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In Which I'm Not A Whiskey Buff

“No way?!” Lola laughed as she sat on my bed with a hand mirror, applying some lipstick. Lily and Lola thought the whole Michael affair was hilarious. They couldn't understand my aggravation because they didn't know any better.

“I'm sure the whole thing will bring you two closer,” Lil snorted. I rolled my eyes. Tell me why
Michael and I never told anyone we don't like each other? Oh right, it's polite and makes it 'easier' for everyone. Sure. Good plan, Sienna.

My phone buzzed just as Lily and Lola began singing along to the song that was playing while we got ready for Elliot's party. I was laughing at Lily's out of tune voice, which was worse than mine, as I picked up my voice. It was a reminder.

I couldn't help but let my face fall when I saw the notification on my lock screen. '1 Year Anniversary with Joe' lit up the screen. I must have set it a few weeks ago, before he left. I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed.

“Si, you okay?”

I looked up at Lola. She and Lily had both turned their attention to me. I nodded quickly, plastering on a smile and getting rid of the notification.

“Just wondering why I'm not tipsy yet,” I replied with a chuckle, dropping my phone back onto my desk and walking over to where the small bottle of vodka was that we had got for our pre drinks. I took a swig and blanched as it burned my throat, but smiled after it had gone down. Once they were content with my answer they turned back to their make up and I brought my nail up to my mouth.

“Knock, knock” my dad said, opening the door slowly without knocking at all. He stepped fully in my room as we all turned to look at him, and I noticed the phone he had held to his chest.

“It's your mother, she said you never called her back?” he whispered to me. I rolled my eyes and then waved my hand in front of my neck for the universal sign of 'no fucking way'. My dad gave me a cajoling look as if to say 'take the phone', but I backed away when he tried to stepped forward and mouthed 'no' to him. He gave me a stern look before lifting the phone to his ear and speaking to his ex wife.

“Sorry, Carol. I thought she was in her room but she must have already left...Uh-huh...Well, that's the thing nowadays isn't it...” he continued having a conversation with her as he left my bedroom and shut the door behind him.

“What was that about?” Lily asked.

“I just didn't feel like talking to her. I spoke to her earlier! What more is there to say?” I replied, turning my back on them and rifling through my make up bag. I didn't really want a lecture about my mum from my friends right now. “What time should we head out?” I asked, distracting them, and applying a little more lipgloss.

We walked over to Elliot's. It was only down the street and it meant we could all drink without worrying about driving home or getting a taxi. It was the kind of party where you couldn't just dress up nice and put on some flats. Any rich kid party down this neighbourhood was an event that required getting out your heels and finding a dress that was elegant but still slutty. I'd pinned my blue hair back at the sides, put on some nude lipgloss, and found a long sleeve, tight white dress with a plunging V neckline, that I paired with my clunky black wedges, and I thought I had that elegant slut vibe down nicely. I had a small white clutch with me for added class. And good for me, you know? I want to get dressed up, flirt with a few guys, probably drink way too much. I hadn't been single in a while, let's do this.

When we got to his mansion-like house, we walked straight in through the unlocked door. The music was blaring, we could hear it as we had approached, and people inside were already bustling around, drunk and having fun. I spotted Calum as we walked through the large foyer and headed for him.

“Hello ladies!” he slurred, grabbing my hand and spinning me passed him as he greeted us all. “Where are your drinks?”

“We've only just got here,” I laughed at him.

“Well we must fix this problem immediately! Follow me to the kitchen if you will,” he sauntered off in front of us and just as I was about to follow him, Lola caught my arm. I turned to her and she nodded her chin to the side, just behind us, where Luke was standing. I understood.

“I'll catch up with guys later,” she told Lily and I, before turning away. Her blue dress swished as she turned and flicked her brown hair over her shoulder. I watched her petite frame leave us and then let Lily drag me through the crowd of people to the kitchen where we found the other three boys.

