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She Looks So Perfect


Ashton Irwin, Drum sex god, as the fans call him. But to me he is just my boyfriend. He is my best friend. Ashton and I have been in a relationship for quite a while, a year and a half, and I've been to every single show they have played. The thrill of the fans and the music is exhilarating. Their most recent tour with One Direction is about to end and I cannot be happier. Don't get me wrong, I love touring, but I just want my comfortable bed in my flat and I want my cat Stevie.

Alexandria Jakobi, or Alex as the guys call her, and Ashton Irwin have been together for over a year and the two are the cutest thing. They pick on each other, they fight petty fights and they are each other's support. The fans love her, she is always walking around with Ashton by the hotels and in town.

But for some reason the fans start to send her hate. They start sending death threats to stay away from Ashton, they are writing lies about her and calling her names. Ashton, being so busy doesn't notice, and Alex hasn't really gotten the chance to tell him about it. But Ashton finds out, and when he does, he gets angry at the fans and stops doing things for them, making the band worried.

Will the fans hate for Alex cause 5Sos to break up? Or will they work through it?


Alexandria Jakobi

Alexandria Jakobi

Alex is Ashton's girlfriend and is just as weird as him.



Yay! :) thank u

Lolxoxojenny Lolxoxojenny

I'll update tonight. I promise!!!!

ashton96 ashton96

Please update soon?!

Lolxoxojenny Lolxoxojenny

plzzzzz update soon it is so good

irwinhemmings irwinhemmings

This is good! Update soon please?

Mrs Hemmings Mrs Hemmings