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The mentally brave ( Editing)


I don't know how many of you know what's it like to be the outcast, but I for one can tell you all about it.
The weird girl who always knows too much for her own good.
But I can't help it that I can read your mind. Believe me it's not a gift it's a curse. I don't believe in the super natural, I believe it's a glitch in my brain. But abnormal as it is, that glitch of mine saved his life. And with saving his life my problems intensified. I was compelled to go through all of those horrid tests again, them checking my brain, checking my reflexes, checking my strength. You see, they had to find a rational explanation for how a skinny little 16 year old managed to pick up a car and get a 17 year old boy, with two smashed legs out from under.
Once they let me go, I left. I had to find some answers of my own, find why my glitch has intensified, how come from reading thoughts, it went to performing actions.
Three years later I'm back at Holms chapel my home town, and I know more about myself and more about him then before I left.
One thing I've learned my time away that I'm more than willing to share with you now:
If I could save him all over again, I would. Because then my infatuation with him all those years ago would have been for nothing, and how would I be able to find out why he is the only one.
The only one I can't read.


Harry Styles

Harry Styles

The boy I can't read

Lizzie Silva

Lizzie Silva

Don't come near unless you want me to know all your secrets

Natalie Sliva

Natalie Sliva

my rock



I feel the same but overall it was an amazing story!

oh my... didn't mean to do that.. sorry.. hope your heart's ok xx

raylee raylee

i just finished it.... you literally just ripped my heart out, stomped on it and through it into giant fire....

Oh cool :) I just turned 20

In my early twenties x