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A Walk to Remember

Chapter One

“You new too?” I asked the dark haired boy sitting next to me in AP Calc. He just gave me a look, eying me wearily. I held up my hands. “Do I look like an enemy to you?” He gave me a once over before shaking his head slowly. “Didn't think so.” I smirked. I held my hand out. “Selena Rhiamon McCullen. What name do I get to call you?” He blinked a few times before reaching for my hand. “Douglas Arthur Babbitt. And pardon my forwardness but doesn't your middle-name, Rhiamon, mean Goddess of Witch Craft in the Irish culture?” I clapped. “I'm impressed. Handsome and smart. How old are you Douglas?” He smirked. “I'm 18 and I'm a senior. Yourself?” I laughed. “Sixteen. And I'm a sophomore.” His eyes widened. “And you're in AP Calc. And I'm the smart one?” I shook my head and turned to face forward as our teacher Mrs. Hendrickson came through the door.
Halfway through class after she started rambling on about how important it was to learn some sort of theory for the circumference of a circle, which I was in no way, shape, or form paying attention to by the way, Douglas tapped my on the shoulder. “Hey. Do you have free period next?” he whispered. I nodded. “Good. Me too. Meet me by Mr. Darby's class.” I shot him a quick glance, then whispered. “I have no fucking clue where that is.” He chuckled. “I'll show you. Wait for me by the door. I'll--” He instantly straightened up as Mrs. Hendrickson stared at us. And I could've sworn her eyes were burning holes through our very souls. Her heels clicked towards where we were in the back of the room and she stopped right next to me. “Are you even in my class?” My face burned bright red as the rest of the class expect Douglas and some kid named Carter laughed. “Oh. Look. Poor little goth girl is so unimportant even the teacher doesn't notice her! Haha! What a loser!” The queen bee herself, Holly, snickered. Ashton's arm was around her and his chair was scooted too unfathomably close for any normal person's comfort. But they're all far from normal. They're uniquely terrible people. Every single one of them. I stood hurriedly from my chair. “Oh. Is the poor baby going to cry?” She put a hand to her mouth and winked as her posse were basically in splits, clutching their stomachs around her. My eyes started to glow gold, like they always did when I was mad, and I heard my classmates and teacher gasp simutaneously. “Hear me now, you horrid child. You, your plastic body, and your fake ass smile. Will all fade away in due time. And all you'll be left with are dark clouds and gray skies. Listen here and listen good, I'll make you pay. Understood? Karma's a bitch Holly Lynn Meadowbrook. Trust me. I know. And listen hear my dear. You will always. Reap what you sow.” With that I turned on my heel and started to storm out of the room. But before I did. I looked back at Mrs. Hendrickson, and my appalled classmates. “And by the way Mrs. Hendrickson, I'm sure you'll find my name in the gradebook, that you keep in your bag, next to your silver flask.” Her eyes widened. “OH! Did I say that out loud! My goodness! My sincerest apologies!” I smiled sweetly and walked out. I had just gotten to my locker when the bell rang, signaling the end of class for everyone else. Opening it, I put away my AP Calc folder, notebook and textbook and grabbed my granola bar, apple, and vitamin water, before looking both ways making sure no one was paying attention to me, then grabbed my secret book and the purple velvet baggie that came with it. I made my way to the table in the far right corner of the commons area, the one place where no one came. But low and behold. Someone was coming my way. I could sense someone. That and there was a shadow blocking my sun. “Can I sit?” A voice asked. “Fuck off. I wanna be alone.” I growled. “Well damn Selena. I guess I can sit with the pops! Hah.” I turned slightly to face Douglas. He smiled. I sat there, my face void of emotion. “Okay. Let me just tell you how awesome that was. You scared our class shitless back there! Can you please do that more often!?” He said sliding into an open seat next to me. “Whatchya got there?” He scooted closer. “It's a secret.” His eyes widened. “I can keep secrets!” I smirked. “I bet you can. Although. This secret is different. If I tell you. I'll have to kill you.”


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This sounds so good so far. I can't wait for an update. X

Sara-Louise Sara-Louise