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Beside You

prologue: I want out.

A sigh escapes my lips as I enter through the doors of the place I worked, Hawkins. It was a somewhat small clothing and accessory store here where I lived in Lennox, North Carolina. I’ve been working here a little over a year but didn’t like it other than the fact it pays well. While working here, I’ve met a few friends but we weren’t that close, just acquaintances, I guess.

I’ve been working here since the spring of my junior year of high school. Recently, I just graduated so I have that out of the way so now I’m just working and figuring out life. I’m not really into the whole idea of college, because I have my heart and mind set on traveling the world and seeing places I’ve never been. That is something I’ve always wanted to do. I love visiting new places and exploring, ever since I was young at the small age of eight. All I knew, really, was that I wanted out; out of this town so I can explore new places and meet new people.

Every summer, growing up, my parents would always take me places. We went to a different place every year. It was fun but at the same time kind of lonely since I’m an only child. I still always had a good time even if I was just with my parents. At least I have a lot of friends to do things with, which is a good thing. Just a few months ago, I went down to the coast with some friends over spring break and it was a blast. But now, since we just graduated, I haven’t really spent time with hardly anyone since all my friends are busy getting ready for college in the fall and here I am, still in my hometown, working my ass off every day while everyone else is having fun and doing stuff they want to do.

“Hey there Hadley, how’re you doin’ today?” one of my co-workers, Rachel, asks me as I walk toward the break room so I can put down my bag and stuff. She was a few years older than me, early 20’s I think.

“Good, you?” I reply with a smile before I turn and continue into the room.

“Pretty good myself, tired and ready to go home already, feels like the longest day ever,” she replies with a small smile. She looked tired like she had been up since early this morning and it was only barely eight in the morning. I have only been up a few hours and I was only just coming in for the day. Even though I just got here and haven’t even started my shift yet, I was ready for my break, and it wasn’t for another few hours, around one o’clock.

After I grab my name badge from my purse, I pin it to the front of my ugly button down work shirt. That’s one of the things I hated, these stupid shirts we had to wear for our uniform, which was this tacky yellow color that we had to wear along with khaki pants and sneakers. At least I got paid so it wasn’t all too bad.

A sigh falls from my lips as I begin my shift. I have a feeling it was going to be a long day. I can’t wait until I get to have my lunch break. I still had a few more hours to go, unfortunately. I am soon into my shift and helping customers out if they need the help on finding something.
The day seems to fly by. On my short break, I grab something from the small break room in the back of the store. My shift wasn’t over for a few hours. I don’t get off until seven, when we close. Places here, in North Carolina, where I live, don’t stay open late, unlike a few bars nearby that stay open all night until early morning.

The rest of my shift, after my break, goes by pretty slow, way slower than I wanted it to go. I pull my phone out from the pocket of the pants I wore that were part of my uniform. I press the home button on my iPhone so I can check the time. It was 5:30; I still had an hour and a half until I got off. I slip my phone back into my pocket before I look up to find someone standing in front of me. I give them a friendly smile and ask them if they need any help finding anything.

Next thing I know, I am helping the store manager, my boss, Mandy, straighten things up a bit so it’s ready for tomorrow. I was kind of excited, since I actually had tomorrow off, for once. I walk to the back and grab my things, purse, jacket and such before I make my way to the front of the store.

“Bye Mandy! See you on Monday!” I tell her.

“See you then, Hadley!” she calls back.

I smile as I exit through the door and walk outside. It was a little after seven, about seven fifteen. My stomach growls as I stand there; I was hungry and haven’t eaten since my break a few hours ago. I decide to go over to the diner I always go to when I’m over here close to my workplace. It had a retro 50’s vibe to it, which I loved.

The diner wasn’t too far from where I worked. It was just around the corner, a pretty short walk. I liked the fresh air; it was a good way to clear my head if I’m ever stressed, which thankfully I wasn’t now. Next time I glance up, I realize I was in front of the diner. I smile a bit as I push the door open and step inside, the fresh smells of good food wafting through my nose. They had such good food here, I loved it.

I walk inside the diner and make my way to my usual spot in front of the main counter. The place was crowded, as usual. After I sit down on the bar stool, I am greeted by Simone, one of the waitresses who works here. “Hey there, Hadley! How are ya today, darling?” she greets me with a smile. I return the hello with a smile.

“Good,” I tell her. “Just got off work,” I reply and let out a sigh. “You?” I ask her as I set my purse in the empty seat beside me.

“Good as well,” she says and smiles. “Your usual, dear?” she questions as she grabs a notepad and pen to write down my order. I give her a quick nod of my head and mumble a thanks as she begins to scribble down my order on the paper. I always get a vanilla shake along with a burger and fries. They had the best fries I’ve ever had.

“Coming right up!” she exclaims and walks off to tend to other customers after she puts my receipt with my order up in the window where they cook the food in the back.

As I wait, I pull out my phone to keep myself preoccupied while I wait for my food. I had a couple messages, one from my mom and one from one of my friends, Jacquelyn, but she liked everyone to call her Jackie, since it was shorter. She was the only friend who still lived close to where I lived, here in the same city, unlike most of my other friends who moved away to school.

For the next few minutes, I sit there and tap away on my phone. I don’t even notice someone occupy the seat beside me. The next time I look up, I am surprised to find a guy sitting there. “Is this seat taken, love?” he questions in a thick accent, a smile on his face. He definitely wasn’t from around here. I wasn’t one to take to strangers or anyone I didn’t know well, but all I know is that I wanted to get to know him better, whoever he is. Could he possibly be my ticket out of this town?


Hello! So, here's the first chapter of my Luke Hemmings story! :) this is an AU, so none of the boys are famous in this. I have a lot of ideas in store for this and I'm super excited to write it!!:)

Please drop a comment and let me know what you think!! It would mean a lot to hear what you all think - let me know, please! :) I will try and update this again soon as possible.


This is really good :)

Lukeifer Lukeifer

Love this! :)


Thank you so much!! Glad you're enjoying it so far!(: i will update again soon, and thanks!:)

light me up. light me up.

Awesome story! Keep updating! I also love your cover BTW :)

Beta_Cairrotine Beta_Cairrotine