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Chapter 1: Roxy

Tenth Grade:
I slammed my mom's car door shut, lithely stepping out and onto the sidewalk. I felt embarrassed, since I still couldn't drive. I wouldn't have a car until March.
"Have fun!" I could hear my mom say, as she drove off in her shiny silver car.
I rolled my eyes, strutting up to the school, my eyes scanning the crowd for my best friend, Roxanne Crullers. Roxy and I had been best friends for six years, ever since we were ten years old. We were on a school field trip in the fourth grade, and I had dropped my watermelon lollipop in the grass, and she had picked it up, rinsed it in the water fountain, and handed it back.
My eyes saw Roxy standing by the brick wall of our school, Webster High. She was wearing a pair of light wash skinny jeans, a coral colored tank top, and caramel colored suede ankle boots. Her honey blonde hair was tied into a bun and held back with a black bandana. A few wisps of hair fell onto her face.
I quietly walked over to her, and then leaned back on the side of the school, tilting my head to look at Roxy.
"Hey," I said, smiling at my best friend. I ran my fingers through my auburn hair, matching my light green eyes with her brown ones.
Roxy quickly broke the stare, looking the other way. I furrowed my eyebrows, confused as to why she was doing this.
"Tired?" I asked. The first day of school was always hard.
Roxy nodded her head. "Yeah, that's it."
She stared straight ahead, crossing her arms in front of her chest. God, Roxy was getting so skinny. This summer, she must've lost ten pounds, but she wasn't chubby before.
"Roxanne Julia Crullers, tell me what's up?" I pleaded. She looked at me with guilt scrawled all over her face. A sinking feeling dropped into my stomach, like an anchor sinking in the ocean.
She shook her head, unhitching her arms from her chest, and then she reached into her pocket for her slim iPhone 5 whatever. I could barely keep up with the newest iPhone. I had an iPhone 4. She unlocked it and began swiping through her messages.
"Roxy," I said, taking a gentler tone. "We've been best friends since like, ever. You can tell me anything."
"You don't wanna know this one," she muttered, her eyes still glued to her phone.
I raised my eyebrows. "You're really starting to freak me out."
All of a sudden, an arm was wrapped around Roxy's shoulder. My eyes followed the arm up to the face, and my jaw nearly dropped in shock.
"Rick?!" I asked incredulously. "What the hell is going on?!"
Rick looked smug. "What's going on is that I'm dumping you, babe. Roxy's a whole lot hotter."
I could feel tears prick the corners of my eyes, as I felt pain course through my veins. So that was why she had been so silent.
"How much did you do?" I asked coolly, keeping my voice low and quiet. I didn't want to freak out at the either of them. Rick and I had been on and off dating, so now I guessed we were off again.
Another wave of guilt washed over Roxy's face, and I felt anger ignite in my stomach. The mixture of anger and pain didn't settle correctly.
Rick, however, looked proud of himself. "We hooked up at a party."
Roxy shoved his arm off her shoulder with a loot of disgust etched on her face. "Rick, we did not just 'hook up!'" she exclaimed.
I grimaced, and then straightened up, getting off the side of the school. I started to walk backwards, and flipped them the bird as I walked away.
"Peace out!" I yelled at them, attracting attention from some other students mulling around outside.
Then, I proceeded to proudly march into the school.
The knocking on the door kept reverberating through my head, making me squeeze my eyes shut. I collapsed on the couch, throwing the pillow over my ears.
A few minutes later, the knocking resumed, and the pillow was lifted from my head. My mother's stern face stared back at me.
"Haley, Roxy is here," she told me, holding the pillow.
I grunted. "I don't wanna talk to her," I mumbled into the couch's upholstery.
"Why not? She's your best friend," she said, sitting next to me. Worry lined her face, making her look older than she already was.
I sat up on the couch, tucking my knees up to my chest. I glanced at my mother, sucking in my tears. Then I explained the situation to her.
She put an arm around me, holding me close. She kissed the top of my head comfortingly. "Baby, she must not have been a true friend."
That wasn't what I was looking for. Roxanne had been a grand friend, she had just made a horrible mistake. At least, that's what I thought.
I shook my head quickly.
"Why don't I let her in, and you two can have a quick conversation about it on the hammock? I can even make tea," she said. My God, my mother always knew what to do.
I nodded. "I'll be in the backyard."
I got up from the couch, stretching my legs. I then walked outside, sitting on the hammock. A light breeze shifted through the air, making my auburn hair sway.
A few minutes later, I felt the hammock dip. I looked over to meet the nervous brown eyes of Roxanne. Her face was saddened, and I could tell she felt pounds of guilt.
"I'm sorry," she said. A single tear dripped down her face, which wasn't what I had been expecting. Knowing Roxy's dramatic tendency to deal with things, I was expecting a shouting match.
"Why'd you do it?" I asked, my voice staying soft. I could not let myself lose my temper.
"I got jealous. You've got the perfect life, a boyfriend, parents who don't fight, and spectacular grades," she said, looking ashamed and embarrassed.
"Had a boyfriend," I corrected. My tone briefly took on a nasty ring, but I chased it away.
"I'm sorry."
I shook my head. "I don't think i can forgive and forget. It just wouldn't be the same."
"Are you giving up on us?" Roxy asked, jumping up from the hammock. "What about the Adventure List? We'll be graduating in two years, so what about that?"
I shrugged, trying not to let my voice waver. "I'll carry it on myself."
"Fine," she retorted. "I don't want to go anyways. It was all a stupid, childish joke. You're never going to leave here!"
"Get out," I quietly said, closing my eyes.
"I'll see you around, Haley," Roxy said. I heard footsteps and the creak of a gate.
When i opened my eyes, I was left alone. All alone with a broken heart, result of losing the two most important people in my life (aside from my parents): my boyfriend and best friend.
I wasn't sure where to go next.



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Aw, thank you! I'll get to updating as soon as possible!

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This is a perfect story :D please update

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