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My Summer Love

Chapter 1

*Kourtney’s POV*

The Day is here October 25. My Childhood friend comes back to the U.K. I haven’t seen him in forever. We met actually at my 5th birthday party on March 11, I was obviously 5 and he was 9. I remember it perfectly.


It was March 11, 2003. I was at the local park having my 5th birthday party with all of my Preschool friends and family. I was having a blast on the playground when I stumbled upon a beautiful boy with the most beautiful colored eyes I have ever seen!

“Hi, I’m Kourtney! What’s your name?” I asked the beautiful boy in front of me.

“My name is Harry, Harry Styles. Is it your birthday?” he replied to me.

“Yeah! I’m 5 today! Come on! Lets go get cake and ice-cream!”

We spent the rest of the day playing together and we grew to be amazing friends all throughout school.

***Flashback Over***

All through high school we stayed the best of friends words could describe. We picked all the same classes so we could be together as well. After he graduated I grew depressed because I never saw him anymore. Then he entered the X-Factor and made it out in third place. Not by himself but in a band called One Direction with 4 other boys named Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn.

You can probably guess that I didn’t see him very often so I grew even more depressed if that is even possible. My sophomore year I met the most amazing 3 girls I could possibly ask to be my friends, Natalie, Onna, and Paige. They keep me going.

Then things turned for the worse…again. My mom, dad, and little sister moved to the United States without me. They only left me a note. That’s it. I was in 8th grade then so my advanced history teacher just took be into her life like it was meant to be. I felt loved for once.

Then again for what seemed like the thousandth time. My life turned. My history teacher was moving to United States. I couldn’t bear to leave the U.K. I was on cloud nine when Harry’s mother, Anne offered to adopt me and be my legal guardian. I was so happy. I live in my own house though. My teacher pays my rent. The house is beautiful and quite big for just me. When the boys come home they are going to stay with me. I swear I’m I luckiest girl on the planet!


***Author’s Note***
Thanks everyone for reading. Just to let you know I will most likely put a small little author’s note at the end of each chapter. As of right now I have no clue on how often I will be able to update! My sign off will be ~Kourtney K. as of right now!

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i think twist is margot frank!

Hi. This story is amazing. Are you going to update. I wonder what's gonna happen when they leave for therer tour

@Beautiful Tragedy

Do you have a twitter?

Ok, tell me if you need anything! I would be glad to help!

@Beautiful Tragedy

Yeah everything is pretty good. I just don't really know how to continue this story. I'm writing a new one though and ill let you know when I post it!