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My Saviour

Chapter 34

Kylie’s P.O.V
“@onedirection: They’ve been rehearsing, and now they’re ready Paris. Take Me Home Tour starts here! 1DHQ x”
I tweeted just as the boys were doing their huddle/chant thing.
“Let’s do this Paris!” Liam shouted as they ran out onto stage. I smiled and stood leaning against the stage as I watched the 5 boys run around singing. They have so much fun out there, and it’s great to watch and be a part of. The concert flew by, and they were running off sweaty and exhausted.
“Shower before you hug me,” I laughed as Harry came running over dripping with sweat.
“Kay baby,” he kissed me and ran off to the showers. I went to go and find Lauren and got shouted at by a load of fans as soon as I walked into the arena. I ignored all of their comments, making a beeline for my sister. I got there and we walked backstage, quickly. They let us in considering I had my pass and then we stood around.
“How’d you find the show?” I asked her.
“It was amazing; they really know how to have fun.” Lauren acknowledged and I agreed. Harry came bounding over again, his hair now dripping from the shower. “You guys were so good.” Lauren said and he thanked her before hugging me.
“We’ve got to get back to the hotel as soon as possible before the fans start to gather.” Harry reminded me and I nodded. I said goodbye to Lauren and watched as she left the arena and then went and got my stuff. We left the arena and got into the vans. As we were driving out of the arena the girls were all pounding on the windows, which was so scary. It scared the life out of me and it got to the point where the boys actually had to put pressure on the other side to stop them caving in. When we finally got onto the main road back to the hotel, the boys let go of the windows.
“They really need to stop doing that,” Louis sighed.
“That was scary,” I admitted.
“We know love, it happens all the time and it scares us too, don’t worry.” Liam replied.
“That’s why I prefer the bus; they can’t reach the windows on that.” Zayn said and Niall agreed. We got back to the hotel and all ran inside. We went up to our rooms and Harry sat down on the bed on his phone as I read through my Twitter feed.
“@The1DGirlfriends: Kylie used to self-harm, she has scars all up her arms, as you can see in this picture.” They’d posted a picture of me that I’d put on my Facebook about 2 weeks ago. You could see my scars quite clearly, but I tried not to acknowledge that when I posted it. I didn’t really think about the fans seeing it and jumping to conclusions. I decided to post it on Twitter.
“@KylieJCarter: Apparently I used to self-harm, news to me pic.twitter.co.uk.to/mETr26”
I got loads of replies, all saying the same thing, “why do you have scars on your arms then,” and I didn’t reply. It’s none of their business, but them jumping to the conclusion of me self-harming isn’t how I want things to be, so I cleared that up. When I’d finished going through my Twitter feed, I decided to call Ben. I sat down in the chair in the corner of our hotel room and dialled his number.
“Hello?” Ben answered, confused.
“Hey Ben, it’s me, Kylie.”
“Oh remembered I exist have you?” He said and I sighed.
“I never forgot about you, I’ve just been busy.” I replied.
“I know, you’ve got a boyfriend now, you don’t need your brother. Just leave me alone Kylie. I don’t want to speak to you.” He hung up on me and I got up and walked into the bathroom, starting to cry. I used to be so close to Ben, and now he hates me.
“Kylie, come here,” I heard Harry, as he opened the bathroom door and engulfed me in a hug. “He’ll come around, give him time.” He said, picking me up and taking me to the bed. “If you want to cry, you come and cuddle me, okay?”
“Yeah,” I sniffed.
“Don’t lock yourself in the bathroom, I’m here for you.” He reminded me.
“I don’t get why you’re still here,” I admitted, making him pull me into his side.
“Because I care about you a lot Ky, ever since you came running to my house away from your dad I’ve cared about you. I hated seeing you the way you were in hospital. Seeing you upset isn’t much better. I know for a fact that you weren’t okay this morning in the shower, and that upset me. I want you to be happy and have a good life Ky, and I know you’re not going to be able to do that until that low life has left you alone but all you need to worry about is keeping positive. I’m just going to say it, I love you Kylie.” He said, and I instantly felt the smile on my face. “Don’t feel like you have to say it back, I’m not going to pressure you into it. I just want you to know that I love you, and I’m here for you, whenever you need me.” He kissed me. Suddenly, what started off as a bad day has turned into a good one. We got ready for bed and I fell asleep, wrapped in Harry’s arms. Happily.


I've been on a roll writing this story recently so you're lucky and are getting another update within a few days!

I hope you like this chapter, just giving you a few non drama chapters before the big drama!

Twitter: onedirectiontjk
Kik: torijaynek



Loved this story! Good job. <3 :)

Unfortunately yes, it will be up within the next half hour x

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