day, Lola. Lola was a stunning brunette with green eyes. She was in college and Aria had found out a lot about this girl in the small amount of time they had spent together. It was Lola who had helped her out when she had gotten the tables mixed up and when she had almost dropped her tray on a customer.

A gentle breeze blew the rogue tendrils which had gotten loose from her ponytail, tickling her cheeks. Her mind was in a thousand places at once. She was so distracted that she didn't notice the hand that grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into the alley next to the cafe.
Her mouth was roughly covered up by her assaulter as she involuntarily let out a scream. However, her brain kicked in and she stopped. She sighed in relief when she remembered two similar situations that took place this morning. The hand slipped from her mouth and she giggled. She began turning, a smile tugging her lips as she spoke, "You really need to stop doing th-"

Her words were left incomplete by the sight of someone she thought she’d never see again. Her jaw dropped and her heart started beating in its rib cage when her eyes met a pair of blue ones instead of the anticipated green. She shook her head and blinked a couple of times to ensure she wasn't hallucinating.

Louis Tomlinson stood in front of her with a smile and a curious frown adorning his forehead. He was standing there, after a week without any contact, and looking at her as though nothing had happened. Aria, however, had other things in her head. She thanked her lucky stars for not having blabbed out the name of the boy she thought had pulled her into the alley.

Aria focused her eyes back on Louis. He looked even better than she remembered; from his messy brown hair to the cute smirk tugging his lips. His blue eyes were filled with the usual mischievous glint and it pulled at Aria's chest. Had this been the boy who had wooed her and made her laugh? Cared for her and worried about her? If it was, then why had he disappeared? Why had he never called back after the date? What had she done to deserve this?

"Stop doing what, babe? Who'd you think I was?"

His words brought her back to the present and her heart started beating fast once more. She fidgeted with her fingers and bit on her lips, trying to come up with a smart answer.

"Oh umm- I umm-" Aria scratched her head for an excuse, but her tired mind kept thinking of a million things at once. "I thought you were Li. She k- keeps pulling me into c- classrooms."

"Well, you looked at me like you saw a ghost. Do I look that bad?" Louis joked, touching his face and for the first time Aria didn't laugh. She knew what he was doing. She looked at him straight in the eye, before beginning to walk away.


"Don't, Louis."

"Babe, pleas-"

"I'm not your babe, Louis. Please just leave me alone."

It hurt. She didn't realize how much it affected her till that moment. They had had the most perfect time together at their date and he had vanished like it hadn’t affected him at all the next day. And if that wasn’t worse, he had chosen the day her parents had to separate to leave her like that, feeling broken and lonely.

"Aria, please." Louis grabbed her shoulder and made her turn so that he could look at her straight in the eye. "Aria, I'm sorry for not contacting yo-"

"Not contacting me? Is that the only thing you think I'm upset about, Louis?" Aria looked at him, annoyed beyond belief that he thought that she was angry because of her wounded ego. "You freaking disappeared! Gone. Just like that. No phone call. No message. No nothing! I was worried sick about you!"

"I can explain! Look, just hear me out." Louis tried to hold her hand, which Aria pulled away. She took a few calming breaths before looking at him again. Maybe he had a good explanation. Maybe there was a good enough reason for him to ditch her like that.

Louis knew it was the only chance he had so he started speaking. "Babe, I had to leave the country cause of an urgent problem. And in my haste, I forgot my phone behind and didn't realize until I had boarded the plane."

"What urgent problem?"

"I- I'm sorry. I can't tell you that." His mouth was a grim line and Aria felt the disappointment overwhelm her. He didn't even have a proper excuse.

"Then I guess we have nothing else to talk about."

Aria began to turn away but Louis stepped in her way. "Babe! Aria, please. Try to understand."

"Louis." Aria let out a defeated sigh. "I've had a long week. And I really do want to understand you. I swear, I do. But I really need to go home now."

Louis bobbed his head in understanding and moved to let her pass. She looked at his face one last time, filled with distress and some other emotion that Aria couldn't recognize, before walking away.


Aria poked her head into her mother's room to see if she was asleep. When she heard the steady rhythm of her mother's breathing, she slowly shuffled in and carefully walked over to her mother's bed.

Beatrice was lying haphazardly on the bed, clutching her blanket tightly to her chest. Her husband's blanket to be precise. Her face was red and puffed up as she let out a dry sob in her sleep. Aria fixed the strands of hair that had fallen on her mother's forehead and tucked her mother in with her own blanket.

"I need you to be okay, Ma. I really need you to be okay."

Aria kissed her cheek lightly so that Beatrice didn't stir and left the room. She crossed the corridor and went to the kitchen to grab something to eat. She opened the fridge to realize that her mother had forgotten to cook dinner for the second day in a row.

She grabbed the loaf of bread and took out a jar of Nutella and fixed herself a sandwich, only half hungry. She bit through half of it before giving up and storing the remains in the fridge for the next morning. They couldn't afford to throw food away. And from the look of things, they wouldn't be able to afford food at all.

She locked the doors properly, switched off the lights and went up to her room. Her mind was elsewhere when she turned on the light, only to be scared to death. Harry was lying on her bed comfortably and typing away in his phone.

"Harry!" She hissed, quickly shutting her door and locking it. "You can't keep sneaking into my room like this. My mom'll kill me if she finds out."

