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Catching Feelings (an Ashton Irwin Fanfic)-- on hiatus

Chapter One

Okay... so I am aware that most fanfics start out very similar.. and I hate it just as much as any of you all do... but pleeeeeaseeeee just bare with me and we will be alright :) Also I hate this chapter.. I am just basically trying to give you a back story.. I know its long and tedious and probably doesn't flow worth shit but oh well.
OH!! and by the way if any one knows how to make an edit for me to use as a cover that would be amazeballs.
Chapter One
"PAISLEY HURRY UP YOU ARE MAKING US LATE FOR CLASS!!!!!!!!" I rolled over just in time to see my door slamming open reveling my roommate and best friend Allison. "are you serious, you aren't even awake yet? you know how Mr. Scanlan is when we are late for his lectures"
"oh god, I overslept again.. shit shit shit!!!"
Now normally I am a pretty good student, but I have been struggling to stay interested this semester mainly because I hate all my classes, I honestly could care less about history.. there is a reason it is in the past lets leave it there people. I hurriedly got up and put on the first pair of shorts I could find and paired it with a hoodie from Topshop. I didn't bother messing with my hair.. messy is in nowadays I always say. Its not too bad when I don't mess with it.. it falls just before my waist in long dark waves. I put on a pair of sandals, grabbed my bag and walked out the door with Allison.
"you know your going to fail this semester if you keep this up right Pay?"
"I honestly don't even care, I mean I'm not positive on my major, but I am pretty sure I am leaning towards something not involving history.. or science... or math- okay you know what maybe I should just drop out now." I joked. "besides my grades are all B's that's good enough" You see Allison has always been much more interested in school than I am and the only reason I even came to college was so that she didn't have to be here by herself.. now I would never admit that to my mom but Allison knows it and I know it. I got good grades in high school but I have never been keen on extending my education any further than that. I've always taken a more musical approach, I play the guitar and the piano.. but I have never wanted to pursue anything from it career wise I enjoy that I can just do it for fun and not have anyone expecting anything from me with it.
We arrived to the class just in time and took our seats right up front. We had to give presentations today which was basically our midterm exams. Everyone was going smoothly and all of a sudden we heard the door open. I leaned over to Allison and voiced my thoughts "I thought everyone was here...Are we getting a new kid?"
"no that's probably Ashton Irwin... he only comes every once in a while. I'm not even sure why he bothers" she laughed. As he walked by and gave the professor a note I took a good look at him.. he is covered in tattoos has a lip piercing.. not exactly fond of lip piercings but he made it look good. Although I am a sucker for tattoos. I have quite a few of my own. I couldn't seem to look away as he walked back to the only empty seat in class.
I didn't really pay that much more attention in that class until my name was called to give my presentation.
*Skipping forward to lunch*
I sat outside in an eating area waiting for Allison to find me.. I always eat with her and her friend Michael. He's a pretty funny guy so I don't really mind.. Quite easy to get along with.
"HEY PAISLEY!!" I heard Michael yell in his adorable Aussie accent.. yes aussie.. he is from Australia he moved hear for college two years ago with a group of his friends... whom I have never met.
"Hey mikey where's Allison" I laughed.
"She got caught up in Economics.. told me to tell you she would see you at home" just as he finished talking Ashton walked up and sat right next to him and started carrying on a conversation.. it was then I realized that Ashton is also Australian and is probably one of the guys that Michael moved up here with. Although I found him a bit rude since he didn't introduce himself to me or even acknowledge the fact that I was sat there having a conversation with Michael that he so rudely interrupted.
"Ashton, this is Paisley Scott shes friends with my friend Allison" Michael finally decided to introduce us just as their conversation began to die down.
He didn't even glance my way and said "I've gotta get going.. see you at the building later" and got up and left.
"Well that was a bit rude don't you think?" I questioned
"Yeah that's Ashton for you... he doesn't really like new people... actually he doesn't really like anyone" he chuckled.
"ooookaaaaay well I guess that's nice of him"
"He's not so bad once you get to know him."
"yeah I'm sure" I said getting up from the table " but I have to get going as well.. I gotta get to work, see you tomorrow!"
okay so that was the first chapter.. I am sure it will get better as I go.. the first few chapters of any story are always hard for me. Comment and tell me what you think so far.. should I keep going? Let me know what you would like to see happen or what you would like me to do as another fan fiction. I will probably update maybe twice a week im not sure im in the middle of moving so just let me know how often you would like to see an update.. OH and by the way I picture Paisley as Taylor Mangan.. if you guys don't know her she is absolutely beautiful.. she used to be a site model and she sings on youtube and what not and also she is going to be in Pitch Perfect 2! so if you want to check her out her youtube is taylormariemusiccc and her instagram is @taymang and her twitter is @taymariemang
AND PLEASE if someone could make me a punk edit of Ashton and her that would be soooooo cool of you.




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