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My Summer Love

Chapter 2

***Kourtney’s POV***

It’s finally 3 in the morning. Yes I said 3 in the morning. To be honest I thought the time would never come! It is almost time to go get the boys. Most importantly see Harry, who I haven’t seen in what seems like forever. It might be a good idea to get ready though.

I hop out of bed and walk over to my bathroom tripping over just about everything on my way there. I hobble in turn on the lights and turn on the shower. I slowly peal off my pajamas and step into the warm shower. I take extra time to wash every inch of my body to kill time. Next I get out, dry off, and wrap up my long blonde hair in a towel. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and do my makeup while I wait for my hair to dry. When my hair is dry as it will get in the towel I just blow-dry it to finish it off. Harry likes my naturally wavy hair. I choose to wear my dark skinny jeans from Forever 21 my pink ombre shirt and my white North Face jacket since its chilly out. I top it off with my light blue vans.

“FUCK!” I yell to myself when I realize that I’m running late to pick up Alex from her house across the street. I run down stairs mentally making a list of everything I grabbed making sure I’m not forgetting anything and I hop into my car. I speed down the street and pick up Alex who was waiting by her front door.

“And we’re off to see the boys!” Alex yells almost casing me to get into an accident.

“Alex! Calm down!” I replied.

We spent the whole hour long car ride listening to musc, One Direction of course. When we get to the airport I find a good parking space and Alex and I walk into the airport to meet the boys. It takes about 20 minutes before we hear the announcement:

Flight 723 to Holmes Chapel has arrived. Your luggage will be at claim number 5. I repeat flight number 723 has arrived. You can retrieve your baggage at claim number 5. Thank you.

Alex and I just abut jump out of our skin when we hear that. About another 5 minutes later everyone starts to walk out. When I see Harry I just freeze. We make eye-contact for a split second before he starts running towards me. He runs up and embraces me in a huge hug and just sit there for what seems like an eternity. I cant complain though.

“Oh. My. Gosh. Kourtney I haven’t seen you in forever! I have missed you SO much I cant even explain it!” he told me.

“Oh Harry I’ve missed you too!”

We continue hugging until I hear coughing behind I look up and see Alex and the other four boys starring at us. Well this is awkward

“Well I’m Louis and tonight I suggest you two get a room.” Louis greets me

“Preferably away from mine. I’m Niall by the way.” Niall cuts in.

“I’m Liam and lastly this is Zayn.” Liam adds.

“Nice to meet you Kourtney love. We know about everything about you from Mr. Lover Boy over here.” Zayn tells me.

I look at Harry and he blushes.

Then I here the most familiar voice I have ever heard behind me.

“Hi Kourtney, haven’t seen you in a while.”

Brayden, Brayden Prussel. My ex.


I acidentally deleted my fanfiction. The first 5 chapters. Luckily i have a flash drive i saved everything to so if you started reading this you will be able to keep up.



i think twist is margot frank!

Hi. This story is amazing. Are you going to update. I wonder what's gonna happen when they leave for therer tour

@Beautiful Tragedy

Do you have a twitter?

Ok, tell me if you need anything! I would be glad to help!

@Beautiful Tragedy

Yeah everything is pretty good. I just don't really know how to continue this story. I'm writing a new one though and ill let you know when I post it!