“Oh here they are!” Ashton yelled, slapping Michael's arm as if they had just been talking about us. It wouldn't surprise me if they were, I wouldn't put it passed Michael to have told the boys all about our run in this morning. I know he would have made it sound a lot worse than it was.

Ashton came over to hug us, grinning so hard that his dimple was showing. “You're just in time for shots,” he announced. Of course we were. His breath already stank of liquor and I couldn't help but laugh as I leant away for fresh air. We followed him over to a table covered in bottles to be drank. I looked behind us and saw Michael following.

“Eyes up, Clifford,” I said, catching him out. He guiltily caught my eyes but then turned it into a smirk.

“S'alright, I already know what's underneath.” I shivered at his words and rolled my eyes.

A little later on after I was borderline drunk, just as I wanted to be, we ventured out into the gorgeous garden of Elliot's house. We found him standing by the pond with a few others, but they dispersed quickly as Calum, Michael and I bounded up to him. More stumbling, in my case. Cobble stones were hard to walk on in heels when highly intoxicated. Ashton and Lily found some other people to talk to in the garden, and I hadn't seen Lola and Luke for a while.

“Elliot, your parties are the best,” I slurred to him, batting my eyelashes. I giggled as he hugged me and then leant against him sipping my drink when he kept one arm tightly around my waste.

“Glad you think so,” he laughed back, his deep voice sounding all the more alluring when I was drunk and he was smiling at me like that.

“Dude, is that a ping pong table?” Calum asked, absolutely astounded as he spotted the table further down the garden. It was already littered with empty cups from beer pong games, and of course Calum was eager to start his own.

“Elliot, we gotta play. We'll be a team. You guys, come on” he instructed, already making his way over to it as he spoke. I looked at Michael and sighed when I realised Calum wanted us to be on a team against him and Elliot.

“C'mon, love,” Elliot spoke. He kept his arm round my waist and offered to hold my drink as he helped me walk across the grass. I knew what he was doing but I was in no state of mind to stop him flirting with me. And even if I was, I don't think I would either.

“Alright, love birds, let's get this game on.” Michael physically put his arm between us and made us stand apart. As we walked to either side of the ping pong table, I slapped Michael's chest, probably a lot lighter than I wanted. He just brushed me off.

“Such a cock block” I mumbled, half under my breath, half aimed at him.

“I'll let you sleep with him after we win this,” he replied easily, so only I could hear. I huffed as he set up some more cups.

“Maybe he won't want to after this,” I replied defiantly, realising after I had said it that I hadn't actually denied wanting to sleep with him, and I mentally kicked myself.

“Any boy who holds a girl like this,” he began, and without warning encircled my waist with his arm and roughly pulled me into him, “for more than a minute, and leans down to her like this, while talking,” he paused, leaning his head down so our foreheads were centimetres apart. I could feel his breath on my face and I gulped under his intense gaze, feeling myself almost sober up at his proximity. Obviously not enough though, because in a normal state of mind I would have pushed him off. He moved his face a little lower and put his lips close to my ear, and with a low voice, finished, “...probably wants to sleep with her regardless.”

In an instant he let go of me and I felt a cold gush of air fill the space where he just stood.

“Good,” I said stupidly, for lack of anything better to say. He looked at me with his eyebrow cocked and mouth set in a straight line, and then shook his head and rolled his eyes. A little disorientated after that, I didn't even hear Elliot ask if we were ready to play. I snapped back to life though when the ball bounced off of the edge of one of the plastic cups and as a reflex I reached out to catch it.

“Fuck,” I heard Calum say, and then he laughed.

“Drink up!” Michael called over to him. I glanced at him as he grinned over at the boys. He felt my gaze and turned to me, his smile faltering. “What are you looking at? Come on, throw.”

I rolled my eyes, feeling my senses come back, and waited for Calum to finish downing one of his cups, before tossing the ball in their direction and watching it pathetically sail over all the cups on their side.

