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Coffeeshops and Rock Stars

Are You Guys Ready To Get Rid Of A Crazy Bitch?!


“Hey St. Louis! It’s great to be here! Are you guys ready to rock?!” I said my usual thing, making sure the crowd was amped up.

The roar of the crowd was deafening. This was by far the loudest venue we played.

“It’s great to hear you guys so pumped up, but we have something to do before we play any music.” Michael spoke to my right.

“That’s right. You guys know our drummer, Ashton.” I turned and gestured to Ashton who stood up behind his drums and threw his hands in the air. The crowd screamed, and I noticed Bree, front and center. She was smiling, her eyes were lit up like a freshly changed lightbulb in the middle of the night. “As you probably know from Twitter, Ashton has a… friend, Natalie. Come on out, Natalie!” I motioned to her, and she sauntered out onto the stage. Lots of cheers erupted from the crowd, but lots of boos as well. She smiled boldly and walked over to Ashton, wrapping her arm around his waist.

“Well, we’re going to tell you a little story as to how these two actually met.” Calum said, anger coursing through his words.

I cleared my throat. “Once upon a time, in a town not too far from here called Lemay, Natalie met Ashton at a gas station. She is a fan of our band, and so she freaked out when she saw him pumping gas into his car. She was all over him. After Ashton told her that he wasn’t interested and was seeing someone else, Natalie got pissed.”

“The girl Ashton was seeing, who is also from that same town, had her tires slashed. Who slashed them, I wonder?” Calum was very sarcastic when asking that rhetorical question. “Oh, that’s right, it was Natalie. She also stole our engine and used it to force Ashton into tweeting everyone saying that he was in a relationship with her.”

Michael picked up the story telling from there. “We wouldn’t have been here tonight if Ashton hadn’t given up the chance to be with a girl that he actually likes, just so we could get our engine back and make it here. So this girl Natalie is pretty crazy. We just wanted all of you to know that it’s not Natalie that Ashton wants to be seeing. He honestly can’t stand her.”

I turned around to see Natalie frozen in place. I almost felt bad for doing this, but there was no other way to get her to back off. I smirked at her and continued. “So I just wanted everyone here to know that Natalie, the girl up here, is no longer welcome at our concerts. Legal action will be taken if necessary.”

The crowd erupted into a cacophonous roar and Natalie went running off stage.

Ashton then spoke up. “Enough about her- I want you guys to meet the girl that really matters. Bree, come on up!” I looked down and saw that Bree was moving her way through the crowd towards the stage. She finally got past the guard and when she walked out onto the stage, the crowd was going absolutely wild. Ashton walked out from behind his drum kit and met her in the middle of the stage and pulled her into a kiss- I had never seen him so happy.

After a couple seconds of them kissing, I rolled my eyes and shouted into the microphone “Hey, lovebirds! Sorry to interrupt, but we do have a concert to play here.”

Bree pulled out of the kiss first and whispered something to Ashton before pecking him on the cheek and running off stage with the biggest smile I had ever seen.

Ashton got behind his drums again and we began playing just like any other concert; but it wasn’t like any other concert. Ashton was sincerely happy- and that made the whole thing ten billion times better.




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this story is so good so dont even question it

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OMG pls update soon!!!! its so good right n ow

GabbyB GabbyB

Thank you, doll!

Reaaaally good. Trust me lol