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A Walk to Remember


She pointed a finger at me. Her eyes glowed a bright gold and she started to rise into the air. Her black hair whipped around in the wind that had suddenly enveloped the both of us.

“Michael Clifford your heart is cold. So sit here and listen as this story is told. You cannot win this fight with me. And believe it or not, this part of your punishment is key. You have lived a life of lavishness. You’ve robbed so many of happiness you and your pathetic little wannabe clan. Taking and taking all that you can. Your selfish deeds cannot be undone. For kindness in your bones, there is none. If this keeps up bad will go unto worse. And I leave you with this one curse. I don’t believe this is too much to ask. But if you have not completed your task and the clock strikes twelve on the twelfth of December. You will be trapped in Carter Phillips body forever. Fix your mistakes and fix his as well. And maybe. Just maybe. You can break this spell.”

My eyes widened and I shook my head. Why did the name Carter Phillips sound familiar? Suddenly a bright white light cascaded around me and I sat up with a start. Thank god. I thought. It was just a dream. “Carter! Time to get up!” Someone opened my door. “Oh! Good. You’re awake. C’mon. Get Bailey ready. I gotta go to work. See you tomorrow!” The woman kissed my cheek but I just sat there completely shocked. Who was she? The woman left after giving me a weird look. But I didn’t care. I bolted out of bed and when I got to the mirror I screamed.
Who am I?


Hey! So this is just the intro to my first fanfic on this site! I have a really good plot set up in my head. I really hope it's gonna go somewhere. I'm working on the first chapter!


This sounds so good so far. I can't wait for an update. X

Sara-Louise Sara-Louise