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Take A Break


“Can you please stop kissing me?” I whined to Michael. We were both laying on my bed just in t-shirts and boxer. I was trying to get some work done for school. He was already done with his stuff, or maybe he just never did it. It was most likely the second one though, he was kind of an underachiever. I on the other hand, was a little bit of an overachiever and actually wanted to try and get the work done before we went on tour in a couple days. Once on tour, we had almost no time to do any type of schooling.

“Please?” he whined, and kept pressing wet butterfly kisses to the side of my neck. It was really hard to ignore my boyfriend when he got like this. He knew what I liked and wasn't afraid to go for it.

“No, Michael. I really have to get this done.” I said, pushing him off me. I hated turning him down, I really did, but this had to be done and submitted before midnight. Because Michael never really took no for an answer, he scooted closer wrapping one of his arms around my waist and the other rested on my thigh and started rubbing it up and down. This time I sighed and just tried to ignore it, but it was hard to ignore that growing pole that was in my pants. Why did my body have to deceive me like this? Only about 500 more words and the paper will be done.

Michael tucked his face into my neck and started to kiss me again. This kid never seems to give up. He moved up and little, light biting behind my ear. I bit my lip, holding back a small moan that threatened to come out. I wasn't going to give in. The purple hair boy made his way around my cheeks and redirected my face so he could push our lips together. My body easily melted into his as I kissed him back. Dammit. I was mentally slapping myself for how easy I just gave in, no matter how many times I told myself that I wouldn't.

My lips slotted with his and my arms rested on his shoulders. He slid his hands up and down my back before pulled me so I was straddling his lap. I pushed his back against the bed, still kissing him. I thought for a second that I should just stop as payback for disrupting my work, but then I remember the problem that was growing in my pants and I could feel his rubbing against mine. I rocked my hips against his, feeling his breath and heart rate speed up. Michael slid his hands down my body to the top of my boxers and pushed his hand in.

He gripped tightly around my length, stroking it. I moaned into the kissed and bucked my hips. There was no way I was getting my work done today. I sat up, still on him, and pulled my shirt over my head so I was only in my boxers. I kept my hands on his chest to keep me balanced as he continued to stroke me applying just the right amount of pressure. This kid knew my body better than I knew it. I pulled his shirt off of him like I did mine, and threw it on the floor. My hands rubbed up and down the pale skin of his chest. I went back down kissing him and sucking on his neck.

I kissed my way down until I got to the top of his boxers. I quickly moved my laptop onto the floor before returning my attention back to the sexy man on my bed. I hooked my fingers underneath the elastic pulling them down and letting them fall to the floor. His now hard dick was practically straight up. I smirked at him and sucked him into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around his tip, before bringing him as far back as I could get without choking. He was actually really impressive down there for such a young kid. I bobbed my head quickly, hearing his light pants from the above me. I stopped sucking him and pulled him out of my mouth. I stroked him with my hand before he pulled me up and kissed my lips.

I stood up at the end of the bed and Michael sat right at the edge. He pulled down my boxers and almost instantly taking me in his mouth. I desperate whine wiggled its way through my throat. I tangled my fingers in his neon hair, making him take more of me into the wet-warmth of his mouth. There was nothing better than getting a blowjob. My eyes fluttered closed as he hooked his hands around my thighs, pushing and pulling me back.

I felt one of his hands stop touching me and got the bottle of lube from his nightstand. He took me out of his mouth and our a generous amount of lube in his hand, making sure to cover his fingers. I got on the bed, on all fours, to make it easier for him. He got up and stood behind me. I felt him push one finger inside me, I instantly contracted around him. His other hand went to my hip, rubbing me until I calmed down. I pushed it in and out, it was a weird feeling. I hated how long stretching took. He soon pushed another finger inside me and started to lightly scissored them.

It was a little painful at first, but quickly went away as he found my prostate and pressed into it. Pleasure and moans rippled through my body. I tightened my grip on the sheets, knuckles almost turning white. He pulled his fingers out once I started to push back against them, begging for more other feeling. He got out a condom and rolled it on his length, laying down on the bed. I threw my leg over his hips and help position me over him. I held him at my entrance as a slowly sank down on to him. I fucking loved the feeling of him inside me. I craved it.

Michael let me get used to him before he started to roll my hips. I rocked slow and steady. I balanced myself on his chest and again, as I started to bounce my body up and down on his. Pleasure started to fill my body as our rhythm got faster and faster. bit my lips, hold in the moans my throat was making. “Fuck,” he whisper moaned, and pulled me harder against him. The only sounds in the room where our skin slapping together and and the sounds of our panting.

I bent down kissing messily before burying my face in his neck so I could moan freely without being too loud. I moaned into his skin and sucked on his soft spots like he had done to me. The purple haired boy wrapped his arms around my back and held me so close, I could barely move. He started to thrust up into me from below. My moans got louder, echoing throughout the room. I pulled back, just enough so I could successfully push our lips together. Not they either us were very good with moans falling from our mouths.

He rolled us over so I was on my back and he was between my legs. He pulled my legs up and rested them on his shoulder and pushed them against my chest so he could still kiss me. It wasn't always the most comfortable way for doing things, but in the end it always felt amazing. Michael thrusted into me rough and hard, bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm. I was moaning like a cheap whore, which made his smile. I snaked my hand between both of our sweaty bodies, feeling the burning in my abdomen.

“Shit, I'm gonna come baby!” I moaned, and jerked myself off as quickly as I could. He sat up, still hold my leg. This time holding them together and he pounded into me making sure that he was hitting my prostate at the right angle. He was too, and it was making me scream out in pleasure. I few more thrust and pulled of my first, I came screaming out his name. I shot over my chest and in my hand. My body was in ecstasy and he continued his assault on me, keeping me in that high just that much longer.

I pushed him back to his original spot, making his stop fucking my sensitive body. I got back between his leg and pulled off the condom, throwing it in the general direction of the trash bin. I stroked him dick before sucking him back into my mouth. He moaned, twisting his fingers in my hair. I bobbed my head as quick as I could and stroked the bottom half of him. He always made me feel amazing during sex, I wanted him to feel the same. “Luke,” he groaned from under me. “fuck, babe.” he sighed and let sighed before letting out a much, much larger moan. A second later, I felt him come in my mouth.

Like the good boy friend that I was, I sucked him dry and swallowed it all up. I let just a little bit drip from my mouth because I knew he loved it when I did that and found it extremely hot. I looked in his eyes, he was in a lust filled daze. I kissed my way up his belly and chest before kissing his lips. He held me close to him just kissing. That another reason I loved sleeping with him. It was never just sex, there were always feelings. We laid there kissing until I rolled over onto my back and stared up at the ceiling.

“You can go back to work now.” Michael said. I could hear that annoying smirk in his voice. I turned my head facing him with my jaw dropped. He just shrugged and I rolled my eyes at the lazy kid.

“I can't now…” I said and yawned. “I'm too tired.” he rolled so his arm was around my torso.

“I guess its round two them.” he said, planting another kiss to my neck.


So this is my first ever 5SOS smut (it was requested) and my first smut that wasn't Kellic or Jalex. So hopefully it wasn't terrible. Please let me know what you think of it. Thank you for reading <3


haha aw, thank you XD

sorry for a late reply, I never get on here haha

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PLEASE for the love of God... Write more!