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Voodoo Doll

.1 Ashton Fletcher Irwin

"I know mom," Ashton talked into the phone. He leaned up against the back of the school. He hated being late to class, but he hated ignoring his mom even more. He didn't want his mom to yell at him.

"Alexa is getting all good grades and you can't even get 100 on your stupid History test." Ashton's mom yelled into his phone. Ashton wanted to kill Alexa sometimes. Why did her dad have to fall for his dad? Why did she have to be getting perfect grades in her little private school.

"I'll pass the next test with 100 mom," Ashton told his mom. He wanted to make her happy, but sometimes that was impossible. They exchanged goodbyes before Ashton hung up.

"Fuck her," Ashton growled at the ground. Even if she was his mom, Ashton was pissed.

Ashton took three deep breathes and a drag from the cigarette in his hand. He took one last drag before going to class. He had High Honors Chem right now and he wanted to miss it. It wouldn't make a difference if he did considering he had a 98% in that class.

He decided last second to just attend class and take his mind off his mom. He loved his mom, but sometimes she drived him crazy. She was so school prone that Ashtn barley had a social life. That's why he had to sneak out and go to Sara's party.

"Hello Ashton," the chem teacher smiled at him. He smiled back knowing that she loved him. All the teachers loved him which made him more of a target for hatred. He knew a lot kids disliked him. He disliked them as well. It was a good system in his head.

The class seemed to drag on and Ashton continued to answer all the questions like the teacher pet he was. He didn't care if everyone hated him, he needed to get them right. It would look good on his final grade.

"I want everyone to pick lab partners for tomorrow," the teacher looked up from the board. Ashton looked around the classroom and cursed to himself. He knew no one in this class. As people slowly seemed to be taken, he realized he was going to be left with Calum Hood. Calum was the little player of the grade.

"Calum and Ashton, you are lab partners," the teacher glared at both of them. Ashton winced at the thought of working with Calum Hood. He wasn't the ideal partner. He seemed like the boy who make a joke of the whole situation.

"We are going to have to work together whether you like it or not," Calum walked over to Ashton. Ashton panicked. He couldn't invite this boy over to work on the project. His mom would never allow someone in the house.

"We should meet up at Sara's party tonight," Ashton suggested. Calum looked startled, but nodded. Everyone in the school knew Ashton didn't go to the parties. Only Ashton knew it was because he wasn't allowed. He convinced everyone that it was because he didn't want too.

"Sounds good," Calum nodded. The class was dismissed and Calum went off. The rest of the class scattered and Ashton left with all of them. Luckily, he had a free this period meaning he could do whatever he wanted. He set his stuff in the lunch room and ran down to the basement. It was a secret place where the old music room was located. It had water damage and they moved the music room to the main floor.

"Home sweet home," Ashton grabbed the drumsticks on the music stand and stared at the rusty drum set he seemed to love so much. The room was sound proof, so Ashton could bang on the drums as loud as he wanted.

Ashton grabbed the music on the stand and started to follow the beats. He wanted to learn Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low. Ashton loved to teach himself songs like this. His mom would never let him have a drum set so, this was the closest thing he would get to practicing music.

Ashton had found this room in freshman year by accident. He got lost and found himself in this room a lot. He used it for his own use and no one else seemed to notice that he was gone. Ever since then, Ashton had lived in this room during his frees.

After an hour of practice and the bell going off to signal the end of the day, Ashton packed up. He said goodbye to the drum set and went towards the back exit. He only lived two minutes away from the school, so he didn't take the bus. There was no reason.

"Thank god it's Friday," Ashton stuck his head phones in as he whispered to himself. He was ready for a break of playing the teacher's pet and the cheery boy. He wanted to go home and curl up in a bawl while listening to Nirvana.

"I can't wait for the party tonight," Ashton heard someone him. He looked behind him to see some classmates walking close behind.

"Shut up, not all of us are going," the boy's friend nudged towards Ashton. Ashton stopped in his tracks annoyed with this assumption that he wasn't going. Sure, Ashton put on the 'parties are stupid' act, but he really wanted to go to a party.

"Actually," Ashton twirled around and faced the boys, "expect to see me tonight. I'll be right up in the party." Ashton grinned at them. They both stood there dumbfounded not sure what to say. With that, Ashton turned around and kept walking towards his house. He didn't care what his mom said, he was going to that party.

Ashton Irwin was going to attend a party.

A/N- Soooo each POV had been written so far. What do you think?


A/N- Soooo each POV had been written so far. What do you think?


Ooooh suspense lol. Itt's killing me ahaa

Love it♥, when is the next update? :)

Julie_Zhongling Julie_Zhongling

I will admit reading towards the ending I smiled when he told her to go LOL XD. And a Cashton story, totally lol.

authenticbeing authenticbeing