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If You Don't Know


It has been five years since Abigail Parker last saw her best friend, Luke Hemmings. They have been friends since the age of 3 and gotten very close when Abigail lived in Australia with her aunt and uncle who lived across the street from the Hemmings' household, during her summer breaks in Arizona. However, when she was eleven, it was the last time she was in Australia until a death in her family brought her back for a week in Australia. Less than a year later, Abigail made a bold decision to make the move to Australia where she is finally reunited with Luke and becomes close with his best friends. Tensions rise and friendships are tested. Will the five years of distance make or break Luke and Abigail's friendship or absolutely destroy it when secrets come out of the bag?


Abigail Parker

Abigail Parker

American. Helps her aunt to take care of Annabel. Luke's best girl friend.

Annabel Evans

Annabel Evans

Shirley's only daughter. Carefree. Absolutely attached to Abigail.

Ashton Irwin

Ashton Irwin

Luke's best friend. A bit of the jealous type. Helps Shirley whenever she asks.

Calum Hood

Calum Hood

Luke's best friend. Quite clueless when it comes to situations happening around him. Most athletic. Helps Shirley whenever she asks.

Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings

Abigail's best guy friend; they have been friends ever since they were babies. The youngest out of the group. Helps Shirley whenever she asks.

Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford

Luke's best friend. Very caring and cuddly one out of the group. Helps Shirley whenever she asks.

Shirley Evans

Shirley Evans

Annabel's mom. Abigail's aunt.


  1. Chapter 1

  2. Chapter 2

  3. Chapter 3

  4. Chapter 4

  5. Chapter 5

  6. Chapter 6

  7. Chapter 7

  8. Chapter 8

  9. Chapter 9

  10. Chapter 10

  11. Chapter 11

  12. Chapter 12

  13. Chapter 13

  14. Chapter 14

  15. Chapter 15

  16. Chapter 16

  17. Chapter 17

    All the boys are hanging out. Everything seems to be going all right, until some news is spilled. What happens when the jealousy of one boy fuels the anger of another?


OMG !!!!! please update???

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Pwease update c:

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pleeasee update!!

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more please

LoriNicole12 LoriNicole12

Love it.

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