After a few more plays, Ashton joined us in the game, but the other team scored him because they were so far behind. Michael and I smugly laughed at them and soon enough they were down to their final cup while we still had three. It was Michael's shot. He insisted that he had a steadier hand and wasn't as drunk as me, which was probably true. By now, I was happily smashed.

He threw the small ball over to them, and we both threw our arms in the air cheering when it landed in their cup with a satisfying splash.

“That's yours!” Elliot and Calum said in sync, laughing as they pointed at Ashton. He dutifully picked up the cup, flipping us the bird as he drank.

Michael turned to me with a grin, holding his hand up for a high five, which I returned and instinctively chucked my arms around his neck afterwards, without thinking. I laughed as I did so, too drunk to form a coherent thought, and felt him put his hands on my waist and lift me slightly and we celebrated.

It was most likely the amount of alcohol I had consumed...definitely the amount of alcohol I had consumed, but when Elliot came over to us and asked me if I wanted to go inside with him, I politely shook my head with a giggle and told him I liked the fresh air out here. I said this while I still had one arm draped over Michael's shoulder.

“We're gonna get another drink,” Ashton told us as he followed Elliot in. Calum nodded and pointed to the house as he walked away, but I caught Michael's arm before he left me. Feeling mischievous, I didn't let my sly smile falter as he looked down on with with impatience and furrowed brows. He crossed his arms so I couldn't hang on to his elbow.


“Wanna do something naughty” I whispered, practically giddy at what I had in mind. His face softened a little bit and impatience was replaced with curiosity.

“What kind of naughty?” he questioned. It took me a moment to register what other kind of naughty he was referring to, and then I rolled my eyes and huffed, turning around and walking further up the garden.

I heard him chuckle behind me, happy he got a reaction out of me. “Wait,” he said, with amusement in his voice.

“I want you to follow me, idiot.” I heard him pick up his pace and fall in step beside me.
“Why?” He glanced back at the house. “What's up here?” He looked ahead of us. In his defence, there wasn't a lot up here apart from the fence at the end of the big garden and a brown shed. A large shed, but a shed all the same. But I knew better than to judge just the outside of it.

“I know where Elliot's parents keep all the good stuff.” I skipped a little quicker towards the shed, not wanting to be spotted by others and let them in on this secret.

“Why are you bringing me?” he asked, but still briskly entered the shed with me.

“Because you won't freak out when we drink Elliot's parents' 50 year old whiskey.” I said instinctively, and realised it was true after I'd done so. I went to the cabinet while Michael shut the door behind us, seemingly content with my answer. I hadn't actually thought it through, he was just the closest to me when the idea struck, and the others were already headed inside.
I pulled a bobby pin out of my hair to pick the lock of the cabinet holding the alcohol and felt Michael come up behind me.

“Personal bubble” I whispered, bumping him backwards with my bum. I swear I could feel him sigh and roll his eyes behind me. I almost lost my balance as I bent down to look at the lock, keeping myself steady with my hands on the floor while Michael chuckled.

“Shut up,” I mumbled, concentrating.

“Hurry up then,” he replied quietly. I was almost regretting bringing him along, until he made a swift move and stood over me, covering my hunched body and leaning over my head to take the pin off of me and do the lock himself. I was struggling to even get it in the hole with my blurred vision.

I stayed curled up beneath him until I heard the click and watched him open the cupboard door.

“Yess!” I quietly hissed, reaching forward for one of the whiskey bottles. I stood up with Michael and got a head rush as I did so. He took the bottle off me and held my elbow to help me get steady again. I yanked my arm away in a pathetic display of independence and took the bottle back, trotting over to the worktop and pulled myself on top of it.

“How did you know this was in here?” he asked, coming to stand in front of me. His body brushed my knees as my legs dangled off the side of the worktop. I watched him while I took a large swig, then wiped my mouth while passing him the bottle.

