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Catching Feelings (an Ashton Irwin Fanfic)-- on hiatus


Paisley Scott meets punk bad boy Ashton Irwin

If anyone could make me a punk edit of Ashton and Paisley you would literally be the best person ever.

I will have a better summary soon.. but I just started this fanfic so I don't really know what direction I am heading with it.. but I will say I would like to make it sort of gang related but idk.. you guys comment and tell me what you think should happen :) Also, this is originally posted on wattpad.. I will update it on there first.. so if you want to keep up with what is happening with this story you should go find me on wattpad my username is 5secondsofCas and my twitter is 5secondsofash6.. my twitter is only for the story.. I do have a personal twitter but that is not it lol




Paisley's best friend since childhood. Super caring for Paisley and would do anything for her

Ashton Irwin

Ashton Irwin

Personality yet to be discoverd.. Loves music, plays drums, bffs with Michael Luke and Calum. Covered in tattoos.

Calum Hood

Calum Hood

Bffs with Michael Ashton and Luke.. friendly with Pay and Alli.

Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings

Best friends with Michael Ashton Calum Paisley and Allison. passion for music.. has a soft spot for Pay.. and not in a romantic way

Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford

Obviously the Michael we all know and love.. Constantly dying his hair.. super caring. Best Friends with Paisley and Allison. But also best friends with Luke, Calum and Ashton

Paisley Scott

Paisley Scott

Main Character.. Allison's best friend. Super indecisive about everything in life besides music. Plays guitar piano drums and can sing.


  1. Chapter One

  2. Chapter 2

    Almost every chapter will be in Paisleys p.o.v if its not i will tell you

  3. Chapter Three

    SORRY i said i would update and i didnt.. i know im shit. lol lots going on right now im in the middle of moving houses.. so. here it is.. in all its shitty glory :)

  4. explaining myself (authors note)



thank you!!!! :)

Cassi Cassi

Its ok love by the way love this.

breanna breanna

Uupdaaaaaate :D please?xx

AlyHemmings AlyHemmings


ill follow you, my twitter dessy youth

I MADE A NEW TWITTER.. its me.. but not me.. idk like its not my account with my real life problems and complaints.. but it is my face.. and my name.. but I tweet stuff about bands too.. I was just bugging my friends and husband talking about band shit all the time.. oopsies but the name is casperkins6 SOOOOO go follow me because I tweeted a bunch of shit about getting pissed off with people hating on Ashton.. which I don't even know what caused that.. soo yeah. idk like they say he doesn't care about his fans but hes the one that makes most of the keeks and instagram videos and tweets the most so just stfu.. lol sorry but yeah lol

Cassi Cassi