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Coffeeshops and Rock Stars

Dude, Where's My Engine?

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. Green Day’s “Time of Your Life” blaring on Bree’s night stand. I reached for it quickly, making sure not to wake up the Sleeping Beauty next to me. I slid the arrow to the right, answering the call and stepping into the hallway. “Luke? What’s up?”

“Dude, get over here. We need to leave right now, Mikey broke half the strings on his guitar last night and there isn’t a music store around here so we’re just going to St. Louis now.”

What? Are you serious? Damnit! I’ll be there soon.” I clicked off the call, feelings of anger and disappointment taking over my body. If Michael wasn’t such a moron he wouldn’t have broken his guitar and I would have a couple more hours with Bree. I slipped back into her room to find her still asleep, with soft snores pouring from her slightly open mouth. I found my shirt on the floor, put it on, and went into the living room. I found an extra piece of paper and a pen an wrote her a note-


I am so sorry to run out on you. Michael broke some strings on his guitar so we have to leave for St. Louis early. I didn’t want to wake you up early because you’re so beautiful and peaceful when you sleep.

I’m sorry, Bree. I’m going to think about you every day. I miss you already. Text me every day, alright?

Ash xx”

I found the bandana she took from me a couple days ago and used it to tie the note to the refrigerator handle. With sadness and disappointment, I walked out the front door and to my car.

A half an hour later, I arrived at the Marriott. I got to the room and knocked, and Luke answered. I walked in and immediately started packing. I found an envelope laying on my bed with Luke’s messy handwriting across the front- Give this to Bree. I picked it up and turned to look at him with a questioning look on my face. “What’s this, Luke?”

“Backstage ticket to our St. Louis show. I figured since we rushed you out of your sexy pillow fights and girly talk, we could at least give you the chance at a proper goodbye.” Luke gave me a sad smile.

“You know, you’d be a bloody great wingman if you weren’t such a smart ass.” Luke laughed out loud. “But seriously, mate. Thank you.” I gave him a smile and he punched my arm.

“No problem, man. Now go give it to her before we leave.”

After I had finished packing, I got back into my car and drove over to Bree’s again. I didn’t bother knocking on the door. I dropped the envelope in the mail, and dropped a fifty dollar bill in there as well, for gas. I pulled out my phone when I got back in my car and texted her- Look in your mailbox. See you tonight, I hope.
When I got back to the hotel, the guys were gathered around the bus, arguing.“What’s going on, guys?”

“It’s fucking missing! Our engine is fucking missing, Ashton, that’s what’s going on!” Michael yelled at me.

“Dude, what the hell are you talking about?”

“Someone. Took. Our. Bus. Engine.” He enunciated each word very clearly. I walked around to where they were standing, and sure enough, the engine was missing. I looked at the hole in the bus where the engine should be, and i saw a white piece of paper folded up. I took it out and saw that my name was written on it.

“What the hell? What is that, Ashton?” Calum asked me, looking confusedly at the piece of scrap in my hand. I opened it and noticed it was a letter.

“It’s a letter. Probably from the crazy person who stole the engine.” Luke observed.

“Read it!” Michael shouted.

“‘If you want your engine back, meet me at Vinny Castro’s at 2pm. Lots of love to you and your band, Natalie.’ Ugh. Crazy bitch.” I murmured to myself.

“Dude, Vinny Castro’s is right by Viva La Tacos! and two o’clock is only ten minutes from now. You gotta get going, dude. We need that engine.” Calum said.

I sighed deeply. He was right. We couldn’t reschedule the St. Louis tour and we sure as hell couldn’t give back the tickets. I got into my car for the third time that day and drove over to meet Natalie.

When I got there, Natalie was sitting outside at one of the umbrella tables, sipping a drink. Her long legs looked phenomenal in those short shorts, and I hated her even more for it. Why did she have to be so sexy and so crazy at the same time?

I walked over to the table she was at and sat down. “Why did you steal our engine?”

“Well hi to you too. You want something to drink? I can get you a beer if you want, my mom owns this place.”

“No, Natalie, I want our engine. We have a show to play tonight. We can’t get there without it.”

“Fine then. We’ll get down to business. I have something you want and you have something I want.” Natalie leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs.

“What do I have that you want?” I asked, totally confused.

“I want you. You’re too good for Bree. She’s a lowly barista. And she sleeps around. I wouldn’t trust that stray pussy.” She took another sip of her drink.

I shook my head and sighed. “What exactly is the proposition here, Natalie?”

“Dump her. You can still talk to her, but you can’t be romantically involved with her. You take me out on regular dates, and announce to twitter that we’re dating. Then I’ll give you back your engine.”

“Twitter?! Seriously, you’re kidding.” I was shocked that she had the audacity to ask me that.

“What’s it going to be, Ash?” I shuddered. Only Bree could call me that. “Deal or no deal?”

I sat and thought about it for a moment. I put my options on a mental scale- my musical career, or the girl I was pretty sure I loved. How was I supposed to choose? Surely I could find a different way to St. Louis, but the guys would be pissed that I was so selfish, and another tour bus engine would cost an arm and a leg. But I couldn’t stand the idea of Bree hating me.

“I’m waiting…” Natalie said with an annoyed look on her face.

I sighed again. “Deal.”


So, what do you guys think? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 300+ VIEWS IN A WEEK!!!!!! THAT'S SO AWESOME!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! But I am still looking for feedback. Do you think Ashton made the right choice? What do you think is going to happen next?


this story is so good so dont even question it

GabbyB GabbyB

OMG pls update soon!!!! its so good right n ow

GabbyB GabbyB

Thank you, doll!

Reaaaally good. Trust me lol