"'bout time." Was his only reply, as he continued to type away. Aria huffed and grabbed the first clothes in sight from the wardrobe and made her way to the bathroom for a shower. She didn’t need to deal with him. She had had a bad day as it was.

"I want you gone by the time I return from the shower." Aria declared, but knew Harry would ignore it from the crinkles by his eyes. The bastard was laughing at her.

Aria gritted her teeth in annoyance and walked into her bathroom. That piece of ass had some nerve to pop into her room after what he did that morning at the library. But the annoyance wasn't aimed at him, Aria knew. She started the jet of water and sat down at a corner of the shower and wept silently.

It was everything. All these feelings. These indecisions. These problems. These misunderstandings. All of it. She didn't know who to tell. Who to ask for advice. She was exhausted both mentally and physically. She just wanted to sleep. Because that was the only time she didn't need to think. She pulled herself together, finished her nightly routine and started putting on her clothes.

Only after having finished her shower did she realize the mistake of grabbing clothes in haste. She had forgotten to bring her favourite pajama pants and was standing only in her underwear and a long yellow loose t-shirt. She fidgeted whether she should ask Harry for help. But then Aria realized that it would mean him going through her clothes.

While she was proud of whatever she owned, she didn't want him to see how less it was compared to his own. So, she threw caution to the air and got out with just her underwear and t-shirt on. As she had known, Harry was still there but he was now going through the books that was scattered around her table.

Upon seeing her, he stopped and looked her up from head to toe, making her body heat up in embarrassment. She pulled down her t-shirt as a nervous gesture and decided it would be best if she just ignored him. She walked to her wardrobe and grabbed her pajama bottoms but Harry stopped her.

"Don't." He whispered. "I like it better this way."

"Well, I'm not in the mood to please you, Harry."

Aria bent down and started to wear the pajamas she had taken out but Harry moved faster. He snatched the pants from her hands and when Aria tried to take it back from him, he pulled her to him by her waist. Before Aria could comprehend his intention, Harry lowered his head and kissed her. She was exhausted, and didn’t want to fight him.

Plus, his kisses were like a drug. And boy was she addicted to them. It made her forget. It made her weak. And at the same time, it made her feel alive.

After what felt like hours Harry broke away, breathing heavily. He turned her around and pulled her against him, his chest against her back and his erection between her butt cheeks. Aria moaned at the contact and he kissed her neck, tracing an imaginary tattoo against her thighs again and holding both of her wrists tightly with his other hand.

Aria didn't even notice when he had cleared the table and had her bent face down against the surface. She frowned in confusion when he asked her to stay put and removed his hand from her body completely. She thought he had probably backed away but gasped when she felt the warmth of his palm against her inner thigh.

Harry stroked her thighs, drawing circles as he discovered and touched the forbidden fruit that was her long toned thighs. Aria gasped and moaned in sync with his strokes, getting wetter by the minute. Now she knew why people liked getting physical. It was pure torture and thoroughly exciting at the same time.

She jumped when she felt his hot breath against her inner thighs but Harry pushed her back into place with his hand and continued kissing. Aria protested, jumping and squirming under his touch but Harry didn't budge.

Aria felt as though she would collapse when she felt his lips against her throbbing, wet but clothed cunt. It was as though a shock wave had passed through her. Harry kissed, satisfied when he realized how wet she was for him.

"Fuck. Look how ready you are for me, babe."

She felt his mouth move over her clothed pussy as though he was actually making out with it. Softly prodding with his tongue and sucking the thin material of her panty, sending jolts of pleasure across her body. Aria turned around to see what he was doing, to see if any of it was real.

She moistened further at the sight of him kneeling between her legs, stroking his tongue along the opening of her drenched lips. Her body shuddered and she turned back and closed her eyes shut, feeling the tension build.

"Harry, I ca-" Aria was cut off because Harry chose that moment to suck hard on the clit that was swelling and pushing against her drenched panty. It was like a soft pearl against his lips and tongue. A pearl Harry was dying to ravish without any barrier. But he knew better.
He started massaging the rest of her cunt with his fingers and continued his assault on her clit furiously. In a moment of heat, Harry sucked it hard and grazed his teeth across it, making her pussy clench as the shudders of pleasure took over her body.

"I'm cumming!" She announced, grabbing the edges of the table as her body raked with the effects of her orgasm. Harry gave a satisfactory kiss on her butt, and got up with a smirk on his face. Aria sagged against the table, depleted of all energy, breathing in shallow puffs.

That was the best orgasm ever, she decided. She tried getting up on her wobbly legs but almost fell. Harry caught her by the arm and chuckled. He put her hand over his shoulder and led her to her bed. She was hanging onto him, what with him being way too tall for her.

"Truce?" Harry proposed, laying her down gently on the bed. Aria looked at him in confusion. Her mind was still buzzing with the after effects.

"For this morning." He explained and smiled at her lust-drunken state. He liked her like this. All passionate and sexy and exhausted from his endeavors.

Aria chuckled and replied, "Truce. But I do have a question for you."

"Ask away!" Harry chimed. However, Aria was unable to frame the question. They were interrupted by three sharp knocks and the rattling of her door knob. Aria's heart plummeted when she heard her mother's voice booming from the other side.

"Aria Morgan, open the door this instant!"


Aria's Outfit

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