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It Was Supposed to be a Dare

Chapter 2: The Dare

*Luke's POV*
I woke up the next day, The day of Michael's party. I don't think I want to go. I bet Ashton is going to try and hook me up with a girl, which I don't want a girlfriend at the moment. "Luke! Your friends are here!" My mum shouted. I rolled my eyes and went down stairs. "There you are mate! We've been looking for you since you stomped off at lunch yesterday!" Micheal said. "Okay." I said turning around. "Mate you need to come to the party! It's going to be a blast!" Michael shouted "Why should I come?" I asked "Because if you don't no one else will!" Calum shouted. I laughed, "Fine I'll come. Let me get dressed." I said "FYI Kayla and Kindell will be there." Michael shouted. I stopped in my tracks. "I saw how you looked at her yesterday." He winked "I don't like her." I mumbled walking off. The boys laughed at me as I walked up the stairs. I went into my room, brushed my hair and teeth got dressed and got my shoes on. I walked down stairs to see all the boys messing around. "Come on guys. Lets go!" I shouted. We jumped up and ran out the door, "The party starts in 5 hours." Michael said
*5 Hours later*
We were sitting being bored. Everyone was here and the music was loud. Michael Ashton Calum and I were sitting and talking. "Let's play truth or dare!" Michael shouted We all agreed "Luke Truth or dare?" Ashton asked. I thought about it "DARE!" I shouted, They laughed. "I dare you too..." Ashton stopped to think "Make the new girl fall in love with you." Ashton smirked. "What if I don;t want to?" I asked "You have to date Shell. The schools slut." Calum said. I rolled my eyes. This isn't going to be easy. "Fine. I'll do it." I sighed They cheered. I got up and walked over to Kayla. "Um, Hey Kayla." I said scratching the back of my neck. "Oh hey Luke!" She smiled. I smiled back. "You um want to go for a walk?" I asked "Uh, Sure I'll tell Kindell where I'll be." She said walking to her brother. Kayla walked back over. "Lets go!" She said. I laughed and we walked away. I looked back at the boys and they winked at me. I rolled my eyes. "So, Kayla why did you move here?" I asked "Well my mom got a new job so we had to move here." She said I nodded "Have you always lived here?" She asked I nodded "I love this place." She said I laughed "Its so beautiful." I said


Sorry this is cut short!! My dad is forcing me off so yeah hope you like


this is really good, i know it's been 6 months since you've updated, but could u try and update pls x

calibuhood calibuhood


Sprite??? Sprite???

well, that escalated quickly. :)

Update update update!!! It's so good

Robynn Robynn

Thanks :) I try to update every other day so hopefully I'll be able to update today :)

justarandomgirl justarandomgirl