“This isn't my first Elliot party...And this isn't the first time he thought he was gonna get lucky with me,” I hiccuped, and snapped my fingers in what I hoped came across as sassy. Michael put a hand next to my hip as he leant on the table, screwing up his face after having a drink. Leaning forward slightly, he passed me the bottle again.

“You just let him walk away.” It wasn't a question, he was informing me of my decision to let Elliot go inside by himself. I paused for a second, holding the bottle in my lap. Did I really prefer the fresh air? Is that why I didn't go in with him? I lifted the bottle to my lips again. It was strong, but that's what I wanted. I wasn't much of a whiskey buff, I couldn't tell the difference between 2 years old and 50 years old, cheap or expensive. But I wanted the extra buzz that came with doing something frowned upon. Like taking it from someone else.

“Yeah well, I was just in a serious relationship, and stuff,” I told him, making excuses for why I actually didn't follow Elliot. Honestly, and I will deny this later, but I was feeling quite attracted to Michael tonight. Maybe it was what he did earlier, maybe it was because we weren't just spitting insults at each other tonight, but I had a moment to admire what I was looking at.

“Oh sure, that's it,” he said, blatantly not believing my excuse.

“Piss off” I retorted. Smooth. I had another drink before Michael took it off me again. “It would've been our 1 year anniversary today,” I murmured, not quite sure if I actually wanted him to hear that, and regretting starting the sentence.

Michael groaned as he took the bottle away from his lips, gulping down what he had in his mouth. I caught myself staring at him as he licked his lips and then looked up at me, a kind of disgusted expression on his face.

“Ugh, forget that dick!”

“Michael!” I scorned.

“No. Shut up.” He replied. I narrowed my eyes at him, but he didn't back down. He waved his arms around, with the bottle in hand, as he spoke. “He's gone. He left. Get over him.”

I reached for the bottle in his hand, pitying myself. I chucked my head back and drank.

“Maybe look for someone else. Someone who isn't on the other side of Australia!” I jumped slightly when I heard him slam his hands down on either side of me. When I straightened up my head and lowered the bottle I came eye to eye with him. I put the bottle down beside me, not trusting myself. I suddenly felt shaky, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from his intense glare. I pulled my eyebrows together, considering his words. And as if we had the same thought at the same time, we both closed the gap between us.

It wasn't gentle, it wasn't romantic. It wasn't one sided. Neither one of us initiated it, it was kind of mutual. It was full of sexual frustration and cooped up emotions. But as I kissed Michael, I couldn't help feeling that this is what I needed. Something meaningless. Something I wouldn't have got with Elliot. If we were to take it that far.

Michael pulled away first. He had his hands on my thighs as he leant back slightly, eyes still closed, eyebrows furrowed. I looked at him with wide eyes in shock.

“This doesn't feel weird,” he said slowly, words slurred. Not knowing what else to do, I picked up the whiskey and had another swig. Michael stepped back for a moment, trying to get some perspective as he rubbed the back of his neck.

I looked back at him after my drink and slowly handed him the bottle. As he tipped his head back and drank again, I admired his broad shoulders and neck. Watched his adam's apple bob as he swallowed. Then I lifted my fingers gingerly to my lips which were gently throbbing after that kiss. I dropped my hand as Michael came forward again to put the bottle down. He stood to the side of my legs this time, leaning on the counter with his head bowed. I had to angle my body to the side slightly to look at him, drink in his profile. And without thinking about how much I would regret it in the morning, I curled my finger under his chin, turning his face up to me.

“Let's not wait for it to get weird then.”

My words set something off in him, and in an instant he was gripping the back of my neck and holding my face to his. He kissed me quick and held me tight and I didn't resist, even though a few hours ago when I was sober his touch would have repulsed me. He put himself in front of me and I reached up to cup his face, letting one of my hands travel into his soft hair and tug it lightly.

