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Coffeeshops and Rock Stars

Viva La Tacos!

There was something about her that I couldn’t quite get out of my head. Maybe it was her dazzling green eyes, her intelligence, or the way she treated me and the guys like real human beings and not pieces of meat. Maybe it was a combination of the three. Either way, Bree was the only thing on my mind. The guys and I had gotten a hotel for the night because we were so sick of being cramped in that bus. We were staying in a Marriott. John checked us in and we got two rooms for the four of us. Luke and I would be sharing, and Calum and Michael would be sharing. I was totally fine with that because I know how bad Calum’s gas gets when he eats Mexican food. And that’s exactly what we were looking for.

We found a tiny Mexican restaurant called “Viva La Tacos!” that did carry out. Calum went in and ordered for us while the rest of us stayed behind in the van. The last thing we needed was a bunch of crazy girls coming after us.

While Calum was inside, I was incessantly checking my phone to see if Bree had texted or called me.

You okay, mate?” Michael asked me.

I looked up from phone. “What? Oh, yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Oh, I dunno, you’ve only been locking and unlocking your phone for the past twenty minutes.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve just been checking to see if Bree has texted me.”

“Ashton, it’s only been twenty minutes since we left Starbucks. She probably isn’t off of work yet.” Luke was always the one to bring logic into these kinds of situations. And he was right. I guess I would have to wait until later. I gave Luke a smile and my thanks, and that’s when Calum ran through the door screaming “DRIVE!!!!!!” I looked through the window to see lots of girls squeezing through the door of the restaurant to get to our van. We all looked at each other and screamed in unison. I hopped in the front seat and hit the gas. Calum, Luke, and Michael all looked out the window as I drove away.

“Okay, mate. We’re safe. Slow down, I don’t want us getting into trouble.” Luke told me as we passed the third block away from “Viva La Tacos!” I let up on the gas, slowing down to the speed limit.

“That was close.” Michael said as he let out the breath he was holding in.

“Yeah, but luckily for you guys, I’m a bloody genius.” Calum boasted with a huge grin on his face.

“Really? How?” I asked him, curious to see how running away from fans constituted as being a genius.

“I told them we were just in the town to get something to eat. We were still on our way to St. Louis. They all said they were going to the show and we’d see them all outside our hotel tonight.”
Michael clapped him on the back. “You didn’t fuck something up for once. I’m proud of you.” Then Calum’s head was tucked under Michael’s armpit and he was given a noogie.

I laughed and cranked the radio.

“Uh, mate…” Luke had wedged himself between the driver’s and passenger’s seats. He had my phone in his hand and an unsaved number was calling. I shut off the radio.

“Guys, shut up, I think it’s Bree!” I shouted to Michael and Calum who were yelling and screaming behind me. When they were finally quiet, I cleared my throat and answered. “Hello?”

“Um, is this Ashton?” It was her. “It’s Bree, the girl from Starbucks.”

“Well hi, Bree-the-girl-from-Starbucks. I’ve been waiting to hear from you.” I smiled.

“Sorry it took so long, I just had a soccer team come in. I guess there’s a tournament or something.”

“That’s okay. What’s up?”

“Just got off work, so I’m going home to sit there and be bored. You?”

“About to come pick you up so you aren’t bored. Where do you live?”


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this story is so good so dont even question it

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OMG pls update soon!!!! its so good right n ow

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Thank you, doll!

Reaaaally good. Trust me lol