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Disconnected During Death

Just a intro/Preview!


"Porcelain! You need to eat you you'll get sick!" The nurse pleaded, as I just sat there looking out the shatter-proof window. They learned their lesson from last time. "I'm already sick, that's why they sent me here." I said calmly trying to scratch my way into my skin without her noticing. "No. No, your not! I refuse to admit that to myself!" I chuckled. She thinks she knows me. She didn't even know my name until last week when she finally looked at my file. "Leave." She slammed the tray of food she was holding onto the ground. I slowly turned with a smile on my face. I got up and tackled her to the ground. "Aww..the little girl playing nurse finally grew the balls to stand up to me. Too bad she's just as weak as my parents." I whispered the last part and crawled off her and climbed onto my bed. She cleaned up the tray and slowly left. As soon as she was gone I got out of bed, and went back over to the window. I scratched his sweet name right into my skin. Brandon. The reason I'm in this Hell hole.


So there you go guys! That was just an intro chapter to see how the story will go! So Subscribe, Vote, Comment and all that jazz! lol Talkin' like an old person!
Love you my Choclidites~<3Porcelain<3


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