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In Which We Have Pizza. Again

“Suck a dick, Michael,” I harshly whispered for only him to hear.

I pinched the bridge of my nose in frustration as soon as I rounded the corner and entered the kitchen. I sighed heavily but tried to keep it quiet, as the rest of my friends were still in the living room, and then leant against the breakfast bar. I heard the doorbell ring but stayed in my position, needing to calm myself before I went out to face Michael again. He wound me up to extremes, it was a mission for me to hang around him for long periods of time, but all my friends were his friends, and all his friends were my friends. So we ended up hanging out a lot more than I would like if I had any say about it.

“Sienna, you in there? Pizza's here!” I heard my best friend Lillian yell from the other room.

“Yeah, I'm just getting a drink,” I lied, and sighed as I realised I'd now have to make a drink.

I grabbed a glass and took the OJ out of the fridge, feeling more serene than a few minutes ago. At some point in the years we've known each other, Michael and I mutually agreed that the others didn't need to know of our dislike for one another. Somehow it became a secret. Not quite a secret that we'd take to the grave, but we just tried not to gauge each other's eyes out in front of our friends, or anyone for that matter. It just seemed like the polite thing to do.

I went back out into my living room and kicked Calum's feet off of the coffee table as I walked by. Then sat on the floor in front of him.

“What have I told you about your stinky feet on my furniture, Cal?” I laughed, placing my glass on the coffee table as the pizza boxes began to open up in front of me. I dived straight in for the meatiest slice.

“I think you said 'make yourself at home' as I recall” he retorted.

“Bullshit, I'm never that nice” I looked back and grinned up at him. He smirked before taking a big bite of his pizza and putting his feet back up on the coffee table. I nudged them over so they weren't right next to me, at least. I looked across the large room at my other friends Lola and Luke as they snuggled together on the love seat, comfortably watching TV and eating while they shared the chair.

Michael, Ashton and Lillian were on the big sofa on the opposite side of the room, and we were all aimed at the flat screen TV hanging on the wall. This was the gang. The seven of us. And we frequently hung out at my house. My dad was a CEO of an esteemed publishing company, so we were quite comfortably loaded, but it didn't mean much to me when he was always away on business trips and in meetings and I didn't see him a lot. My mum decided she needed to pursue her art career 7 years ago, so my parents divorced and she moved to Milan. I hear she's doing pretty good, I don't see her much either. Mostly because our relationship broke down after she left, but it's slowly on the mend. It's just hard.

Being an only child with a huge house and absent parents, I was very generous with the space around me. I let the boys have band rehearsals in my perfect sized basement, and it was very easy for me to have them all stay over whenever. They were actually showing Lily, Lola and I a new song they wrote before we came upstairs and decided to order pizza. Yet again. Their band was good, really good. They just hadn't had a break yet.

“Are you coming tomorrow night?” Calum whispered once everyone was engrossed in the movie that had come on, poking the side of my head with his toe.

“What's tomorrow night?” I whispered back without taking my eyes off the screen, but slightly angling my head towards him behind me.

“Elliot's party? Someone must have mentioned it to you.”

I realise what he's said once I take my attention away from the TV. “Oh right, yeah, we'll be there.” Elliot was another rich kid who lived round here. I knew him from being his neighbour and having my friends over all the time meant they knew him too. I think the boys knew him from school too. He was like me in the sense that he had a lot of money and parents that weren't round a lot slash didn't really care. He wasn't like me in the sense he wasn't quite so humble about having a small fortune attached to his name.

“Great. Hear it's gonna be a rager, I'm ready to get wasted” Calum replied, elongating the word with a smile before he was cut of by Michael shushing us. I rolled my eyes at him but he had already turned his eyes away from us again.

An hour or so later, Calum let me sit in his chair while I was nursing a full stomach stuffed with pizza, when I heard a key in the lock. My dad came bustling through the door with papers under his arm and suitcases in his hands.

“Dad!” Despite my bloated tummy, I still managed to jump out of my seat somehow and greet him at the door.

“Hi, Si” he put a bag down and wrapped one arm round my shoulders as I hugged him.

“You're back early!” I said excitedly, though stating the obvious. He laughed at my reaction.

“Hope I'm not crashing any parties,” he joked, but still gave the place a once over.

“Hi Mr Mitchell!” Lily called from her seat, which was followed by the rest of them saying hello.

“Hi kids” dad replied vaguely with a wave in their direction. “Listen, squirt, I'm going to put these bags upstairs then probably hit the hay. I'm drained. I'll tell you all about my trip tomorrow.”

“Alright, dad,” I nodded in understanding. He kissed my forehead and picked up his bag again, trotting through the foyer and to the big winding staircase. I watched him go and then went to sit down again.

“Hey, Si, I didn't realise how late it was getting. I think I'm gonna make a move,” Lola told me, untangling herself from Luke and standing up. He hung onto her hand for a moment, smiling up at her, before letting her go and get her stuff. Their love was cute but it made me sick. Well, it didn't, I was just bitter - recently finding myself single after my boyfriend Joe moved to the other side of Australia and he told me that long distance wasn't an option. That was only two weeks ago, after being together for 11 months. The initial shock has faded but it still hurts. The way he was just so ready to give up on us. I wasn't even an option. Moving away, for him, was the be all end all. I felt my eyebrows pull together in thought and I instinctively brought my finger up to my mouth to chew on the nail. A bad habit I seemed to pick up when I was worried, nervous or ill.

“Get that finger out of your mouth,” Lily slapped away my hand. I was so lost in thought I didn't even notice her appear in front of me. “You okay?” she said a little quieter. I nodded in response and gave her a tight smile. She looked concerned but thought better than to question me on it now.

“Well, we're all going to get out of your hair now, babe” she said, picking up her bag and slinging it over her shoulder.

I followed them to the door to see them out and watched them in the darkening light as they all piled into their respective rides, and headed away. I waited until the last car was out of my view and then waited a moment longer, looking out into the distance, before closing the door. The living room smelt like pizza and all I could hear was the TV on low volume. Upstairs was silent, but at least I knew my dad was up there. I checked my phone, knowing I would have no notifications. I was just with all my friends, my dad was home, mum was still in Milan. I still secretly hoped I would see a message from Joe appear on my screen, every time I checked. But it never did, and I knew it never would.

I sighed for what felt like the millionth time into the quiet of my house, and followed in my father's steps, heading up to bed.


So we'll see how this goes. Just a last minute idea I had so I quickly typed up an introductory chapter to see what ideas I got. If I get a good reception for it I'll try to make updates a regular thing, haha.
In this story 5sos are still a small band playing local gigs. I thought it'd be cute to write about, and maybe easier to fit into the plot.
Hey so if anyone is here reading, I hope you enjoy! Please vote and comment and just let me know what you think and if I should continue! Thanks ^.^


@Vanessa bae
Thanks! I'm so sorry, my hard drive got wiped and I've just got my laptop fixed so hopefully I'll be able to find time and update soon! Thanks so much for ready :):)

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UpdaTe this please. It is really good

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I like the update

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