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Undercover Protector


"DUNK!" Nicole shouted as fear stroke her face for the first time. Her hands shaking over the gun grip, as a tiny tear drew down her cheek from her indescribable feeling...

A story that has never been written before, filled with extreme action, roof-breaking romance, and a mystery of a hidden identity; that is yet to be revealed in this story.

This is a Harry Styles Fan fiction, but Niall, Zayn, Louis, & Liam play main roles as each of them have a reason in the story. If you love any of the boys (Especially Harry), then start your journey with our Main Female Lead, the beautiful Nicole Moore... <3


*Nicole Moore

*Nicole Moore

Main Charater.

Amanda Rale

Amanda Rale

Her Role Will Be Further Identified In the Story.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

A Member of the One Direction Band (Main).

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

A Member of the One Direction Band.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

A Member of the One Direction Band.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

A Member of the One Direction Band.



Her Role Will Be Further Identified In the Story.

Vera Prokyankov

Vera Prokyankov

Her Role Will Be Further Identified In the Story.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

A Member of the One Direction Band.


  1. This is How It Started

    This is How It Started. (1st Chapter)

  2. This is Nonsense!

    This is Nonsense! (2nd Chapter)

  3. Swan Transformation

    Swan Transformation. (3rd Chapter)

  4. Mission Initiation

    Mission Initiation. (4th Chapter)

  5. Wrong Booth

    Wrong Booth. (5th Chapter)

  6. Intelligent

    Intelligent.(6th Chapter)

  7. Frights of Thoughts

    Frights of Thoughts.(7th Chapter)

  8. Wonderful Game

    Wonderful Game.(8th Chapter)

  9. A Visitor In the Basement

    A Visitor In the Basement.(9th Chapter)

  10. Positive Stutter

    Positive Stutter.(10th Chapter)

  11. Buongiorno "Good Morning"

    Buongiorno "Good Morning".(11th chapter)

  12. This Can't Be True

    This Can't Be True.(12th Chapter)

  13. Scared

    Scared.(13th Chapter)

  14. Go To Bed

    Go To Bed.(14th Chapter)

  15. Nicole?

    Nicole?(15th Chapter)

  16. Si!

    Si!(16th Chapter)

  17. Hold That Thought

    Hold That Thought.(17th Chapter)

  18. Too Close!

    Too Close! (18th Chapter)

  19. Perfect Mixture

    Perfect Mixture.(19th Chapter)

  20. Agent Rale For A Day

    Agent Rale For A Day. (20th Chapter)

  21. Comfy?

    Comfy?(21st Chapter)

  22. Cheap Move

    Cheap Move.(22nd Chapter)

  23. A Pump

    A Pump.(23rd Chapter)

  24. Sleep Tight, Angel...

    Sleep Tight, Angel...(24th Chapter)

  25. Eww!

    Eww!(25th Chapter)

  26. Watch Out!

    Watch Out!(26th Chapter)

  27. Calm Down

    Calm Down.(27th Chapter)

  28. Who, Sir?

    Who, Sir?(28th Chapter)

  29. Funny Fact

    Funny Fact.(29th Chapter)

  30. Nickey?

    Nickey?(30th Chapter)

  31. British System

    British System.(31st Chapter)

  32. It's Cute.

    It's Cute.(32nd Chapter)

  33. Coffee?

    Coffee?(33rd Chapter)

  34. Surprise!

    Surprise!(34th Chapter)

  35. A Note

    A Note.(35th Chapter)

  36. Christmas Bounty

    Christmas Bounty.(36th Chapter)

  37. It Sucks!

    It Sucks!(37th Chapter)

  38. Tasty

    Tasty.(38th Chapter)

  39. Harry?!

    Harry?!(39th Chapter)

  40. Get back

    Get back.(40th Chapter)

  41. The Secret

    The Secret.(41st Chapter)

  42. Enough!

    Listen to: "One Direction - Better Than Words" While Reading!(42nd Chapter)

  43. Final Mission.

    Final Mission.(43rd Chapter)

  44. Shocking Truth

    Shocking Truth.(44th Chapter)

  45. What's the Matter?

    What's the Matter?(45th Chapter)

  46. There You Are!

    There You Are!(46th Chapter)

  47. Please Be Careful

    Please Be Careful.(47th Chapter)

  48. Good Bye, Nicole

    Good Bye, Nicole.(48th Chapter)

  49. Mate?

    Mate?(49th Chapter)

  50. No Harold

    No Harold.(50th Chapter)

  51. Who is it?

    Who is it?(51st Chapter)

  52. France

    France.(52nd Chapter)

  53. Jasmine

    Jasmine.(53rd Chapter)

  54. Hey Babe

    Hey Babe.(54th Chapter)

  55. Who's There Part 1

    Who's There Part 1.(55th Chapter)

  56. Who's There Part 2

    Who's There Part 2.(56th Chapter)

  57. The Choice Conversation

    The Choice Conversation.(57th Chapter)

  58. Cheer Up

    Cheer Up.(58th Chapter)

  59. With Us

    With Us.(59th Chapter)

  60. Anyone In Here?

    Anyone In Here?(60th Chapter)

  61. Epilogue.


  62. NEW STORY!



Nope it wasn't ! :D hehe <3

oh shiz i thought the door was locked

Glad you did Maggy! I'm terribly sorry for replying late, but it's only because I have so much less time to myself these days :( (Y) <3 Forgive me love <3 ! xoxo God Bless You

Loved it!!

Thank you so much Macy! <3 I am more than happy that you loved the story and that you are a fan of my writing style, it means the world to me really! <3 :D xoxo I started a new story and I just posted it now, so check it out: http://www.onedirectionfanfiction.org/Story/30471/Our-Moment/