I heard him stifle a moan and when he stepped between my legs my libido shot through the roof. I lifted my right knee slightly, grazing up and down his hip with my leg. I dropped my hands to his hips, slotting my fingers into his belt loops and tugging him towards me. Once he was even closer, I wrapped my legs around him so he couldn't move and began lifting his vest up.

“Are you sure...about this?” he barely broke the kiss, talking against my lips and kissing me lightly as he did so. I mumbled a 'mhmm', which earned a lip bite, before he pulled away a little further, but leant his forehead against mine.

“Then we need, you know...” I caught his drift when he motioned down with his eyes.

“I have some in my clutch,” I told him, breathing heavily.

“We need to make it back to the house.”

This thought scared me. I was thoroughly smashed. I was sexually frustrated. It was dark and fairly quiet and we were alone. That's why this was happening. And Lord help me, but I wanted it. I knew he did too. But having to travel back through the garden, find my clutch, and then get upstairs somewhere...Well, that was plenty of time for my drunk and clouded mine to find some sense and talk me out of this. But then again, if I do come to my senses, that means I just saved myself from sleeping with Michael. If I don't, well that means I get laid tonight. So it's a win-win? Right?

I couldn't stop giggling as Michael took my hand and we scurried as quickly as we could in our drunken states back across the garden. The music got louder as we headed back and the crowds of people almost swept me away. Running on adrenaline from stealing the whiskey and being moments away from sleeping with the guy that usually repulses me but I'm weirdly attracted to tonight, I accepted my giggles as something I couldn't control.

When we stepped back into the house, Michael let me go ahead, but he put his hands on my hips and walked right behind me, keeping me close to him. I laughed and covered his hands with mine and we half walked, half waddled through the hoard of people. I think the thing I found so funny was all these people, who were seeing us right now, they could assume we're friends, assume we're together even, they could probably catch on to what we had in mine. Oh, but they didn't know that I usually hated his guts. And I found that hilarious.

I was on the lookout for any of our friends though. I didn't want them, or anyone close to us, seeing Michael and I and bringing it up at a later date. This was a secret and just for tonight.
We entered the foyer. We were so close to my clutch and hiding again, but then I spotted Lola and Luke strolling through. Immediately I jumped away from Michael before they spotted us and came over.

“Where are you off to?” Lola grinned at me. I had hardly seen her tonight. “Wanna dance?”

Usually I would have, but we can all agree I was not thinking straight tonight. I turned to face Michael, looking between him and the others.

“Uh...” Michael stammered. No, don't say anything. I knew he didn't want me to leave him, and frankly neither did I.

“You know what, I'm feeling a bit sick. Michael was just taking me upstairs.” I rubbed my stomach to prove my point.

“Oh, do you want me to come?” Lola asked, suddenly concerned.

“No!” I replied a little too quickly. I took a breath and shook my head.

“I got her,” Michael said, smiling at his friends. It was just a friendly gesture, one guy taking his buddy upstairs because she feels sick. Nothing suspicious. Lola and Luke bought it, and left us then. I sighed loudly and scurried towards where I had left my clutch. I grabbed it quick with a glance around the room for any other potential problems. Seeing no more obstacles in my way, I openly reached for Michael's hand and dragged him behind me hard. He ran to keep up, and pressed his body against mine again as we ascended the stairs. On the stair below me, he was just shorter than me because I was in my heels too. He trailed kisses along my shoulders and the bottom of my neck, making my skin tingle, but for once it was a good tingle that he caused.

We made it upstairs quickly, and knocked on all the doors on the second floor until we found a free room, and then, I never thought I'd say this, but I let Michael Clifford take me to bed.


Soooo, I quite like this chapter I hope you like it too so I don't feel silly hahah.

Now I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea, Sienna and Michael are no way about to realise they actually love each other. Haha, but there's still some good stuff coming :);)

Please vote and comment, very much appreciate feedback :)


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Thanks! I'm so sorry, my hard drive got wiped and I've just got my laptop fixed so hopefully I'll be able to find time and update soon! Thanks so much for ready :):)

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