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The Supernaturals and the Normals


An impossible love. Maybe turned into a real love story.

Skyler Thompson was out one night at a party when she met a man who she shockingly liked. If only he knew the truth.

Luke Hemmings found a girl that he had feelings for. Love at first sight is possible in the time span of 0.2 seconds. Did he fall? (Proof: Love at first sight is real)

Ashton Irwin is looking for his mate, might he find her?

Skyler: an example of a female supernatural being that most humans believe don't exist.

Luke:an example of a human who thought supernatural beings like Skyler ceased to exist.

Ashton: an example of male supernatural being that humans don't believe in.

Werewolf: a "Wolf man" or "lycanthrope." A human and wolf mixture that is NOT created by humans and wolves hooking up.

Warlocks: Magical beings.

Vampire: dead being who feeds off the blood of humans and animals.

Spirits (ghosts): a being who has passed away, but cannot go to heaven or hell and is stuck on earth. Reason why is thought to be because they must 1: avenge their dead or 2: have another error to fix. Very few humans can see them, but supernatural beings can see them as if they are translucent humans. Supernaturals can tell the difference.

Demons: Supernatural beings from hell.

Angels: beings from heaven.

"Skyler, I'm the one who you're suppose to be with, choose me, I love you." He whispers the last part.


Ashton Irwin

Ashton Irwin

Has a secret, fun, funny, crazy, nice, charming, spontanious

Calum Hood

Calum Hood

Human, Nice, sweet, charming, fun, funny, bubbly

Dakota Martin

Dakota Martin

she has a secret you'll find out later., Skyler's best friend, nice, supportive, trustworthy, loyal, loves sweets, shy when you first meet her, girly, fun, funny, weird

Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings

Human, nice, charming, fun, funny, sweet, caring, crazy, weird, flirty

Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford

Human, funny, fun, shy, crazy when you know him, nice

Skyler Thompson

Skyler Thompson

She has a secret as well. , bubbly, fun, trustworthy, shy when you first meet her, crazy, weird, nice, must earn her trust, funny, partier, independant, supportive, dreamer.



Okay, so I will be updating in about a week, but I will see about working on it this weekend, it's just that this week I have like 20 things due and all at the end of the end of the week on the same exact day. So, wish me luck, if I don't die then I'll update. :-)

fivesos_4ever fivesos_4ever

Lyker <3

I love this story it's ssoooooo good update ASAP plz!!!

Bugaboo Bugaboo

Cool and plz plz plz with sprinkles on top update it mean so much

Nikelover555 Nikelover555


Lol, that's quite shocking because I assumed most would be Lyker fans, but yay! I got at least two different sides!

fivesos_4ever fivesos_4ever